Thursday, June 29, 2006



The first batch of the CINSPY nominations, Unabated Sports own Cincinnati ESPY awards. The winners will be announced in two weeks.

categories and nominees

Best Athlete- Bronson Arroyo, Ken Griffey Jr., Chad Johnson, Carson Palmer, Angela Bizzarri, Tara Boothe

Team- Xavier basketball, OSU football, Reds, Bengals

Moment- XU coming from behind to upset St Joes in the A-10 final, Griffey Jr.'s walkoff HR in extra innings the day he come off the DL, The Bengals beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh

Best Couple- Heather Mitts/AJ Feely, Rich and Raquel Aurilia, Chris Henry and Monica Beamon (his 18-yr-old hooker), Santonio Holmes and girlfriend

Biggest Embarrassment- Chris Henry, Dedrick Finn, Huggins exit, UC-WVU football, UC losing to dayton

Breakout player- Josh Duncan, TJ Housmanzadeh, Troy Smith, Brandon Phillips

Rookie-Devean Downey, Dustin Grutza, Andy Kennedy, Odell Thurman

Event-Crosstown Showdown, Crosstown Shootout, Steelers game, Opening Day, Flying Pig

Controversy- Kimo cheapshot?, Huggins exit? Bearcats snubbed for NCAAs, Chad Johnson-Hue Jackson halftime showdown

Henry arrest- DUI, Marajuana, Limo/gun, underage girls/booze

Chad TD celebration- Tiger Woods, Santa Claus, Riverdance, Cheerleader Proposal

Best Crossover Performer- Heather Mitts, sideline reporter. Carson Palmer- Cornhole. Bronson Arroyo- singer. Ben Roethlisburger- Demoliton Derby

Best Red- Ken Griffey Jr., Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo, Austin Kearns, Brandon Phillips

Coach- Andy Kennedy, Sean Miller, Marvin Lewis, Jerry Narron

Bengal- Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, Rudi Johnson, Deltha O'Neal

Worst moment- Steelers win the Super Bowl, Carson gets injured, Bearcats get snubbed for NCAA tourney

Venue- Paul Brown Stadium, Great American Ball Park, Cintas Center, Champion Window Field (Florence Freedom), The Pit (Elder).

Comeback- Eric Milton, James White, Ken Griffey Jr., Chris Perry

Email us your votes and nominations at


Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Up Against The Royals

If you can't wait until the show starts, check out some of our most recent interviews whcih are now online. You can catch up with our discussions with the likes of Carson Palmer, Shayne Graham, and Heather Mitts. Also, the Executive Director of the Reds Hall of Fame Museum, Greg Rhodes, and Greg Wyshinski, author of Glow Pucks and 10-Cent Beer : The 101 Worst Ideas in Sports History.

But there's lots to talk about on this week's show. The Reds management team has been told to stick around for a while. We'll tell you who is the most untouchable player when it comes to trades and who needs to be shown the door NOW.

The 2006 ESPY nominations were announced this week. We'll tell you who will be nominated for the CINSPY awards we just made up.

The Cincinnati Post's Josh Katzowitz joins us to play Pardon the Horn at 6:45.

And we'll talk to a guy who says he has the key to putting a whammy on opposing players. Mark already has knowledge of Sports Voodoo. You can, too, by listening to our show and hearing what Michael Regan has to say about that around 7:25.

Tom Browning
, Mr. Perfect, will join us at 8:00.

So tune in Thursday night between 6-9 on Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket. Call us at 513-868-9664 or email us at to be a part of the show.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


NBA Draft Calling On Local Players?

Eric Hicks on Senior Night, originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.

We're not gonna make a big deal out of this like we did the NFL Draft but there are a few guys of interest who are looking forward to hearing their name called this week. Will Eric Hicks be one of them? He's been working hard this off-season trying to improve on his solid senior season. James White, who missed out on much of the year with an injury, seems to be more on scouts' minds than his all-Big East teammate. And UK Wildcat Rajon Rondo, who was on our show last week, has even been considered a lottery ticket according to some mock drafts.

