Saturday, November 11, 2006


Unabated Basketball Schedule

It's color coded for your convenience. Miami University if red. Cincinnati is black. Xavier is blue. Just like last year. But we've added two more teams that aren't quite local but will probably draw the interest of area fans. The Ohio State Buckeyes are grey. And Bob Huggins's Kansas State is purple. It's gonna be a valuable resource for me and you might find it interesting, too.
11/15 at No. 22 Kentucky 7:00 PM
11/15 at Rutgers 7:30 PM
11/17 at Virginia Commonwealth 6:00 PM
11/17 Florida A&M 8:30 PM
11/17 Eastern Kentucky 7:00 PM
11/18 Tenn Tech 8:00 PM
11/20 San Francisco 8:00 PM
11/21 Wofford 7:00 PM
11/21 Illinois-Chicago 7:30 PM
11/21 at New Mexico 8:00 PM
11/24 Youngstown State 8:00 PM
11/24 at Illinois 8:30 PM
11/25 American University 12:00 PM
11/25 Central Michigan 6:00 PM
11/25 Coppin St 8:00 PM
11/29 Miami (OH) 7:00 PM
11/29 at Xavier 7:00 PM
11/29 Oakland 8:00 PM
11/29 at No. 2 North Carolina 9:00 PM
11/29 at California 10:30 PM
12/2 UAB 4:00 PM
12/02 at Colo St 5:05 PM
12/2 Western Carolina 7:00 PM
12/2 Valparaiso 8:00 PM
12/5 Detroit 7:00 PM
12/05 Clev St 8:00 PM
12/5 at Illinois State 8:05 PM
12/7 Michigan 7:00 PM
12/9 Cleveland State 12:00 PM
12/9 at Temple 4:00 PM
12/09 at ND State 8:00 PM
12/9 at No. 23 Creighton 8:05 PM
12/10 Oakland 1:00 PM
12/13 Xavier 7:00 PM
12/13 at Cincinnati 7:00 PM
12/16 No. 4 Ohio State 3:45 PM
12/16 at Cincinnati 3:45 PM CBS
12/16 Arizona State 6:00 PM
12/17 Kennesaw 2:00 PM
12/19 Iowa State 8:00 PM
12/19 UMES 8:00 PM
12/20 at Dayton 7:00 PM
12/20 Bucknell 7:00 PM
12/22 at USC 8:00 PM
12/23 North Carolina State 12:00 PM
12/23 at No. 1 Florida 4:00 PM CBS
12/27 Miami (OH) 7:00 PM
12/27 at Cincinnati 7:00 PM
12/29 Illinois 9:00 PM
12/30 Ohio 6:00 PM
12/30 Coppin State 8:00 PM
01/2 Indiana 8:00 PM
01/3 Kansas State 7:00 PM
01/03 at Xavier 7:00 PM
01/4 at No. 14 Memphis 9:00 PM
01/6 at Illinois 2:00 PM
01/6 Temple 7:00 PM
01/06 at #13 Texas A&M *8:00 PM
01/7 Rutgers 2:00 PM
01/7 Kent State 5:00 PM
01/08 Texas Tech 10:00 PM
01/9 at No. 9 Wisconsin 9:00 PM
01/11 at Akron 7:00 PM
01/11 at Fordham 8:00 PM
01/13 No. 24 Tennessee 1:00 PM CBS
01/13 at Missouri *4:00 PM
01/13 at Saint Louis 8:00 PM
01/14 at South Florida 2:00 PM
01/14 at Buffalo 2:00 PM
01/17 at No. 20 Syracuse 7:00 PM
01/17 Bowling Green 7:30 PM
01/17 Northwestern 8:00 PM
01/17 Baylor 8:00 PM
01/18 Massachusetts 7:00 PM
01/20 West Virginia 12:00 PM
01/20 at Iowa St *1:45 PM
01/20 Iowa 8:00 PM
01/21 at St. Joseph's 1:00 PM
01/21 Ohio 5:00 PM
01/22 Chicago St 8:00 PM
01/24 at Central Michigan 7:00 PM
01/24 at St. Bonaventure 7:00 PM
01/24 No. 5 Pittsburgh 8:00 PM
01/24 at Northwestern 9:00 PM
01/27 at No. 8 Georgetown 12:00 PM
01/27 Dayton 12:00 PM
01/27 Nebraska 6:00 PM
01/27 at Toledo 7:00 PM
01/27 Michigan State 9:00 PM
01/30 Northern Illinois 7:30 PM
01/31 at Duquesne 7:00 PM
01/31 at Purdue 7:00 PM
01/31 Louisville 8:00 PM
01/31 Missouri *9:00 PM
02/03 at #19 Texas 3:30 PM
02/3 Charlotte 4:00 PM
02/3 at Michigan State 4:00 PM CBS
02/3 Western Michigan 7:30 PM
02/4 St. John's 12:00 PM
02/6 Michigan 7:00 PM
02/6 at Providence 7:30 PM
02/7 Saint Louis 7:00 PM
02/7 at Eastern Michigan 7:00 PM
02/07 at #3 Kansas *9:00 PM
02/10 Purdue 12:15 PM
02/10 Ball State 3:00 PM
02/10 at Rutgers 4:00 PM
02/10 Colorado *6:00 PM
02/10 at George Washington 8:00 PM
02/13 at Nebraska 8:00 PM
02/14 at Penn State 7:00 PM
02/14 at Kent State 7:00 PM
02/14 at Villanova 9:00 PM
02/17 Richmond 6:00 PM
02/17 Iowa St *6:00 PM
02/18 at Minnesota 1:00 PM CBS
02/18 Notre Dame 2:00 PM
02/19 #3 Kansas 9:00 PM
02/21 No. 8 Georgetown 7:00 PM
02/21 Rhode Island 7:00 PM
02/21 Akron 7:30 PM
02/21 Penn State 8:00 PM
02/24 at DePaul 12:00 PM
02/24 at Dayton 4:00 PM
02/24 at Colorado *4:00 PM
02/24 Buffalo 7:30 PM
02/25 No. 9 Wisconsin 4:00 PM CBS
02/27 at Oklahoma St *9:00 PM
02/28 Seton Hall 7:00 PM
02/28 St. Joseph's 7:00 PM
03/1 at Ohio 7:00 PM
03/3 at Michigan TBA
03/3 at La Salle 2:00 PM
03/03 Oklahoma *3:30 PM
03/3 at West Virginia 4:00 PM
03/4 at Bowling Green 2:00 PM

