Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Legal Trouble

Law enforcement officials are required to protect the health and safety of civilians, and when civilians break rules punishment is required. As professional athletes, these individuals are not immune to these troubles. Tuesday, May 30th provided for a busy day for athletes and law enforcement. Chris Henry's trial was again pushed back to a future date, leaving the Bengal's in further doubt of the availibility of their rising star.
Local baseball product Scott Sauerbeck (Northwest High School, Miami University) of the Cleveland Indians was arrested for obstructing official business and allowing someone intoxicated to operate his vehicle, after he and friend Lily Miller parked their car in a drive way and hid in the owner of the house's bushes. Police found the two hiding after the owners alerted the police of noise in their back yard.

Along with Sauerbeck, former Ohio State wide receiver Santonio Holmes was arrested in South Beach, Florida for disorderly conduct at a hotel. Holmes was the Pittsburgh Steeler's first round selection this year.

Tune in Thursday to Unabated Sports and sound off on your thoughts of athletes acting as criminals.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Having Fun At Cincinnati's Expense

Donald Little
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The Queen City made a couple appearances in this week's Deadspin. The first revolved around an article highlighting athletes that took off-the-field antics to a whole other level. And Donald Little was referenced for going Resevoir Dogs on his roomate. Art Long also made an appearance in the source article counting down the 20 most surreal crimes perpetrated by athletes. UC's not alone as Buckeyes and UK Wildcats are spotlighted, too.

And the other article revolved around Carson Palmer's Cornhole Classic. What would possibly get their attention, you ask? Deadspin had fun with the sport's name and wished CP well in his recovery. Then went back to snickering at the term "cornhole." The event has also been Farked.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Woody Goes To The Reds Hall of Fame Museum

Catch At The Wall
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I'm a little emberrassed to admit it took me this long, but I finally made it down to the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Museum. I felt even more foolish after walking through the place. It is pretty sweet. There's lots of interactive features in the museum. You can step onto the mound and try to hit the strike zone from 90 feet away. You can also get behind home plate and call balls and strikes from the umpire's point of view. And you can be even more active, leaping above a segment of Riverfront Stadium's wall and try to steal a home run. I watched Executive Director of the Museum Greg Rhodes lob tosses to a group of kids for about five minutes and they loved it. Their parents had to drag them away. How often can you say that about something in a museum?

Woody & Sparky
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You can even get your picture taken with greats from the Reds' past. Here I am trying to give Sparky Anderson some advice on how to run the Big Red Machine. Yeah, you can tell he's impressed with my wisdom. You can also sit in the booth and call one of a half dozen classic plays from the team's recent past. We'll see what Marty & Joe think of your performance behind the microphone.

1919 Last Out ball. Photo provided by the
Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Museum.
The featured exhibit right now is all about the 1919 World Series. Yes, that World Series. You can find out why the Reds were the team to beat that year, Black Sox scandal or not.

The museum's open every day during the baseball season and you can even double up and get a tour of it and Great American Ball Park. Go to the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Museum web site for more details.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Unabated Calvacade Of Stars

You definitely want to tune in to Thursday night's show that airs between 6 and 9 p.m. on Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket. We've always tried to bring you the biggest guests we can here at Unabated Sports. But this week we've really outdone ourselves. And by "we", I mostly mean Mark. Well done, new guy!

The biggest star on the schedule has to be Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer. The Pro Bowl QB not only will appear on our show, but on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Not Carson's first time, though. It's a pretty extensive article, he goes off on the Steelers and those who doubt his comeback from a major knee injury. And what a long process that has been. We'll ask him about the injuries, the Steelers, and as much as we can in the time we've got with him. He'll also talk about the upcoming Carson Palmer Cornhole Classic. He's currently scheduled to call in at around 7:00 p.m.

Heather Mitts: Sideline Reporter
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
How do we follow that up? I don't know. How about one of the hottest women in sports? Yeah, Heather Mitts. The soccer player/sideline reporter has a soccer camp coming up at the end of next month at Summit Country Day School. She's slotted in the segment behind Palmer at about 7:25.

We've also got Greg Rhodes, Executive Director of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Museum. He'll talk about the museum and the newest exhibit spotlighting the 1919 World Series. And last, but certainly not least, George Vogel, executive sports producer at Channel 5. Even though he's a longtime favorite of the program, we'll have a new twist to throw at him.