Rajon Rondo: #23 to New Jersey
James White: #39 to Milwaukee
Eric Hicks: #60 to Detroit
Rajon Rondo: #19 to Sacramento
James White: #28 to Dallas
Eric Hicks: Last Ten Out

Inside Hoops:
Rajon Rondo: #22 to New Jersey
James White: "Upper Second Round"
Eric Hicks: Undrafted

College Hoops:
Rajon Rondo: #13 to Philadelphia
James White: #39 to Milwaukee
Eric Hicks: "Next In Line"

Hoops Hype:
Rajon Rondo: #17 to Indiana
James White: No Second Round
Eric Hicks: No Second Round

CBS Sportsline:
Rajon Rondo: #24 to Memphis
James White: No Second Round
Eric Hicks: No Second Round

Well, it looks like Rondo is a consensus first rounder, with the occassional mock listing him as a lottery pick. James White seems assured to hear his name called before the night is over. Eric Hicks, however, can take no consolation in these mocks since a good number of them leaving him out. Hopefully, he'll get a chance to catch on with someone and show he's pro-caliber.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Freedom at Home

Grimace Pounds the Rock With Freedom Players
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
A couple of weeks ago, Mark and I had a chance to make it down to Champion Window Field and see the Florence Freedom play. With the team back for a six-game homestand, now's your chance to do the same. We've had the chance to check out the experience first-hand and were thoroughly impressed. Every time you turned around there was some give-away or something involving folks in the crowd.

We were there on a McMonday, which is exactly what you'll have on this Monday's game. That means McDonald's characters and special offers and clowns on the concourse. I got a chance to meet Grimace, so that was my personal highlight of the night. And those clowns have skills. They make balloon animals, swords, and who knows what else. First pitch against River City is 7:05.

Take It To The Bank Tuesday is next where a portion of every walk-up ticket will be donated to one of three pre-selected charities. The baseeball on the field begins at 7:05. Winning Wednesday follows when all fans will have the opportunity to win valuable items from local retailers. That's a 7:00 start.

Florence Freedom Game
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
Thirsty Thursday is their answer to college night. Or people who live like they're still in college. Drinks are only a dollar. So this is where you young'ns go before hitting the clubs or the ice cream parlors or whatever those whippersnappers do for fun nowadays.

The end of the work-week's a different crowd as the Freedom have a "Salute to Mom" Friday that includes a Family Happy Hour. Food and drink specials 5:30-6:30 with live music. You can even watch Batting Practice from 5:30-6:00. The first 500 moms even get a T-Shirt & Gift Bag, so you definitely want to get there before the 7:05 start.

The homestand wraps up with Super Saturday. The first 500 kids get a Puzzle & Poster Set. Oh, and if that weren't enough: post-game fireworks. Game begins at 7:05 and you don't leave until the last explosion is set off. Sounds like good entertainment value.

And did I mention the ticket prices? No seat costs more than $10. Toss in the plentiful free parking and my wallet is very appreciative. Yes, I'm cheap. Sue me. Actually, don't. I'm poor, too.

The only day we miss out on this time is Family Sunday featuring Newport Aquarium games, activities, entertainment and special offers. And Kids-Run-The-Bases after the game. Maybe they'd let me, too.

Go to their website for more info from a more coherent source.

And don't forget to check out our Florence Freedom Flickr pics. Man, I'm glad I typed that instead of said that.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Adam Dunn's Trade Value

We talked a lot about whether or not to trade Adam Dunn. So we asked various baseball & sports writers take on Adam Dunn's trade value:

I think it would be considerable. Don't know if he'd bring a No. 1 pitcher, but pretty close, given his numbers and youth and athletic ability. I'd guess -- and it's all just guessing -- that his trade value is probably at least the equal of his actual value
Lonnie Wheeler

Adam Dunn is a DH-in-waiting. He's still young enough, he could/should command either a 12-15-game winner who'll give you 200 innings, or a club's best pitching prospect and a current major leaguer capable of winning 10 games at the back end of a rotation, a Jeff Suppan type
Paul Daugherty Cincinnati Enquirer

