Friday, September 30, 2005


Unabated Interview: Martin Nance

Martin Nance
Unabated Sports.
We must be good karma here at Unabated Sports. During our special Victory Bell preview show, Jeff mentioned it to Martin Nance that the star reciever had yet to catch a touchdown pass against Cincinnati. Boy did that change. Hear our interview with Martin Nance. We'll have more intverviews from that special episode as well as the normal Thursday night show here in the next few days. Also, stay tuned for exclusive pictures from the game, as well. Here's some that Woody took. They aren't that good, but it should give you a taste of the atmosphere.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Tonight's Show

It's gonna be rough, trying to recover from last night's Victory Bell game, Tuesday's special preview show, but we'll have our "A" game going tonight. Lots to talk about as September comes to a close and October, perhaps the best sports month of the year, begins.

Scheduled guests for tonight inlcude Geoff Hobson of at 8:25, Tony Castrovince of at 8:45, and Miami Head Football coach Shane Montgomery at 9:20.

Those of you still in the hunt for the King of the Hill contest should be getting your team to us by emailing or leaving a comment on the blog.

You can also email us at to get your opinion heard on the air and on this site. Check out the DH as AL MVP debate below. We may even bring that up a little bit on the show.


RedHawks Reclaim Victory Bell

MU Victory Bell
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
Miami beat Cincinnati last night in the 110th meeting between the two schools. Tune in to tonight's Unabated Sports show starting at 8 on ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket. We'll break down what we saw and talk about what the game means to both programs. Also, stay tuned to this space as we'll get you some exclusive photos (much better than this one) and some other nice surprises (if they work) from the big game. Here's a preview.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The Interim Trap

It's a scenario that has bitten the Reds in the past. They fire a manager, bring in a new guy to finish up the year, and the new guy does a pretty good job. Back in August, The Cincinnati Enquirer's article, Narron's job to lose?, put the conundrum into the limelight. Now the Enquirer considers it a formality that Narron be announced as the main man. Going into last weekend, the Reds are 41-34 since Jerry Narron was named interim manager in June. Paul Daugherty is expecting it since it's the "safe, fair, nice, average thing to do." And he doesn't really say it in a complimentary fashion. We discussed it before: what to do with a guy who does what you tell him to do and has better results than you could expect? It's worked before (Jack McKeon) and burned them before (Dave Miley).

Thursday night, we'll talk to Reds beat writer Anthony Castrovince about the team's managerial decision as well as look back at 2005 and what to expect in 2006.


Victory Bell Up For Grabs Tonight!

The 110th meeting between Cincinnati and Miami is taking place tonight and Unabated Sports will be there! It's one of those special mid-week nationally televised games that can mean so much to the programs involved.

Factors for tonight's game include injury riddled linebackers for Miami and inexperienced players all around for UC, including the quarterback spot.

Last night, we held a special Victory Bell show with MU wide receiver Martin Nance and UC's radio commentator Jim Kelly. We had callers from both sides rise up and show pride in their school. Dave from Mason and Mike from Hamilton were sporting Bearcat Black. Unfortunately, Mike doesn't see UC winning. Travis, Pete, and Phil from Hamilton were flying Miami Red. They all foresee Miami victory. Phil even went old school and propped up the Redskins.

Here's a rundown of what some emailers thought of tonight's match-up:
"Dantonio stays undefeated against Miami and UC extends it's winning streak over MAC schools to 4. UC 32, Miami 28" Andy, Hamilton, OH

"I expect this game to follow the tradition of high scoring games. Definitely Miami is the stronger of the 2 teams going in to the game. UC should get a jump start on the offensive side of things from the pure emotion of the game, as this is definitely a big local rivalry. I think Miami will pull this one out 41-23. Definitely not a close one! Miami's depth and veteran leadership should be the key in this one." Our own Martin.
Unfortunately, I agreed with Martin and see my Bearcats losing 38-24. Jeff called for a 35-17 Miami win.

A couple of our callers will know the outcome first hand, as they picked up tickets to tonights showdown. And if you see us at the game, say hi. We'll give the first few people that recognize us some gift certificates to Crossroad Sports Bar & Grill. Its that easy to win stuff from Unabated Sports. And as always, all new callers and emailers receive a Crossroads gift certificate if they call during our regular time slot on Thursday nights.

We'll be on at our regular time, this Thursday at 8 to break down the Victory Bell game, as well as the other sports happenings.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Unabated Feedback: AL MVP

We're going to start a little segment here where we spotlight emails or blog comments from our listeners. We got an email from a Mike in Fairfield (there's apparently more than one. Maybe we'll start calling the other one "Moe" or something.) that addresses something that's been burning up ESPN radio for about a month now.
I want to know your take on whos going to win the AL MVP A-Rod or Ortiz. And how much does the DH have to do with who is the winner??
Well, Mike, I can't speak for Jeff, Martin, Ciji, or Bill, but here's my take: Of those two choices, Alex Rodriguez will win the AL MVP. From what I've heard from various baseball writers, the designated hitter tag will have a lot to do with the winner. A lot of the voters remember a time before the DH was added to the American League in 1973 and are likely pretty bitter about it. There's definitely a bias against the designated hitter.

Do I think that's right? Not really. The DH has been around longer than I have so, for me, it's as much a part of baseball as anything else. I understand the argument that Ortiz and others in his position only play half the game. All things being equal, go with the guy who at least goes out in the field. But when you look at the clutch hitting and late-inning heroics, no one else comes close. I think that should give the edge to Big Papi. After all, it didn't stop him from being the 2004 ALCS MVP, so why should it prevent him from winning the regular season award?