Despite the heavy guest list, we still want to hear from you. There will be time for you to call in at 513-868-9664 and email us at and we'll read it on the air.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Big Guest For This Week

We've had some pretty impressive guests on the show but this one takes the cake: Carson Palmer. Yes, the Bengals Pro Bowl quarterback is scheduled to join us on this Thursday's show around 7:00 p.m. He's going to be talking about lots of stuff, including the Carson Palmer Cornhole Classic coming up on June 17. This benefits Lighthouse Youth Services. We're compiling a list of questions to fire at the former Heisman trophy winner. Have any suggestions? We'll see if we can squeeze them in, but I've got about a dozen myself and there's only so much time he's going to be on. You can bet one of them will be about his cover appearance on Sports Illustrated.


Kicking Off Memorial Day Weekend

As you heard when Shayne Graham was a guest on last week's show, there's a special event coming up Kicks For Kids: the annual RGI Runners Club River Run. Oxford’s The RumRunners will perform live, Panera Bread will supply bagels, and Domino’s Pizza, the Tavern Restaurant Group and the Newport Aquarium will provide awards. Participants will have the chance to win a $500 Meijer shopping spree, and each entrant will receive a ticket good for food/drink at the Runners’ Club of Greater Cincinnati post-event party at the Newport Hofbräuhaus. Pre-register here. The event begins 9:30 at the Purple People bridge in Newport. Race day registration begins at 8.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


It's As If A Million Baseball Fans Cried Out At Once, Then Were Suddenly Silenced

What many purists have dreaded has come to pass: Barry Bonds hit his 714th homerun. How many of them were juice induced doesn't really matter. In this game, it's all about the numbers and one of the most treasured has now been touched. We may find out in the coming years that "tarnished" may be a better word but I feel kinda dirty either way. I was definitely not rooting for BB to tie or pass Babe Ruth. But there is some good news: we're one step closer to not having to hear constantly about him going for this mark. Yep, that's me. Always looking at the bright side.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


85 has some doubters

Apparently Don Pierson from nbcsports is one of them. From a piece today on players with targets on their back ...

5. Chad Johnson. The knee injury to Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer leaves the receiver undaunted. He has predicted the Bengals will have little competition in the AFC North, which they won last season only to fall in the playoffs to Pittsburgh.
Johnson promises to enhance his weekly list of cornerbacks he intends to victimize. He also promises that new rules limiting touchdown celebrations will not cramp his style. These are heavy burdens for one man to bear, but Johnson appears to need added motivation. Not only that, he thrives on it.

I may be the only one, but I like Chad being so confident. In a very questionable and uncertain time as a Bengals fan, I love someone like Chad being so confident that things will be normal. It's such a refreshing change from "typical cincinnati fan" and his constant doomsday predictions. Mabye it's because I'm not over 40 yet, but there's very little I dislike about Chad Johnson.


New Show, New Crew, New Time

We're coming at you this week with a new lineup and a new timeslot. But we still want you to tune in and sound off. We go live at 6 on Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket and are looking for your calls and emails. Ring us at 513-868-9664 and email us at to give us your opinion.

What is up with the Reds? A week ago, this team was on top of the world. Their superstar returned in grand style and Cincinnati was on top of the baseball world. Now, they're not even on top of their division. Are the wheels coming off or is this just a bump in the long, long road that is the MLB season?

We'll also be talking football. The Bengals are practicing this week, the rookies have been broken in, and there's even been some news about what you can expect Saturdays on TV in regards to the college game. And speaking of Bengals, we'll have kicker Shayne Graham on to talk about the OTAs and RGI Runners' Club River Run 5K, benefiting Kicks For Kids.

We're still lining up guests but I can tell you for sure we have a guy scheduled who knows a thing or two about bad ideas. Greg Wyshynski, author of Glow Pucks and 10-Cent Beer : The 101 Worst Ideas in Sports History, will join us. We'll also have Brian Ekberg from who will break down all the sports video games that were unveiled at E3 earlier this month. Go here to hear the last time he was on our show.

Stop by. Tune us in. Meet the new guys. 6-9 Thursday night. Ring us at 513-868-9664 and email us at to give us your opinion.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The New Guy

Like all Unabated Sports fans, I'm saddened that Jeff is headed for greener pastures in Hazard. I thought it would be nearly impossible to find someone capable of making up for that loss. I do feel somewhat better, however, after finding out that I've been added to the team. And who am I?

I'm coming to Unabated sports from ESPN Radio 970 in Athens, where I co-hosted a daily show. I got my start in sports broadcasting as a color analyst with the Cincinnati Cyclones a few years back and spent two seasons doing radio broadcasts for the Ohio University hockey team. I broke into sports talk as the producer of The Monday Night SportsZone on SportsTalk Cleveland and began hosting by doing an internet sports talk show out of my dorm room. I hosted Great Americans on the SportsRant Radio network before joining WATH in Athens.