Adam Dunn is worth two or three prospects in a trade, one near major-league ready. He's an offensive force who may have more value to an American League team, which looks to be his long-term future.
Tom Verducci Sports Illustrated

He's a unique player, because of his defense/position issues, and lack of contact. But he's a guaranteed 45 homers a year, 40 of which will travel about 800 feet. Since he's a year and a half away from free agency, he'd have more value than a rental. So you could probably get two good young players for him. Anything more than that would be greedy. But the impression I get is that, as long as the Reds are playing well and in the race, none of the key figures is available. If you were wondering what his dollar value might be, it's a little soon to tell. Brian Giles got $10 mil a year. Mark Teixeira, with a lot less service time, got $8 mil a year. Never know.
Jayson Stark ESPN

He'd have immense value, particularly with wealthy contenders like the Yankees and Cardinals needing corner outfielders.
Alan Schwarz Baseball America

My understanding is that the Reds have no plans to move Dunn. If they were, he'd attract some interest because of his power and ability to get on base. But his lack of a position really limits his market to American League clubs. And his high strikeout totals and big salary limit it even further.I love his power, but I don't think there's any way you get a big-time, front line starter for him.
Jerry Crasnick

Things we noticed from those takes are that the Reds probably won't part with him while they are in contention. Also, most of these guys feel Dunn's best days would be spent in an American League ballpark.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


A Mish-Mash of Stuff on Tonight's Show

We're gonna be all over the map tonight between 6-9 on Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket. Baseball, football, soccer, basketball, we'll be covering it all. Maybe even some hockey. Stay tuned to this space for a guest list that will be updated throughout the day.

The U.S. World Cup team goes down today and will not move on to the field of 16. What does this mean to the future of the sport in America. Can this nation ever compete with these tiny little countries who have yet to experience the wonders of TiVo? We'll talk to Thies Hermann from the Cincinnati Kings to see if there's any room in the United States for another kind of futbol. We'll talk about some of their upcoming youth camps and the rest of their season, including this weekend's match against Wilmington Hammerheads on the campus of Xavier University.

There's a new game in town for football video game enthusiasts. You've gone for the Heisman, been an NFL Superstar, and now you can don the headset and take over a franchise. Jerrold Smith, Senior Product Manager for NFL Head Coach, will join us at 6:25 to talk about this latest franchise from the company that brings you Madden NFL and NCAA Football. That won't be the only mention of the gridiron, I'm sure. Frostee Rucker saw to that.

Kentucky Wildcat fans, heads up! We just got confirmation that Rajon Rando will join us at 7:00. Next week is the NBA Draft. Where does he expect to go? What are his thoughts on the Tubby Smith criticisms? And no UK in this preseason 25?

So tune in tonight between 6-9 on Cincinnati's ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket. Call us at 513-868-9664 or email us at to be a part of the show.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Vote For People Goofier Than Elected Officials

You can decide the next bunch of characters to go into the Mascot Hall of Fame. Of course, you would already know that if you listened to our show last week when we had on David Raymond, the HOF's founder and original Phanatic. The Phillie Phanatic, Phoenix Gorilla and Famous Chicken were the members of the inaugural class inducted last year. To be eligible, a mascot must have been in existence for at least 10 years; have a major impact on its sport, industry and community; and have a performance that is consistently memorable and groundbreaking. Go here to vote on the 2006 class. This year's induction ceremony will take place on August 15 at Love Park in Philadelphia.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Top weekend games

This was a huge weekend for sports, with some great games and choke jobs going on. While the Reds getting humiliated didn't rank high on my sporting weekend, there were a few things that did.

1. USA v Italy- The Americans finally played strong enough that tax-paying citizens don't have to be embarassed about their soccer team. It would've been great if they could've pulled off a win, but they did play one of the best teams in the field very tightly. Things now seem to be lined up for them to advance, whic is something most of us didn't think had a chance of happening.