Those are probably the five teams we'll be following the closest at Unabated Sports. did we leave someone out?

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Are We Still Doing This?

Nuck Fancy
Originally uploaded by Woodmania.
I should have gotten to this sooner but I wanted to mention that I saw a lot of Nancy Zimpher animosity at the last University of Cincinnati football game. A number of people in the student section in Nippert Sttadium were sporting "Nuck Fancy" shirts. This picture was taken in October of 2006, a full year removed from the height of the whole controversy. This was October of 2006, a full year removed from the height of the whole controversy. I didn't know if this sentiment was back in vogue or if someone just had an overstocked inventory that had to go.

I'm suprised to see some people still holding onto this incident. Bob Huggins landed on his feet. Andy Kennedy landed on his feet. And the Bearcats have a quality coach who can continue to build up what his mentor resurrected from the ashes over 15 years ago. Personally, I've moved on. Am I alone?

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Submit Your Questions For Pete Rose And WIN!

1450 AM The Ticket - Cincinnati's ESPN Radio and Fan's Choice Sports Collectibles are giving you, the fan, the opportunity to ask Pete Rose just about anything! Pete will be appearing on Unabated Sports at 6PM on Wednesday November 1st. Hosts Woody and Jeremy intend to make this a very unique interview, avoiding the overused questions Pete always gets about his thoughts on the Hall Of Fame, Steroids and his ban from baseball. During the Interview Woody and Jeremy will select the 3 best/most creative fan submitted questions and ask them to Pete on-air!

So submit your questions NOW by sending an email to If Woody and Jeremy ask your question you will receive a free glossy photo of Pete Rose courtesy of Fan's Choice in Kenwood! It's the perfect item to get signed when Pete Rose opens the newest Fan's Choice stores on November 7th!

Can't think of any questions for Pete? Be sure to tune in anyways to 1450 AM WMOH next Wednesday to hear Pete LIVE on Unabated Sports, voted Cincinnati's Best Sports Talk Radio Show!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


As You Can Tell...

We've been experiencing some technical difficulties on here, as well as a general lack of content. To be honest, we've been concentrating on the weekly radio show as well as working with Cincinnati Sports to bring you our stuff all week long. So, if you're looking for some original takes on the Queen City sports world, head over there. Not only is there the podcast area which contains their weekly show as well as ours, but articles on the Reds, Bengals, and lots more local teams and any other sports story that might tickle your fancy.

Monday, September 25, 2006


This Week's Show

It's time for the 5th oldest rivalry to recommence: Victory Bell time.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This Week's Show

Paul Keels, voice of the Buckeyes, will break down the big battle between Texas and THE Ohio State University. And he'll also look ahead to Mark Dantonio's return to the Horseshoe as the Bearcats travel to Ohio State this weekend. We'll also ask him his thoughts on the Bengals as he was the announcer of the team's pre-season games.

Joey Hudson, MAC Defensive Player of the Week, will join us at 7:00. We'll ask him about his big week at Purdue and to preview the MAC opener against Kent State this Saturday. By the way, we'll be giving away sets of tickets to this Miami-Kent State game.

