Thursday, July 27, 2006


Unabated Podcasting

Mac Has Cracked The Headset Tangle
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What to do during the other six days of the week that Unabated Sports is not on your radio? Or what do you do if you are one of the unfortunate souls to live outside of the listening range of Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket? Is there any hope for you? There is now. Go to our podcasting page!

We've been working with our good friends at Cincinnati Sports to spread our Unabated Goodness across this world wide web of ours. So far, you can get our interviews with Jason Maxiell, the Cincinnati Enquirer's Paul Daugherty, and Gerald Smith talking about EA Sports new NFL Head Coach Game. Keep an eye out for them to be joined by our discussions with Bob Huggins, Carson Palmer, and Madieu Williams. You can also hear a couple editions of Pardon The Horn where we bat around the top stories in the Queen City sports world.

Not only do you get some of the best clips from our show, but the guys at Cincinnati Sports also put out a weekly podcast that are available for download or through an iTunes subscription.

Stay tuned as we work to get you more Unabated Sports that you can take with you anywhere you go with your iPod or mp3 player.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The "Two Days To Georgetown" Show

It's been a long, dull winter, spring, and summer. Well, at least for football fans. This week, that wait is over. The Bengals hit the practice facility and get ready to defend their AFC North Title. We'll be talking to the Cincinnati Post's Kevin Goheen to see what he expects to see in Georgetown during training camp.

And, not to be overshadowed, the Cincinnati Reds are still leading the Wild Card race. What will it take to seal a playoff spot? Another big trade? Homer Bailey? We'll talk about what kind of impact the young Chattanooga Lookout phenom could have down the stretch.

Babe Ruth
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We've come up with some big guests in the last few months: Carson Palmer, Bob Huggins, Madeiu Williams, etc. But there's no bigger name in the history of sports than our guest this week: Babe Ruth. Sure, he may be dead. But we here at Unabated Sports have worked hard and long to somehow snag baseball's original Hit King. Interested in how we pulled down #3? Tune in to Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket between 6-9 p.m. to find out how we get it done.

Other guests include Tim Mettey from Matthew 25 Ministries, the folks behind all that great work with disaster relief efforts across the US and worldwide. Oh, yeah, and they produced those Big Red Machine bobbleheads that are sweeping the city.

Channel 9's Lisa Cornwell will join us for our weekly Pardon The Horn game. She made the Unabated Sports crew look foolish last time she was on. Can she repeat that performance?

Keep checking back for updates on other potential guests and show topics. And be sure to tune in to Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket Thursday night between 6-9 pm. Give us a call at 868-9664 or email us at to have your voice heard.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Reading Too Much Into Between-Inning Entertainment

Disturbing Scoreboard Graphic, originally uploaded by Woodmania.

Ever since I was a kid, there's this thing the Reds do on their scoreboard that just bugs the crap out of me. Maybe I'm looking more into this than I should but it just wigs me out to no end. And believe it or not, it's not even the image you see above that creeps me out. Although, that does, too.

The scenario begins with a human-sized hot dog-thing, in a bun and wearing a cap, sliding into a base under the tag of a baseball player. And the following conversation ensues between the umpire and the baseball player:

Ump: Yer... a hot dog?
Player: Your blind! That's a smoked sausage!
Ump: I call 'em like I see 'em and that's a hot dog!
Player: Smoked Sausage!
Ump: Hot Dog!
Player: Smoked Sausage!
Ump: Hot Do... GULP!
At this point, the player takes the smoked sausage and stuffs it into the umpire's mouth. Then he sees the light and realizes, yes, it was a smoked sausage.

Am I the only one bothered that the umpire just ate the baserunner!?!? One minute, he's sliding into second base. The next: he's being digested by the man who was supposed to call him safe. I mean, isn't that some violation of ethics if umpires can begin devouring ball players?

And how the hell did the smoked sausage get to be so big and learn the intricacies of a complicated game like baseball? Might this be the start of a terrifying planet of the smoked sausages?

Friday, July 21, 2006


We're Not The Only Ones Podcasting

Apple iPod Classic
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The fellows at Cincinnati Sports have created their first ever podcast. They give their takes on the Bengals character issues, the big Reds trades, and other fun bits. There's also gentle words of encouragement to get more involved in all the goodness that Cincinnati Sports offers. We're also looking to team up with them to supply more audio goodness for your computer and iPodding needs. And it's not just because of the nice things they said about us. But it doesn't hurt.

Actually, it looks like they've already created a podcasting place for us. Sweet. Go here for the Unabated Sports podcasts presented by Cincinnati Sports.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Unabated Sports, Part Dieu

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Another fun good-time show for you tonight between 6-9 pm on Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket. We'll be talking about all the stuff Cincinnati sports fans are itching to sound off about from the Reds to the Bengals to whatever else is on your mind.

As football season gets even closer, Bengals fever is heating up. And we'll help spread the disease with Madieu Williams joining us tonight.

NCAA Football 2007 came out this week. We're tracking down one of the game's devellopers to talk about the latest installment of this EA Sports powerhouse. It looks like Dan Baker, who we interviewed last year, will be talking about all the improvements they put in the game since last year.

