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Are We Still Doing This?

Nuck Fancy
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I should have gotten to this sooner but I wanted to mention that I saw a lot of Nancy Zimpher animosity at the last University of Cincinnati football game. A number of people in the student section in Nippert Sttadium were sporting "Nuck Fancy" shirts. This picture was taken in October of 2006, a full year removed from the height of the whole controversy. This was October of 2006, a full year removed from the height of the whole controversy. I didn't know if this sentiment was back in vogue or if someone just had an overstocked inventory that had to go.

I'm suprised to see some people still holding onto this incident. Bob Huggins landed on his feet. Andy Kennedy landed on his feet. And the Bearcats have a quality coach who can continue to build up what his mentor resurrected from the ashes over 15 years ago. Personally, I've moved on. Am I alone?

I agree with you on the Huggins front, but my UC student sources tell me that the hatred for Zimpher goes way beyond the Huggins ordeal. They are not happy with anything she is doing with the University. Not only has she continued to raised tuition a lot of students were hurt by her comments of "raising the standards". Not that anyone is naive enough to believe UC is one of the top universities in the country academic-wise, but her tone led students to believe she was putting them down personally. As a graduate of UC I can understand that viewpoint. While we can all joke about what a UC degree is really worth, we don't want to hear that from the new prez. There are other factors also. She has never made herself available to the student body and has changed a lot of things around campus. Like I said this is what I have heard. There is also the fear that Nancy will intentionally try to hurt the athletic program which is near and dear to every Bearcat's heart. I don't necessarily buy that argument, but the sentiment does exist around campus. So I think the "Nuck Fancy" shirts are here to stay for awhile.
Very nice post. I definitely appreciate this site. Stick with it!

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