Friday, September 09, 2005


Unabated Interview:Brad Johansen

Bengals Nation-12
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The Voice of the Cincinnati Bengals and Sports Director of Local 12 was our first guest. Now he's our first repeat guest. Hear our second interview with Brad Johansen here. He talked candidly about some of the roster cuts made by Marvin Lewis, the best stadiums he's been to, and what one event he hasn't been to yet that he would love to road trip to. Also, he talks about Local 12's Bengals Nation show. The first episode airs this Saturday night at 11:30. The show is taped Wednesday nights down at Gameworks on the Levee Wednesday nights between 6-8. Like we said before, this is your chance to ask the coach a question, meet a player or two, listen to live music, and even try to do better than Brad at calling the Bengals play-by-play. Another reason to tune in this Saturday night at 11:30, you'll see Jeff asking Marvin Lewis about some of his concerns on defense.

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