2. Brazil v Austrailia- I'm still waiting for the other shoe to dropped on a Brazil team which has to be overhyped (they can't be the best team ever, right?), but they got the job done again today. I think this team will really step up once they have to, but they haven't been put in that position yet.

In case you can't see, I'm big on the World Cup right now. I've been playing around with a soccer ball again, I've enjoyed the games, and I've found myself as a big supporter of it all. It is what it is. It's like going to a family reunion. You see someone there that you get along with better than you remember, then you start to wonder why you don' t hang out with them more. You end the night vowing to spend more time with the family member, but then reality hits and you dont see them again until the next reunion. I've loved the action, but soccer will never be huge on a regular basis in this country.

3. Phil Mickelson's joke job- Loved it. Would've watched it all night long if I didn't leave my TiVo at my apartment. Phil is one of the most hated athletes in sports, and gets wayyyy to much love from fans. I'm glad he imploded, he deserved it.

4. Erik Cole playing game 6- Huge announcement before the game. 45 games after having his neck broken on a cowardly check from behind, the Carolina Hurricanes best player finally returned to the ice. It's great to see the former Cyclone Cole on the ice again, but it wasn't enough for the Canes to stop the Edmonton Oilers. It sure sets the stage for an epic, epic game 7 Monday night in Carolina. I expect Cole and company to do their lap with the greatest trophy in sports by the end of the night.

Interview update- there was some problem with the podcasting software tonight, but we should have the Carson Palmer, Shayne Graham, Heather Mitts, Greg Rhodes, and Greg Wyshinski interviews up on the site in the next day or two.



The Reds are on a roll

You have to love the way things keep spiraling out of control. I am enjoying the roller coaster ride. What's fun about going one direction all the time? I like going up, it makes going down that much more fun. Of course, now it's time for us to roll out another 8-game winning streak or something like that.

I'm pretty sure we will never win another game at home though.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Manic McMonday

Champion Window Field
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
Co-host Mark and I made it down to a Florence Freedom game this week. Good times. This was our first seeing the experience in person and we were impressed by the effort throughout the evening to keep the fans involved and entertained all night long.

I'll have more on it in the future but check out this space for more pictures.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Big Ben Injured In Bike Wreck

Just hours after joking it up on Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio, Ben Roethlisberger got into an automobile accident. Apparently, he went face first into a windshield. And we all know how the former Miami University star feels about wearing a helmet when he's on his hog. He may be a Steeler but we at Unabated Sports wish him well.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Buckeyes Featured In New Saturday Primetime Line-up

We talked about this a few weeks ago but 2006 will sport a Saturday night line-up of games on ABC. Ohio State fans should be happy cause their team makes two primetime appearances. Just check out his schedule as it is stacked with quality games.

Sept. 2 8 p.m.
Notre Dame at Georgia Tech
Sept. 9 8 p.m.
Ohio State at Texas
Sept. 16 8 p.m.
Nebraska at USC
Sept. 23 8 p.m.
Notre Dame at Michigan State;
USC at Arizona
Sept. 30 8 p.m.
Ohio State at Iowa
or Michigan at Minnesota*
Oct. 7 8 p.m.
Oregon at California;
ACC, Big 12 or Big East**
Oct. 14 8 p.m.
Michigan at Penn State;
Arizona State at USC
Nov. 4 8 p.m.
UCLA at California;
ACC, Big 12 or Big East**
Nov. 11 8 p.m.
ACC, Big 12 or Big East**
Nov. 18 8 p.m.
California at USC;
ACC, Big 12 or Big East**
Nov. 25 8 p.m.
Notre Dame at USC
Dec. 2 8 p.m.
Big 12 Championship Game

* One game will be on ABC and other other in primetime on ESPN
** TBD games will be selected on a 12-day basis
Dates with multiple games will be split national telecasts

Thursday, June 08, 2006


A Doctor In The House For Today's Show

It doesn't seem like all that long ago folks were giving up on the Cincinnati Reds and dismissed the season's fast start to a fluke of nature. But a hell of a road trip has put Jerry Nerron's crew back in contention. Is it the starting pitching that's been the biggest reason for the wins or that timely hitting?