I'm also a sports columnist. I've been a feature writer and columnist with SportsFan Magazine since April of 2004. I write the popular “Sports Gospel” column, which is syndicated on dozens of Web sites, and I do some freelancing on the side (I just finished a big feature for I'm a member of the United States Basketball Writers Association, the Football Writers Association of America and the Mascot Hall of Fame Executive Committee.

I'm not the only new guy. Our new producer, Rich Lamping, comes to us from SportsRant Radio, where he was a producer and fill-in host. He was responsible for setting up a number of big-time interviews and producing special segments. He also co-hosted the SportsRant Radio March Madness special and was a fill-in host on Great Americans.

I think I speak for Richie in saying we are both excited to be a part of the show and are anxiously looking forward to our debut Thursday. Hopefully we will have some big changes coming to the blog soon, so stay tuned.

-Mark Chalifoux


The NFL Just Got A Little Bit Dumber Today

That line was from NFL Live's Trey Wingo when commenting on the fact that the Bengals cut Craig Krenzel. He wasn't talking about the intelligence of the move itself, just that the formber Buckeye QB must've known a thing or two to get by with a 3.68 GPA in Molecular Genetics. Not exactly "criminal justice" or whatever the kids are taking nowadays. This may not be the last we hear of this move, however, as C.K. might have been injured when he was cut and the players' union kinda frowns upon decisions like that.

Friday, May 12, 2006


Rain Delay Theater

Jeff Getting The Tough Interviews
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For those that were tuning in to Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket yesterday, you might have been a little surprised not to hear our sparkling wit. We had been bumped. The baseball games that were rained out Wednesday were pushed back to Thursday. These things happen but it's really unfortunate as that was supposed to be Jeff's last show. As you may recall, he's heading to Hazard, Kentucky to be a sportscaster at WYMT-TV. His first day is today. He specifically waited so he could do May 11 as his last show. Ouch. Anyway, the show will go on next week with a revamped line-up and a new bump-free time slot: 6:00-9:00. We'll have great guests as usual and the standard examination of the local sports scene and askew takes on what's going on in this wacky world of ours. We'll even hear from Jeff who will call in and give his curtain call from Hazard. So tune it to 1450 AM on Thursday nights, email us at and call us at 513-868-9664 to join in on the fun.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Sunday Night Party

Line It Up!
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It looks like UC will be a part of ESPN's new Sunday Night College Football. The Bearcats' game against South Florida will be moved to October 22 at 8:00 p.m. It'll be interesting to see if this game can hold it's own against NBC's new Sunday night NFL game. This will be Cincinnati's third primetime game this season. The other games are the River City Rivalry with Pitt on September 8 and October 28 against Syracuse.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Talk Derby To Me

Another Kentucky Derby has come and gone. Lots of coverage all day long. The race itself may be a bit overrated... or not. It's quick, but not to quick for Deadspin to liveblog.
Hey, if I had a horse, you know what I’d name him? Steve. Everyone else’s horse would be named something weird like “The Firm Calves On Betsy Sue,” or, “Anti-Microbial Goat Shampoo,” and my horse would just be named Steve. And he would make fun of the other horses for their dumb names.
Funny, but I do love me some horsey names. And dig those crazy hats.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Reds Roll Rockies

Isn't winning fun? The Reds seem to think so. They split their duplay series with the Rockies by crushing Colorado 7-1. The starters continue to pitch extremely well. Aaron Harang was great, going 8 1/3 and giving up just 1 run.

And one of the things that we talked about on the show came into play again, depth. Chris Denorfia, just called up from Louisville (where he was hitting the crap out of the ball), stepped in and went 1-4 with an RBI double. It's easy to see how the Reds are winning when you look across the roster and see some really good players sitting on the bench because there is no place to play them.

Do you believe in this team? Are you cheering with cautious optimism or waiting for the other shoe to drop? For the first time in a while, it seems as if the fans are starting to believe. Do you belive?

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Today's Show

Mel Kiper on ESPN TV
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.

The dust has settled on the NFL Draft, Mel Kiper's hair is going back into it's hermetically-sealed room, and baseball is trying it's darnedest to take center stage in our sports world. Catch us today on Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket and this is what we'll be talking about:

Cincinnati Reds
- The Major League-leading Reds. Sounds funny to say. Is that the most unlikely phrase heard all year?
- Is this team for real? How do you know when a team is for real?
- What games are you going to go to when the team is home this month at GABP?
- Our Gauntlet Question: What would be your at-bat music if you played for the Reds?

Barry Bonds is two shy of Babe Ruth.
- How will history remember Barry?
- Should Major League Baseball do something to mark it?