We'll probably be talking about the Cincinnati Reds, too, after last night's win keeps them technically alive. Keep checking back for updates on other potential guests and show topics. And be sure to tune in to Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket Thursday night between 6-9 pm. Give us a call at 868-9664 or email us at to have your voice heard.

UPDATE: Just found out we will be joined tonight by Will from Deadspin. He's going to be in town for the Bengals-Browns game so it should be interesting to get his take on the Cincinnati Sports world.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Unabated Podcasting

Mac Has Cracked The Headset Tangle
Originally uploaded by DickStock.
What to do during the other six days of the week that Unabated Sports is not on your radio? Or what do you do if you are one of the unfortunate souls to live outside of the listening range of Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket? Is there any hope for you? There is now. Go to our podcasting page! FULL episodes are now available for download.

We've been working with our good friends at Cincinnati Sports to spread our Unabated Goodness across this world wide web of ours. So far, you can get our interviews with Jason Maxiell, the Cincinnati Enquirer's Paul Daugherty, and Gerald Smith talking about EA Sports new NFL Head Coach Game. Keep an eye out for them to be joined by our discussions with Bob Huggins, Carson Palmer, and Madieu Williams. You can also hear a couple editions of Pardon The Horn where we bat around the top stories in the Queen City sports world.

Not only do you get some of the best clips from our show, but the guys at Cincinnati Sports also put out a weekly podcast that are available for download or through an iTunes subscription.

Stay tuned as we work to get you more Unabated Sports that you can take with you anywhere you go with your iPod or mp3 player.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Stump The Unabated Sports Crew

Stump the Schwab.
Originally uploaded by newler.
Another exciting night around the studios of Cincinnati's ESPN 1450 The Ticket as we have another action-packed show for you starting at 6:00 p.m. You'll have a chance to meet the new co-host, Jeremy, as we break down the broken down Reds, put our eyes on the Texas-Ohio State game, and act like Big Chiefs for the Bengals Week 1 match-up against Kansas City.

At 6:45, we'll talk to the analyst who will be in the booth for that big game, Dave Lapham. The former Bengal will help us get ready for the season opener that we've been salivating for all year long.

We'll switch over to college football in the 7:00 hour when we welcome in linebacker, Clayton Mullins, who had nine tackles for Miami against Northwestern last week. At 7:45, we welcome in another analyst to talk football. This time it's Jim Kelly who looks ahead to this Friday night's River City Rivalry between Pitt and UC.

At 8:25, we'll meet the King of Sports Trivia, Howie Schwab. The fourth season of Stump the Schwab kicked off on ESPN Classic on Monday and we'll talk to him about the challenges of being a know-it-all.

We'll probably be talking about the Cincinnati Reds, too. Keep checking back for updates on other potential guests and show topics. And be sure to tune in to Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket Thursday night between 6-9 pm. Give us a call at 868-9664 or email us at to have your voice heard.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Mark Chalifoux Owns The Internet's Mark Chalifoux
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
Tonight was the last show for Mark Chalifoux. But if you keep needing more MC, he cranks out columns every week that look at some things on the stranger side of sports. If you remember, we had a psychic on the show a couple weeks ago who channeled baseball's original Hit King (click here to hear the interview with Babe Ruth), but that wasn't enough for MC. He had an extended interview that ran on's Page 2. Add that to the boxing story he did around Memorial Day and our man Mark has an official backlog. Check out the Mark Chalifoux's archive. He's also a big man down at Sports Fan Magazine. And that's not even including the Enquirer editorial taking the Bengals back in the issue of character. So even though he's not behind the Unabated microphone on a full-time basis, you can still get Mark Chalifoux 24 hours a day.


Life's A Beach On Tonight's Show

A favorite event of the show, the AVP Cincinnati Open, is coming into town. But, once again, the Bengals and Reds will drive tonight's show. Man, did Carson Palmer look good. Man, have the Reds looked bad. We'll talk about both and break down what to expect for the next couple weeks.

We'll also be talking lots of college football as we preview the upcoming opening weekend of games and the entire season. We'll talk to Tony Castricone from WBNS who will break down Ohio State's National Championship hopes.

Keep checking back for updates on other potential guests and show topics. And be sure to tune in to Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket Thursday night between 6-9 pm. Give us a call at 868-9664 or email us at to have your voice heard.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Join The FREE Unabated Sports Fantasy Football League

Last year, Unabated Sports ran a fantasy football league where you could go head to head with the members of the show. Well, we're back again. So we're calling all fantasy football players who have the skill, the intelligence, the desire... or a computer... to join up now. It simple, and IT'S FREE. Just email us at and tell us why you belong in the league.

It's a good chance to have some fun and smack talk live on the air. Woody will be looking to go deeper in the playoffs this year... and Jeff will just be looking to make the playoffs. So email us now. Do it. Hurry, the season is quickly upon us. Tell your neighbors. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors friends and your friends neighbors. It's a blast.

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