Thanks for the question, Mike from Fairfield. Maybe we'll even bat it around on our show Thursday night.

You can hear more from our callers in the September Snippets.


Special Victory Bell Show Tonight

Victory Bell Game-2
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.

We will be on the air Tuesday night to break down the rivalry game between Miami and Cincinnati. We'll have special guests from both schools who will talk about why the 110th meeting between these programs is so important. Scheduled guests include Redhawk Head Coach Shane Montgomery , receiver Martin Nance, and the color commentator for the Bearcats, Jim Kelly.

To get psyched up for the game and our show, listen to these:
Promo #2
Promo #3

Yep, it's gonna be a fun time. That's Tuesday night from 8-10 on ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket. You can call during the show (513-868-9664) or email us at and we'll read it on the air. As always, we want to hear from you on what you think is going to happen. Represent your school and show some school spirit.

For all the info you need on the game, go here for UC's take on the game... and here for Miami's take on the game.

Also of note, there are still tickets available. You can get them by calling 1-866-MUHawks or by visiting on line.

Monday, September 26, 2005


King of the Hill Week 3 Survivors

Week 3 was a tough week to call and our group was widdled down after some last second heroics and big overtime plays. Here's the group who is alive for Week 4 and what teams they can't pick.

Woody: (Colts, Cowboys, Bengals)
Mike from Fairfield #1: (Bucs, Packers, Bengals)
Mike from Sharonville: (Colts, Packers, Redskins)
Brad: (Colts, Cowboys, Redskins)
Marc: (Colts, Cowboys, Steelers)
Greg: (Seahawks, Rams)
Brian: (Colts, Rams)
Mike from Fairfield #2: (Vikings)
Sean from Fairfield Township: (Colts)
Darin: (Colts)
Dave: (Seahawks)
Bob in Liberty Township: (Cowboys)

On the Sideline:
Jeff: (Panthers, Eagles, Steelers)
Martin: (Panthers, Packers, Bengals)
Bill: (Jets, Rams)
Beefy: (Bills)

And here's where we put our round winners.
HILLS: Jeff-1

If you're still alive, email in your Week 4 pick to before noon on Sunday.


Win Bengals Tickets At Crossroads Tonight

Crossroads Drawing
Uploaded by Unabated Sports.
Obviously, seeing the Unabated Sports crew is reason enough to come on out to Crossroads Sports Bar & Grill in Mason on Monday nights. But the week before a Bengals home game, there's another great reason to come out: You could win tickets to that game. That's right, if you come out Monday night you can win tickets to see the 3-0 First Place Cincinnati Bengals taking on the Houston Texans on Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium. All you have to do is drop your name in the bucket. The kind staff at Crossroads draws a winner during halftime of the Monday night game. You don't even have to be present to win. There's other fun stuff going on, including Burger Madness, so come on out to Crossroads Sports Bar & Grill tonight, and every Monday night.

And don't forget it's not just the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Denver Broncos, but also the LSU-Tennessee game starting at 7:30. Both will be on the TVs at Crossroads.


Carson the Talk of Early NFL Season

We are only 3 weeks into this new NFL season, but already Carson Plamer is drawing rave reviews from around the League. His 8 TD passes tie him for the NFL lead, and his 114.0 passer rating is second best among all QBs. (Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger is in the lead.) But the real story here is how after all the misfires the Bengals have had with drafting QBs, they finally seem to have hit the bulls-eye.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


King of the Hill Week 3

This begins the second round of our King of the Hill contest. We have fourteen competitors, including three newcomers. Next to their name is the team they are picking to win this week. In parenthesis is the teams they have already chosen and can't use anymore.

Jeff: Panthers (Eagles, Steelers)
Martin: Panthers (Packers,Bengals)
Woody: Colts (Cowboys, Bengals)
Mike from Fairfield #1: Bucs (Packers, Bengals)
Mike from Sharonville: Colts (Packers, Redskins)
Brad: Colts (Cowboys, Redskins)
Marc: Colts (Cowboys, Steelers)
Greg: Seahawks (Rams)
Brian: Colts (Rams)
Bill: Jets (Rams)
Mike from Fairfield #2: Vikings
Sean from Fairfield Township: Colts
Darin: Colts
Beefy: Bills
Dave: Seahawks
Bob in Liberty Township: Cowboys

And here's where we put our round winners.
HILLS: Jeff-1

Friday, September 23, 2005


Unabated Interview: George Vogel

Executive Sports Producer George Vogel is a fixture in the Cincinnati sports scene and a hell of a storyteller. So we had to get him on our show. Hear our interview with George Vogel. He talks about what is the difference between Marvin Lewis's squad and what the other Bengals coaches had to deal with in the previous decade. He also talks about Channel 5's Sunday night Sports Rock show and all the characters that make it unique. Hel also gives the dirt about whether or not Woody was as bad an intern for Vogel as Jeff was for Brad Johnansen.


This Weekend's Football viewing

It is officially fall now. That means that every weekend must now be spent ignoring our significant others and watching lots and lots of football. To that end, here is your weekend viewing guide.

Ohio State gets things underway as they set out on their quest to win their first outright Big Ten title in 21 years as they take on one of theit tougher Big Ten opponents, the Iowa Hawkeyes. That game kicks off at Noon on ABC.

The Kentucky Wildcats welcome the Florida Gators following their big win against Tennessee last weekend. You can see if Big Blue can pull off a huge upset on CBS at 3:30.