We'll also play Pardon the Horn with News 5 Sports George Vogel.

Keep checking back for updates on other potential guests and show topics. And be sure to tune in to Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket tonight between 6-9 pm. Give us a call at 868-9664 or email us at to have your voice heard.

Friday, July 14, 2006


Second Half Reds

Pete Rose 4-Ever
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Now that it's back to regular season games, Jerry Nerron's gonna have to do something different to get off on the right foot and stay in the playoff hunt. And it starts here and now. Looks like 20 of the first 26 games of the second half are at home. That losing record at Great American Ball Park is gonna have to change here and now. Here's a look at the rest of the home games in the 2006 season.

13 Colorado 7:10
14 Colorado 7:10
15 Colorado 6:10
16 Colorado 1:15
18 New York 7:10
19 New York 7:10
20 New York 12:35
21 Milwaukee 7:10
22 Milwaukee 6:10
23 Milwaukee 1:15
1 Los Angeles 7:10
2 Los Angeles 7:10
3 Los Angeles 7:10
4 Atlanta 7:10
5 Atlanta 1:20
6 Atlanta 1:15
7 St. Louis 7:10
8 St. Louis 7:10
9 St. Louis 7:10
10 St. Louis 12:35
18 Pittsburgh 7:10
19 Pittsburgh 6:10
20 Pittsburgh 1:15
21 Houston 7:10
22 Houston 7:10
23 Houston 12:35
4 San Fransisco 5:10
5 San Fransisco 7:10
6 San Fransisco 12:35
8 Pittsburgh 7:10
9 Pittsburgh 6:10
10 Pittsburgh 1:15
12 San Diego 7:10
13 San Diego 7:10
14 San Diego 12:35
22 Chicago 7:10
23 Chicago 6:10
24 Chicago 1:15
25 Chicago 12:35
When the team wraps up the final home stand with the Cubs, will they still be in the hunt?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Break Over

Cluttered Screen
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You try watching the All Star game last night? I know stations have a responsibility to keep us up to date on dangerous weather but, between the radar, tornado warnings, bulletins issued by the cable company, there was so much crap on the screen that it made all of it pretty much worthless. What'd you think of the parts of the game you could see? Were you impressed by the tight contest or disinterested by the laxidasical approach to the game?

The All-Star festivities are over and it's time for the second half of the Major League season to get underway. Can the Reds remain in the hunt? Do they have to pull the trigger on a deal? A week after appearing on our show, Paul Daugherty says make a move! We'll talk about what should or should not be done to keep the Reds alive in the playoff hunt.

Former Bearcat and current Detroit Piston Jason Maxiel is scheduled to call in at some point.

We'll play Pardon the Horn with Chris from Cincinnati Sports.

Keep checking back for updates on other potential guests and show topics. And be sure to tune in to Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket tonight between 6-9 pm. Give us a call at 868-9664 or email us at to have your voice heard.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Stay Tuned To This Space

Light Up Cincinnati 5-01-06
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We'll be having some announcements coming up soon as we begin to form a partnership with Cincinnati Sports. We're going to be working together to bring you the most interesting takes on the Queen City sports scene. As it looks right now, they'll be helping us get our radio content onto the web and other internet-y things. And we'll be adding a boost to their stellar line-up of contributors who take unique cracks on the Reds, Bengals, Bearcats, and anything else that raises the pulse of fans in this area.

Oh, and don't forget to sound off about our CINSPY awards. We announce the winners on Thursday night's show.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


The Ballad of the Bengals Fan

You probably already saw this on Deadspin but I think it's good enough to share. It's great for Bengal fans and even you Steeler haters out there. The songs from a musician named Ryan Parker who has a few other Bengal songs, as well as those for the Reds, UK, Wildcats, and even Marshall.

"We say 'Who Dey?', they say 'We Dey!', we say 'No Way, Not Again!'”

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Back to Business

Woody @ Wrigley
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I hope you enjoyed the extended holiday weekend. Personally, I made it out to Chicago to visit friends and family. And while I was there I had to swing by Wrigley Field. No, I didn't actually make it inside. This weekend was the Crosstown match-up with the White Sox and I sure as hell wasn't going to fork out that kind of money for seats. They weren't doing tours while the Cubs were in Houston so my experience was pretty much what you see here: me guestering to a mostly empty building.

But that's enough of that. It's time for the Unabated Sports crew to get back behind the microphone and talk about what's going on the in the Cincinnati sports world.

The Reds bring in a closer. Is Ed Guardado the answer to this brutal bullpen?

The Cincinnati Enquirer's Paul Daugherty, will stop by around 7:00. Yeah, the same guy who puts the city's sports opinions in your morning breakfast will share his thoughts with us tonight.

Doug Decatur, creator of the General Manager IQ test, will give us a call at 6:45 and tell us what it takes to wheel and deal in the Major Leagues.

We'll also get more into the CINSPYs, our look back at the best, worst, and most emberrassing displays in the Cincinnati sports world over the last 365 days.

Keep checking back for updates on other potential guests and show topics. And be sure to tune in to Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket tonight between 6-9 pm. Give us a call at 868-9664 or email us at to have your voice heard.

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