Mock Game-5
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
Or is it the fact that Ken Griffey, Jr, has been bringing out the starting lineup card before the games? We'll talk to Dr. Richard Lustberg from Pyschology of Sports, a site that gets into the minds of today's athletes. He'll talk to us about the importance that superstition plays in sports. It's also a fair bet that we'll talk to him about Chris Henry. And what is Chris Henry thinking? The Bengals hands are tied... for now. Is this "foolishness" going to cost Henry his professional career or will he dodge this bullet, too?

The good doctor isn't the only guest we have on tap. One of the biggest stars in the NHL, Rick Nash of the Columbus Blue Jackets, will be on around 6:25. The first overall pick of the 2002 draft will talk about his career with the CBJ and talk about the state of the league in the midst of the Stanley Cup Finals.

And you'll have another chance to win "The Cincinnati Reds 1975 World Series Collector's Edition." That was the Big Red Machine in one of the greatest Series of all time. This box set has all seven games on DVD for the first time ever, plus rare bonus interviews. Get 'em at Shop-A-E-T-V or call in to win.

Be a part of the show! Call in at 513-868-9664 and email us at and we'll read it on the air.

THIS JUST IN: The University of Cincinnati's Atheltic Director, Mike Thomas, will join us at 7:00 tonight.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Look Who's At It Again

According to Sirius NFL Radio, Chris Henry has been arrested for driving under the influence. Again. This page on the Clermont County Clerk's site seems to confirm that. It's already been a busy 2006 for Henry's lawyer and this just seems to put his already shaky roster spot in a more perilous position. Len Pasquirelli says Henry is subject to a fine, suspension, or even both. And Henry's driving a car from 1984? Unless it's majorly pimped up, that's kinda lame, Chris. My mom doesn't even drive a car from the 1980s.


I'm Torn

I don't know which way to feel about the possibilty of Albert Pujols being out for about a month. Sure, it means the NL Central race is open again which is great news for the second place Reds, who are three games behind. But I was rooting for the Cardinals slugger to pass Barry Bonds for the single season homerun record. So, which is stronger. My love for the Cincinnati team, or dislike of a cheater? Hmmm...

Thursday, June 01, 2006


June Reds Games

The Reds finished May with a 12-16 record, and it's going to be a while before they can return home to recover from that rough month. Here's when they'll be back in town.
8 Chicago 7:10
9 Chicago 7:10
10 Chicago 6:10
11 Chicago 1:15
12 Milwaukee 7:10
13 Milwaukee 7:10
14 Milwaukee 12:35
16 Chicago White Sox 7:10
17 Chicago White Sox 6:10
18 Chicago White Sox 1:15
27 Kansas City 7:10
28 Kansas City 7:10
29 Kansas City 7:10
30 Cleveland 7:10
Hopefully, this month will be better than the last one.


Unabated Huggs

We've brought you some big names every Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. and tonight will be no different. Former U.C. coach Bob Huggins is scheduled to talk to us tonight at 8:00. Yes, THE Bob Huggins.

The Reds win last night, but what a crappy May. Only 12 wins against 16 losses. Is it time to panic? Toy with the line-up?

Bob Huggins tonight at 8:00!

Character in sports seems to have stepped into the forefront. From a Bengal break-in to a Major League franchise run by Christian doctrines, the full spectrum has been in the headlines this week. Should these behind the scenes beliefs and actions affect how the fans look at these teams?

Bob Huggins tonight at 8:00!

We'll also have Clint Brown, GM of the Florence Freedom, joining us to talk about baseball in northern Kentucky.

Bob Huggins tonight at 8:00!

There will be time for you to call in at 513-868-9664 and email us at and we'll read it on the air.

Bob Huggins tonight at 8:00!

And fans of the Big Red Machine will definitely want to listen as we give away a box DVD set of the 1975 World Series from A & E Home Video.

And did I mention Bob Huggins at 8:00?

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