No RedHawks or Bearcats this weekend as their getting ready for the annual Battle for the Victory Bell next week. If you can't make it out to Yeager Stadium, that game will be on ESPN2 on Wednesday night at 7 p.m. To get you ready for that game, listen to ESPN 1450 The Ticket Tuesday night for a special episode of Unabated Sports. We'll have special guests lined up to give us everything we need to be ready for the 110th battle between Miami and Cincinnati.

On the NFL side, the Bengals and Bears square off on Local 12 at 1:00. The CBS Doubleheader continues with Pittsburgh and New England at 4:00. Fox 19 will carry the Cowboys and 49ers at 4:00. The ESPN Sunday Night game will be the Eli Bowl, the Giants travelling to San Diego for an 8:30 kickoff. Just one Monday Night game this week as the Chiefs go to Mile High to take on the Broncos. Of course, the Unabated Sports crew will be watching this game at Crossroads Sports Bar and Grill in Mason.


Things We Learned On Last Night's Show

Every Thursday night is a learning experience for me and the rest of the Unabated Sports crew. Last night we had Channel 5 Executive Sports Producer George Vogel on. He feels better about this year's 2-0 Bengals team much more than any of the 2-0 teams in the last 15 years. Also, it turns out that Woody did a fine job as an intern... and I still suck. Also, how Vogel handled a sticky situation Solomon Wilcots put him in during a live broadcast. (As for what Solomon said, well, we prefer not to say here or on air, but we will gladly tell you if you join us for one of our events.) We also learned that bengals fans have a better feel about this team than any in a while, even if there is still a bit of skepticism. We learned who the starting QB was for the Bengals in their first year of existence. We learned that I am King of the Hill. We learned that UC has added a new basketball player who left his flooded school in New Orleans behind. We also learned that Martin and a caller don't really care. Did I miss anything? Did you learn anything different? Do you have a different take than us, George Vogel or any of the callers? If so, now is your chance to sound off.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


September Snippets

We know a lot of you can't sit around and listen to our in-depth interviews due to time-contrainsts or what-not. So, just like we did with our August Nuggets, here are some brief samples from our shows in the past month.

Jeff Rips Rocky Top
What Are "Must Win" Games?
Woody Gets Twitterpated

And here are some samples from our End of Huggins Era special show:
First off, a couple highlights from our interview with Mike Decourcy where he says Image Matters and Cincinnati Basketball As You Knew It Is Over. We had lots of people phone in and give us different takes. Here's how the Callers Reacted.

We'll keep working to try and get more of our shows available online so everyone can take part in the Unabated Goodness.


Tonight's Unabated Sports

The Bengals are 2-0. What does that mean to you? Is a major weakness being glossed over in the wins? Is the team just that good? Vote in our poll down on the left-hand side. The Iowa Hawkeyes are coming to Columbus. Are you worried, Buckeye fans? Miami and UC have the weekend off as they gear up for next Wednesday's Victory Bell battle.

It's the final homestand of the weekend for the Reds. Do you care anymore? Would you go even if it's for a good cause?

George Vogel, Executive Sports Producer of News 5 Sports, will be on a little before 8:30.

The Gauntlet: Our road trip theme continues. If you could have your choice, what person would you like to road trip with? If you haven't suggested a song for our road trip CD, we still have a couple more tracks open.

King of the Hill is open again for anyone who wants to join in. You'll hear us mock Jeff relentlessly for his poor showing in the Unabated Sports Fantasy Football League. Yeah, he may not have had the lowest score again, but he was only off by 1.

If you wanna be a part of the fun, tune in to ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket from 8-10 tonight. Call During the Show: 513-868-9664. Every first time caller wins something. Email Us: and we'll read it on the air.

We're also putting together a line-up for a special Victory Bell show next Tuesday night before the Miami-Cincinnati rivalry game. Stay tuned to see what big names we'll bring on.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Unabated Interview: Terry Hoeppner

Former Miami Univervisty head football coach Terry Hoeppner joined us last week to talk to us about life at his new home, Indiana University. Listen to our interview with Terry Hoeppner. He talks about the border war with Kentucky, building up the Hoosiers football program, and how he handles the skeptics who say it can't be done.


More Exclusive Ohio State Pictures

Once again, we had a photographer roaming the sidelines at Ohio Stadium. Go here for two dozen pics from the San Diego State game. He was only able to stay for a little while but you can bet he'll be there a lot longer for Ohio State's Big Ten opener against Iowa. And if you haven't seen Rinnert's work before, check out his Buckeyes-Longhorns portfolio.


O'Neal Grabs AFC Defensive Player of the Week

Deltha O'Neal's 3 Interceptions, 5 pass deflections, and 8 tackles were good enough to earn him Defensive Player of the Week honors. The 3 picks tie a Bengals team single game high. The last Bengal to nab 3 INTs in a game was David Fulcher back in 1989. O'Neal is also the first Bengal named AFC Defensive Player of the Week in a season and a half.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


King of the Hill: Everyone In The Pool

Due to one of the most pathetic collapses in NFL history, we already have a King of the Hill victor after just two weeks. Who won isn't important. What is important is that this means it's time to start a new round and everyone can join in. If you were eliminated or didn't get in the first time around, join in. All you have to do is send in an NFL team you think will win their Week 3 match-up. Email us at or just put your choice in the comment section. Once you pick a team, you can't pick them again for the rest of the season. Here's the folks who took part in the first round and which teams they can't use anymore.