NFL Draft
- Bengals. Here's what Jeff thinks. What do you think?
- Winners/Losers (not just teams, but also players, schools, whatever)
- How about them Buckeyes? Five Ohio State players went in the first round. Is that a good thing or bad thing for you OSU fans?
- Biggest Surprises
- Character causing several players to fall?
- Local Guys
- Where they went (both draft and FA)
- Odds of sticking with the team
- How much of it did you watch on TV? Anybody see NFL Network's inaugural coverage.
- Wow! How wrong was our mock draft!?

NBA Playoffs
- How clutch is Lebron?
- Kobe, did we miss the boat on him being the MVP?
- Is the best matchup of the entire playoffs possibly next round with Spurs versus Mavs?

Do we want to do anything with the Derby?
- Pick your winner. What strategy do you use? I like picking by my most favorite name.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The Most Unlikely Phrase in ALL of the Major Leagues This Year...

The first place Reds next go on the road to face the first place Rockies. Let me say that again in case you didn't catch it or didn't believe it. "The first place Reds next go on the road to face the first place Rockies."

Yes indeed, both clubs currently sit atop their divisions. I am having a hard time coming up with a more unlikely phrase that could have been uttered in the Major Leagues this year.

How about... "Today it was revealed that there is indisputable proof that Barry Bonds did not use steriods."

Can you come up with any other phrases that we would have been more unlikely to hear at the beginning of the baseball season?


Holy Clutch Hitting Batman

Did the Reds really just take another series? That means that they are 7-1-1 in series this year. And they are a monster performance from Albert Pujols away from being undefeated.

Cincinnati stand all alone atop the Major Leagues after a come from behind performace for the men in red. They knocked off the Cardinals 3-2 in a day game at Great American Ballpark.

Thanks to some great pitching (by Dave Williams, no less), and some clutch hitting by Valentin, the Reds are the best team in baseball. Dunn and Encarnacion went yard. That's a good sign to see Adam Dunn climbing 0ut of a slump and Edwin Encarnacion continuing his great season at the plate.

Also good to see was Todd Coffey once again keeping a team off the board. Coffey has now gone 11 straight appearances without giving up a run. It's been a while since I felt confident in a Reds reliever being able to shut down the other team.

I don't know how long this can last, but I right now I don't care. I'm too busy enjoying it. How about you?

Box score

Monday, May 01, 2006


April Road Games Bring May Homestands

Of the 28 Reds games this month, 14 of them are at Great American Ball Park. Huh. I don't know why it seemed like there were more of them home this month than last, but I guess it's even. Anyway, here's the schedule for games in Cincinnati in May.

1 Stl. 7:10
2 Stl. 12:35
9 Washington 7:10
10 Washington 7:10
11 Washington 7:10
12 Philiadelphia 7:10
13 Philiadelphia 6:10
14 Philiadelphia 1:15
22 Milwaukee 7:10
23 Milwaukee 7:10
24 Milwaukee 7:10
26 Arizona 7:10
27 Arizona 6:10
28 Arizona 1:15

Which series peeks your interest the most?


My Thoughts on the Bengals Draft

My reaction to the Bengals Draft:

1.) Their first day drafting was a contingency plan for 2007. Mark Curnutte made a similar statement on Sunday in the Enquirer.

Jonathan Joseph, the first rounder out of South Carolina is in line to battle to replace Tory James (possibly this year, actually). Andrew Whitworth from LSU seems ready to replace either Willie Anderson or Levi Jones after both of their contracts run out after this season. And Frostee Rucker adds depth to a thin position at DE for the Bengals and is insurance for Justin Smith whose contract runs out after this year as well.

2.) Speed Kills. At least, that is what the Bengals were thinking with their last 3 picks. Reggie McNeal, the QB turned WR out of Texas A&M and two other WRs, Ethan Kilmer (Penn St.) and Benny Brazell (LSU) give the Bengals a lot of speed to play with. And Reggie, seriously, you are not an NFL Quarterback. Get over it.

3.) Was anybody else surprised to see the Bengals take Frostee Rucker in the third when Dominique Bird was still there? I was glad they got some DE help (they needed it), but Bird would have been a serious pass catching threat at TE.

4.) Jonathan Joseph will probably have the biggest impact on the Bengals this year as he fights for the Nickel back position and a possible starting gig in the future. Who will have the next biggest impact on the Bengals this year? Frostee Rucker, A.J. Nicholson, Reggie McNeal as the new slash, or one of the others? My money is on Frostee since he'll probably get the most opportunity.

What are your thoughts on the Bengals draft? What grade would you give them? We'll give you our grades on the show on Thursday, but we would love to see what your grades are. Leave it in the comments or email us at

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