Jeff: (Eagles, Steelers)
Martin: (Packers, Bengals)
Woody: (Cowboys, Bengals)
Mike from Fairfield: (Packers, Bengals)
Mike from Sharonville: (Packers, Redskins)
Brad: (Cowboys, Redskins)
Marc: (Cowboys, Steelers)
Greg: (Rams)
Brian: (Rams)
Bill: (Rams)

Seriously, I'm struggling to think of a worse breakdown in the NFL than what Dallas had Monday night. To give up two touchdowns (one on 4th and 15) in a matter of seconds to an offense that bad just boggles my mind. On top of that, the Cowboys had the ball at midfield with 2 1/2 minutes to go and only needed a field goal to win it. Maybe the Miracle at the Meadowlands was a bigger screw-up but that was just one score and the Eagles were a decent team.


Get a Bobblehead, Help Katrina Victims

Beginning Tuesday at Great American Ball Park, the Cincinnati Reds will sell sets of their complete 2005 bobblehead doll lineup and Sean Casey figurine to raise money for the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. This is the final Reds homestand of 2005. The Reds have three against the Cardinals starting Tuesday, then welcome the Phillies for the final home series of the season. The team may be in "wait until next year" mode, but you can help folks who need it and get some nice collectibles. Win-win situation.


Vote For Carson, Help Cincinnati Children's Hospital

This from this morning:

Carson Palmer is one of three finalists for FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week honors following his performance in last Sunday's 37-8 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Palmer completed 27 of 40 passes for 337 yards, three touchdowns and a passer rating of 108.0 in helping Cincinnati to its first 2-0 start since the 2001 season. If Palmer wins this week's award, FedEx will donate $5000 to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Voting runs through Friday and the winners will be announced Friday afternoon on Vote Here.

Monday, September 19, 2005


What Does 2-0 Do For You?

It's not the fact that the Bengals are 2-0, it's how they looked against the Vikings doing it. Never mind the fact that Minnesota is in a free fall. Never mind that the Vikings are terrible in games played outdoors. The Bengals flat out smoked them. For NFL.coms look at the game, complete with game recap and box score, go here. Is the future now? Is this what the people of Cincinnati have waited for so long for? Are you ready to grab a cup of Marvin Berry Blast Kool-Aid from the table as you chase the Bandwagon down the street? Or are you still skeptical? Not to put a damper on the glorious after glow of a nearly orgasmic game, but the Bengals were 2-0 to start the season once under Dave Shula before missing the playoffs. Are you ready to say history be damned? And while you're at it, make sure to vote in the poll about your feelings located on the left hand side, under the pictures.


Monday Night Doubleheader

We are once again inviting you out to join us, this week for a rare Monday Night Doubleheader. We will be out at Crossroads Sports Bar and Grill located next to Kings Island at the corner of Western Row and Columbia. You get two games for the price of none tonight as the Saints and Giants kick things off at 7:30, followed by the Redskins and Cowboys at the regular time of 9:00. Come out, kick back, and have a beverage of your choice with us. Last week went extremely well. I hope all who made it out last week will return and bring friends. We'll talk sports, movies, tv, the show and even possiblely, talk like a pirate, in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day. So to honor such a prestigous day, I will leave you with this NFL themed pirate joke. What happens when a Bucanneer gets hurt? He gets placed on the "Aye" "Arr".

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Good Day For Local College Football

Last weekend did not go well locally as Ohio State lost a tough one to Texas, Miami lost their MAC opener to C. Michigan, and UC was not so happy in Happy Valley. But this weekend brought much happier returns.

Ohio State was in a fight early before finishing off San Diego St. 27-6.

Miami got the first win of Coach Shane Montgomery's career, 27-10 at Kent State.

It may not have been pretty, but Cincinnati slid by the Catamounts of Western Carolina 7-3. Really, that was the final.

And Indiana has already matched its win total of all of last year after controlling Kentucky 38-14.

Did you watch any of the games? Did you GO to any of the games? Give us your thoughts on this weekends games.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


King of the Hill Week 2

Three players go down to an upset at Candlestick. Who will still be around for King of the Hill after Week 2? Seven are eligible this week. The teams in parenthesis have already been used by that player. Those left look to pin their hopes of moving on to a few teams. Green Bay Packers will retire Reggie White's No. 92 on Sunday. That should have the cheeseheads fired up. Philadelphia looks to rebound against the worst team in the league last year. The Cowboys try to continue their dominance over Washington. Will these teams rise above their competition and allow one of our own to become King of the Hill?

Jeff: Eagles (Steelers)
Martin: Packers (Bengals)
Woody: Cowboys (Bengals)
Mike from Fairfield: Packers (Bengals)
Mike from Sharonville: Packers (Redskins)
Brad: Cowboys (Redskins)
Marc: Cowboys (Steelers)

On the Sidelines:
Greg: (Rams)
Brian: (Rams)
Bill: (Rams)

Once the other seven are eliminated, Greg, Brian, and Bill will be back in the game. We'll also open it back up for those who missed out Week 1 and want to join in the fun.


Martin's Bi-Weekly College Football Top 25 Update

Ah, the joys of college football. Oh the upsets of college football! Who would have thought Oklahoma would have lost in their opener to TCU?! Who would have thought the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame would be 2-0?! That's what makes the game great, and gives you a reason to get out of bed early on Saturday! Well, now that we've had a few Saturday's come and go, it's time for an updated Martin's Top 25 list. Here's my current top 25, as well as for comparisons's sake my pre-season top 25 list. Agree? Disagree? It's all good. Let me hear it on Thursday!
1 USC (1-0), still the best team in college football
2 Texas (2-0) Wasn't that an exciting game vs. the Buckeyes?
3 Tennessee (1-0) Example of a 2 headed qb scheme that works
4 Georgia (2-0) Must shake off the rust from lackluster South Carolina win
5 Florida (2-0) Big game against Tennessee at home
6 LSU (2-0) Will the Tigers stay undefeated?
7 Florida State (2-0) Huge win over Miami to start the year. Can they sustain the momentum?
8 Virginia Tech (2-0) Could Vick have them smelling roses?
9 Miami (0-1) Tough opener, but after Clemson, three straight winnable home games
10 Louisville (1-0) Kentucky gave them a game in opener, but Cards balanced attack is tough to beat
11 Purdue (1-0) How can they not have to play OSU or Michigan in a cake schedule?
12 Georgia Tech (2-0) How did I not have these guys in my pre-season top 25?!
13 Notre Dame (2-0) Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame. When will the magic run out?
14 Ohio State (1-1) Next real test is 9/24 vs. Iowa. Example of a 2 headed qb scheme that doesn't work
15 Clemson (2-0) I slept on Clemson. They remind me to stay awake
16 Boston College (2-0) Interesting matchup against Florida State this week.
17 Michigan (1-1) Tough loss to stomach last weak Wolverine fans. Offense was disappointing.
18 Arizona State (1-1) Fun team to watch
19 Auburn (1-1) Tough Georgia Tech loss, but it must be nice to start the year with 5 consecutive home games
20 Texas Tech (1-0) 7 home games for the red Raiders = bowl game during holiday season
21 California (2-0) Easy September schedule. Will they be ready for UCLA Oct. 8th?
22 Fresno State (1-0) Tough game vs. Oregon on 9/17
23 Iowa State (2-0) Are the Cyclones for real? The Iowa win says- yes!
24 Iowa (1-1) Gunning for the Buckeyes. 9/24 mark your calendar
25 Utah (2-1) Still the most talented team in the Mountain West, despite who they lost from last year

Martin's Pre-Season Top 25
2 Texas
3 Tennessee
4 Miami
5 Michigan
6 Oklahoma
7 Georgia
8 Florida
10 Ohio State
11 Florida State
12 Virginia Tech
13 Louisville
14 Texas A&M
15 Purdue
16 Auburn
17 Arizona State
18 Iowa
19 Boise State
20 Texas Tech
21 California
22 Fresno State
23 Pittsburgh
24 Bowling Green
25 Utah

Friday, September 16, 2005


Weekend TV Listings

Here's a look at where the gridiron action is this weekend:

UC's kickoff against Western Carolina is 7:00 p.m. at Nippert Stadium. The Catamounts are ranked 21st in ESPN/USA Today NCAA I-AA poll. Miami's game against the Golden Flashes is Kent State's homecoming. Kickoff is at 4:00 and coverage begins on ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket at 3:00. Ohio State closes out its non-conference schedule Saturday by hosting San Diego State. Kickoff is 3:30 and can be seen regionally on ABC. Michigan State and Notre Dame will start at the same time on NBC. Kentucky and Indiana's border war begins at 5:45 on ESPN Classic. The big Florida-Tennessee match-up is the primetime game on CBS at 8:00.

On Sunday, Bengals coverage begins at 11:00 on Fox 19. Local 12 will carry the Browns and Packers for the 4:00 kickoff. ESPN's Sunday night game is Kansas City going to Oakland to take on the Raiders. Monday Night Football begins on ABC at 7:30 with the Saints taking on the Giants. At 9:00, the New Orleans-New York game switches over to ESPN and ABC picks up the Washington-Dallas game. Of course, both games will be on at Crossroads Sports Bar and Grill which is where the Unabated Sports crew watches Monday Night Football. Join us at Crossroads to cap off another great football weekend.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


NASCAR 06: Total Team Control... Game Review

EA sports recently released this years NASCAR game. A lot of new features have been added, in particular, with regards to racing with a team.

Not having played a NASCAR game in two years, I didn't know fully what to expect. I started playing and noticed that the graphics seemed to be a little bit improved, but not a whole lot. I played a shortened race and found the control of the car to be very similar to the years past, except for the fact that it is very easy to oversteer. If you get loose, you had better hope there is another car right next to you to brace yourself against.

The real difference seems to be in the options that they give you in terms of a career. I went ahead and created myself and started my career. I had to start down on the Whelen circuit. A small time racing organization on exceptionally short tracks. I oonly expected to play for about an hour, but two hours after starting, I couldn't stop racing. My two wins in 12 races were enough to get me an invite to the truck series. Now near the end of my first season, I am very busy racing in both the Whelen division and the Truck series. I have my eye on the future as I keep looking for an invite to the Busch series.

One feature that I get great joy in is the Hero or Villian feature. Depending on how you drive, you gain either points for Hero or points for being a Villian. My crappy steering skills (and lack of desire to go around people rather than through them) has lead me to quickly become a Villian. I have almost no friends on the track (including teammates). No matter to the fans, I keep growing a base.

Overall, the game is very enjoyable for me so far. But not having played last years version, I can't make a claim as to whether there is enough to differentiate it from 05 and make it worth a pick up. As always, my advice when it comes to video games is to rent it first. If you find it enjoyable and entertaining enough to keep your attention, then pick it up. I know that I will have a tough time trying to figure out how to put it into the video game playing rotation with NCAA Football 2006.

If you want a second opinion, here is gamezone's review.


Tonight's Unabated Sports

Another packed show coming to you from 8:00-10:00 on ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket. We'll get your feelings on the Ohio State-Texas game, the Bengals win in Cleveland over the Browns, Miami U's homecoming loss to Central Michigan, and UC's sad day in Happy Valley. We'll also look ahead to Daunte Culpepper and the Minnesota Vikings coming to Paul Brown Stadium, Jim Tressel going with Troy Smith against San Diego State, the Bearcats welcoming in a top 25 I-AA school, and the RedHawks head to Kent State for a key MAC East game. Are there any Irish fans (or haters) in the house? We'll talk about Notre Dame's return to Top 10 ranking.

Around 8:45, we will be joined by Dr. Angelo Colosimo, Associate Professor and Director of the Division of Sports Medicine for the University of Cincinnati, as well as team physician for the Cincinnati Bearcats and the Cincinnati Bengals to talk health updates, sports medicine, and about his playing days. Before 9:30, Terry Hoeppner will join us. The former RedHawk head football coach will fill us in on life in the Big 10. He is feeling pretty confidant about the future of IU football.

The Gauntlet road trip continues. This week, we'll ask you to break through the fourth dimension and go back in time. What sporting event or player would you want to see? We'll still be taking requests for the ultimate road trip compilation CD.

Check out Jeff's review of EA Sports NASCAR '06 videogame. He'll talk more about it tonight.

Best of all, you'll hear us mock Jeff relentlessly for his poor showing in the Unabated Sports Fantasy Football League. Another game, King of the Hill is still on for those who didn't pick the Rams last week.

If you wanna be a part of the fun, tune in to ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket from 8-10 tonight. Call During the Show: 513-868-9664. Every first time caller wins something. Email Us: and we'll read it on the air.

Monday, September 12, 2005


Monday Night Football Time

Starting tonight, and every Monday night to follow, the Unabated Sports Crew will be out at Crossraods Sports Bar and Grill in Mason to watch the Monday Night Football game. There will be give aways, including a chance to win tickets to this weekends Bengal's home game against Daunte Culpepper and the Minnesota Vikings. Those will be given away at half time of tonights game. You can hang out with the Unabated Sports crew and tell us what you would like to hear us talk about. And for those of you in the Fantasy Football league, it is a good chance for you to meet fellow league members and talk some good hearted smack, especially to Jeff since he had the lowest score in the league this week. So come out and "chillax" with us tonight for Monday Night football at Crossroads. See you there.


Exclusive Ohio-State Texas Pictures

It may be difficult for Buckeye fans to relive but we've got some pretty pictures for you from the
Ohio State-Texas game. All the big names are on here: Vince Young, Jim Tressel, Santonio Holmes, the guy who dotted the "i", even Eddie George was in the house. Despite the outcome, it was a great game and actually lived up to the hype. Overall, it was a bad weekend for the Big 10. Now, we'll see if OSU rebounds from this loss, settles on one quarterback, and can make this stinging loss seem like a distant memory.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


King of the Hill Combatants

Here's the list of who's taking part in our King of the Hill contest:

Jeff: Steelers
Martin: Bengals
Woody: Bengals
Mike (from Fairfield): Bengals
Mike (from Sharonville): Redskins
Brad: Redskins
Marc: Steelers
Greg: Rams
Brian: Rams
Bill: Rams

Whoever's team wins chooses another next week. Whoever's team loses takes next week off.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Angry Rant Time (Read this)

For those that know me, angry rants are not a normal part of my day. Rarely do I sound off on a topic, but something has occured... actually, something has not occured which is why I am up in arms. With the Bengals season about to begin... in a divisional game... against the hated Browns... with playoff expectations, no one is showing the love. Phone lines on all radio shows in the city have been relatively empty. If you truly believe that the Bengals are playoff bound, then let it be known! Let your voice ring out from a mountain high.

The same goes for Ohio State. Buckeye fans the city over tell me that this is their year. They're excited about this weekends game. Well my question is, where the hell are you when it comes time to tell people the city over what you feel? Several Texas fans have let their voice be heard, but Buckeye fans are sitting back. The phone lines should be jammed. Email inboxes should be crammed. Now is not the time to be pensive. Now is the time for action.

After living in Cincinnati all my life, I have come to the conclusion that apathy is the number 1 sport in this town. If you are "waiting to see what happens" this weekend with regards to the Bengals-Browns and the Ohio State-Texs games, then you are not a "fan". The word "fan" is short for fanatic. And a true fanatic does not "wait to see what happens."

The best way to describe the typical Cincinnati fan comes from words spoken by a camerman I once worked with. He said "Cincinnati fans don't know how to be true fans. They react, rather than lead. They wait for the teams to give them something to cheer about, rather than lifting their teams up at a time of need." That is a very accurate way to describe the cities sports fans.

I am challenging the sports fans of Cincinnati to step up and act like true sports fans should, espcially with expectations so high for local teams this year. For those of you who have called in to our, or any other show or emailed us, I say thank you. It's good to see that some people have pride. No matter if it be the Bengals, Buckeyes, Bearcats, RadHawks, or any other team, playing the waiting game rather than pure faith is never the way to go.

So let your voice be heard. Lead don't follow. Be proactive, not reactive. Show what it means to truly be a fan. To sum it up in the most straight forward words possible I go to a classic movie quote, "Sound off like you got a pair!"

Friday, September 09, 2005


Unabated Interview:Brad Johansen

Bengals Nation-12
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
The Voice of the Cincinnati Bengals and Sports Director of Local 12 was our first guest. Now he's our first repeat guest. Hear our second interview with Brad Johansen here. He talked candidly about some of the roster cuts made by Marvin Lewis, the best stadiums he's been to, and what one event he hasn't been to yet that he would love to road trip to. Also, he talks about Local 12's Bengals Nation show. The first episode airs this Saturday night at 11:30. The show is taped Wednesday nights down at Gameworks on the Levee Wednesday nights between 6-8. Like we said before, this is your chance to ask the coach a question, meet a player or two, listen to live music, and even try to do better than Brad at calling the Bengals play-by-play. Another reason to tune in this Saturday night at 11:30, you'll see Jeff asking Marvin Lewis about some of his concerns on defense.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Tonight's Show is a Football-palooza!

Tune in tonight to ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket starting at 8:00 because we will be all about the pigskin. The NFL season kicks off tonight, the Battle of Ohio is this Sunday, and college football is in full effect. Brad Johansen, voice of the Cincinnati Bengals and Local 12 Sports Director, will kick off the 9:00 hour.

The Unabated Sports crew will have lots to talk about. Preseason predictions all around for how Marvin Lewis's third year as head coach will go. We'll also take a look at the NCAA side: Miami's conference opener/Homecoming game against Central Michigan, the Bearcats travellling to Happy Valley to take on JoePa's Penn State Nittany Lions, and the big Ohio State-Texas matchup. Which QB will start for the Buckeyes? Is it Joe Jermaine and Stanley Jackson all over again? Is Vince Young the real deal? Is Notre Dame the real deal? Can they beat Michigan two years in a row?

Also, the Gauntlet that we ask you, the listeners. September is all about the road trip. Last week, it was compiling the ultimate road trip CD. We'll still need your help adding a few songs to that list. But this week's Guantlet: which road game appeals the most to you this season? We'll pick our King of the Hill teams and talk fantasy football, too!

You can call in and let us know at
513-868-9664 or email us at to make your voice heard.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Welcome To Bengals Nation

There's a place where the average Cincinnati fan can ask Marvin Lewis questions, call the Bengals game like Brad Johansen, listen to live music, and even win prizes. It's Bengals Nation. The show breaks down the previous game and previews the next Sunday. It airs Saturday nights on Local 12 at 11:30. Eagle-eyed viewers will spot our very own Jeff Archiable asking Marvin Lewis about some of his concerns on defense. That's because he was there when the show was taped. You can take part, as well. Just be at Gameworks at Newport on the Levee every Wednesday between 6-8.


Prove You're King Of The Hill!

Think you know the NFL? We've got your chance to prove it. We're starting a new game called King Of The Hill. It's simple. Starting Week 1, you pick one team that you are absolutely positive will win their match-up that week. If they win, you pick another team for Week 2. If you lose, you're out of this round. The last player standing is The King of the Hill for that round. You get to pick again once everyone in your division is eliminated. When you choose, pick carefully. Because you can only choose a team once for the entire season. Whoever wins the most rounds during the season is King of The Hill champion. All you have to do is send an email to by noon on September 11th and tell us who you think will win their Week 1 game. (The Patriots-Raiders game is not eligible.) Or you can just leave a comment here.

A few of our listeners have already claimed teams for this weekend. Mike and Brad pick the Washington Redskins. Marc picked his Steelers. Who will you pick?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Carson on Madden

Carson on Madden, originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.

Madden 2005 has been out a few weeks now. And, if you're like me, you've been adapting to the new Vision and Precision feature in this year's model. So far, my numbers are very similar to Carson Palmer's preseason stats. Yeah, not so good. If you go to the Vision and Precision link, you'll see a quote in there from C.P. about the new edition. He also has an interview with IGN online. When it comes to the pixelated Cincinnati team, the Bengals ranked third in the division on Madden's rosters.

You can click here to hear our interview with Chris Erb from EA Sports who talks about Madden 2006.

And, if you want another Cincinnati pro football team on your game console, there's the Crusaders from Blitz: The League. Haven't played it yet, but found it interesting that they used Cincinnati as one of their cities.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Unabated Interview: Denise Johns

Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
Our September 1st show had a lot of firsts. We had our first female caller and our first female guest. They may be our last! Hear our interview with Denise Johns, AVP player and UC alum. She told us what it's like to play the sexiest sport on Earth. And were the boys on their best behavior? You gotta listen to find out. Be sure to check our Flickr page for more pictures of her when she was in town back in July for the Cincinnati Open. Also, this plastic clothing gallery has more shots of her.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


The Bengals Preseason Game That Worries Me The Most

It's not the time the defense was shredded by Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, and the Philadelphia Eagles offense. Not the time a Patriots unit comprised mostly of back-ups handled the Bengals in Cincinnati. Not the time where the team started out slow against a questionable Washington Redskins squad. It's the one last night. That's right, I am concerned about the game where the offense finally lived up to pre-season expectations.

While listening to the interviews from the locker room following the game, I heard a lot of pride on this team. I'm worried they might give this exhibition game too much credence. I'm worried that instead of beating up on another team's back-ups, they might look at this as "Hey, we beat the Indianapolis Colts. We didn't just beat them, we demolished them."

At least after the losses, the team was humbled and Marvin Lewis felt he had his players' attention. Now, I'm concerned that confidence will swell into arrogance and not give the Cleveland game the attention it deserves. Yes, the Browns will probably struggle this year. But they'll probably be better than last year's team who scored 82 points against the Bengals, so they cannot be overlooked.

Be sure to vote in our poll down there on the left-hand side. How many games do you think the Bengals will win this year?

Friday, September 02, 2005


UC Opens Football Season With Exciting Win

The University of Cincinnati started off their football season in explosive fashion. Pregame fireworks announced the team's first game as a member of the Big East. Of course, the conference season doesn't begin until next month but any excuse for fireworks, I guess. It was going to be interesting to see how this young team played on the field. It was going to be even more interesting the reaction of people off the field. In the midsts of last week's dismissal of Bob Huggins, some fans called for a total boycott of the school's athletic program. Would they hold their grudge against Mark Dantonio and his football players? The answer was, thankfully, no. 21,458 fans came out on a Thursday night to cheer on the Bearcats against the Eastern Michigan Eagles.
The fans did boo during this pregame message where Nancy Zimpher's name was mentioned. But their support of the football team was not questionable. I was surprised to see only a smattering of T-shirts that supported the former basketball coach or suggested innapropriate things for the school president. Those were greatly outnumbered by those who were sporting Gino Guidugli jerseys. It probably won't be too much longer before we start seeing Dustin Grutza jerseys in the stands. He played well, throwing a pair of touchdowns and running in another from 21 yards out. The rushing attack was the driving force, gaining almost 300 yards. Still, it came down to a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter that could have tied it, and a final Eagles drive that began at midfield and only needed field goal to win. It was an exciting game that went down to the wire. I walked away feeling pretty good about this team. Of course, we'll see if that good feelings lasts past their trip to Happy Valley next weekend, Yeager Stadium at the end of the month, and seven games against their new Big East rivals.


Things We Learned on Unabated Sports Last Night

Last night's Unabated Sports broadcast was very informative. We learned that the coach Huggins fiasco is apparantly not affecting the UC football fans attendance and attitude. We also learned that Josh Betts listens to Billy Joel to stay centered and calm. Terna Nande informed us that one of his many nicknames is Mr. Incredible. We learned that Jeff has very little to no street cred. And lastly, we learned that Denise Johns has a boyfriend. These are all important things to know. If you do not know what I am talking about, then you need to check out the interviews from last night as we post them. The Josh Betts and Terna Nande interview is already posted. Stay tuned for our most entertaining interview ever, Denise Johns, to be put up in the near future. As always, we thank you for listening and supporting the show and we hope to see you at Crossroads on Saturday at noon for the Miami-OSU game.


Unabated Interview: Josh Betts & Terna Nande

We had a lot of firsts during Thursday's show. One of those was our first interviews with athletes. Two stars from the Miami RedHawk football team joined us. Hear our interview with Josh Betts and Terna Nande. We'll be at Crossroads Sports Bar and Grill in Mason Saturday at noon to see these guys take on the Ohio State Buckeyes. Be sure to join us, we'll be giving away tickets to next Saturday's Miami-Central Michigan game.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Unabated Sports College Football Preview 2005

Miami University

Sports Illustrated - 53
Sporting News - 42, 2nd MAC East

Players to watch:
WR - Martin Nance
LB - Terna Nande
WR/PR - Ryne Robinson
DB - Darrell Hunter

Games of Interest:
Sept. 3 - @ OSU Noon, ABC
Sept. 28 - UC 7PM, ESPN2
Nov. 15 - BG 7PM, ESPN2

Ohio State University

Sports Illustrated - 8
Sporting News - 3rd, 1st in Big Ten

Players to watch:
LB - A.J. Hawk
WR - Santonio Holmes
WR/PR - Ted Ginn, JR.
LB - Bobby Carpenter

Games of Interest:
Sept. 3 - MU Noon, ABC
Sept. 10 - Texas
Sept. 24 - Iowa
Nov. 19 - @ Michigan

University of Cincinnati

Sports Illustrated - 100
Sporting News - 100, 8th in Big East

Players to watch:
TE - Brent Celek
QB - Dustin Grutza
RB - Bradley Glatthaar
DT - Terrill Byrd

Games of Interest:
Sept. 28 @Miami U. 7pm, ESPN2
Oct. 15 UConn 4pm
Oct. 22 Lousiville 7pm

Indiana University

Sports Illustrated - 87
Sporting News - 94, 11th in Big Ten

Players to watch:
KR/PR - Lance Bennett
DB - Tracy Porter
QB - Blake Powers
RB - Chris Taylor


The Radio Show is Back on Track

We were supposed to be off last week, but managed a Huggins-themed special Wednesday night. This week, we're back at our new regular night and time, 8:00 p.m. on Thursdays following HawkTawk. And we are ready to bring it.

Martin and Jeff will have lots to talk about. A week removed from the Huggins era, what do they think of the Bearcat program now? The Cincinnati Bengals have one more preseason game to go. So far, the team has not looked good. We'll talk about the big cuts and new additions.

Miami Redhawks quarterback Josh Betts will be on around 8:25, followed by linebacker Terna Nande. They'll preview the upcoming season, especially Saturday's big trip to Columbus to take on Ohio State.

And we have AVP player, Architectural Project Manager, and former Bearcat rower Denise Johns on to talk about the hottest sport around, beach volleyball. Around 9:20, Jeff will begin hitting on her.

The Gauntlet: All this month, we'll be talking about road trips: which road game you like to go to, what to do on the way there, etc. Tonight challenge: we're going to put together the ultimate road trip compilation CD. Call in and let us know what song should be included.

Also, Woody will be phoning in live reports from the UC-Eastern Michigan football game. He'll be keping track of the play on the field, the mood of the crowd, and be on the lookout for a Nick Lachey sighting.

So call us during the show at 513-868-9664 or email us at to sound off.

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