Saturday, April 29, 2006


Your Newest Cincinnati Bengal Is...

This guy. Jonathan Joseph is the first cornerback ever to be taken in the first round by the franchise. Here's Scott Wright's write-up of Marvin's first round choice over at NFL Draft Countdown. From his first round reaction page:
As expected the Bengals grabbed a defensive back although I thought Jimmy Williams would have been a better fit because he could have helped them out at safety as well as cornerback. Joseph has a ton of upside though and this was right about where he was projected to go so it is a solid pick overall and with Tory James getting older they needed to bring in a top youngster. Wow, it's weird but I don't think I've had to really slam a Bengals pick in a few years now.
Yeah, pretty weird. I'm honestly not all that familiar with this guy but think I probably would have preferred Jimmy Williams. I can't believe he was still available. I can't believe the Bengals passed on him. I wonder why he fell so much.


First Round Buckeyes

A.J. Hawk to Green Bay, no surprise. Donte Whitner to Buffalo? A little bit more of a shock. Bobby Carpenter, another OSU linebacker who needs a haircut, will play for the Tuna. And the Pittsburgh Steelers traded up to get Santonio Holmes. Yeah, so no rooting for that guy anymore. Center Nick Mangold will replace Kevin Mawae for the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets. That's five Buckeyes that went in the first round. Florida State had four athletes drafted in the oepning frame but it looks like Jim Tressel's kids reigned supreme in the 2006 NFL Draft. That's one shy of a record and over half of the Big Ten players taken today.

Once again, Columbus has infected the NFL as the talent pipeline that is Ohio State football continues to flow.

Friday, April 28, 2006


God in Sports

God has played a part in sports throughout time. And in honor of God making his wrestling debut, Mark Chalifoux of has put together his top moments of God in sports.

"I think it's just God disguised as Michael Jordan," Bird said.

It's a good article, but it left out one of the most controversial moments of God in sports, Diego Maradona's Hand of God Goal for Argentina against England in the 1986 World Cup.

And is it just me, or does this statue look like Jesus is taunting the kids? It also reminds me of the video of Walt Chamberlin holding the ball over his head as the players just looked up at him.


Chatting with Jay Bruce and B.J. Szymanski

My trip to Dayton Thursday night was not only to check out Paul Wilson's start, but also to say thank you to Jay Bruce and B.J. Szymanski for doing our show a couple of weeks ago.

I caught up with them after the game and just talked to them. First of all, let me say that they are very funny, especially when playing off of each other. Secondly, Jay looks like he just got his learners permit. And although he looks 16, and is actually 19, he carries himself like a much more mature person.

We talked about the infiltration of the Reds by people from Texas. (Jay is from Beaumont, TX and B.J. is from Witchita Falls, TX.) I asked them if they envisioned an all-Texas Reds outfield in a few years with Adam Dunn (also from TX) in Left, Bruce in Center and B.J. in Right. B.J. said he didn't care where he played, as long as he was in the Majors. Also noted, were Ryan Wagner, Homer Bailey and 4 other Dayton Dragons players who are from Texas. It's a Lone Star State take over of the Reds organization.

B.J. is a smart man. You have to be to go to Princeton University. But he also talked about finishing up his Senior Thesis on the bus on their last road trip. With that behind him, he can now focus solely on baseball. When I asked him what his thesis was on, he rolled off a two line title. Something about the pyschiological development of athletes from an early age into adult hood, I think.

It was also good to hear them both talk about how they learn from each other. It isn't a one-way street. They go back and forth.

And finally, we talked about googling yourself. It was brought up when Jay, talking about how young he looks, mentioned that if you google "Jay Bruce" you will find a picture (right) of him from High School where he looks 15. To which B.J. responded "You still look 15." That started a debate about whether or not you should google yourself to see what comes up.

It was great to get to meet them. They were both very engaging and genuine. If I wasn't a big fan of Jay Bruce and B.J. Szymanski before, I am now. I look forward to when we can have them both back on in the future. Hopefully together. That's when they are at their best.


Wilson Makes Rehab Start in Dayton

Paul Wilson took the mound in front of a crowd for the first time in a while last night for the Dayton Dragons. And I made the trip up I-75 to check it out. And this was my expierence.

I wasn't the only one who made the trip up north. Bob Castellini was there. So was Doc Hollywood. And several Reds coaches, including Ken Griffey, Sr. checking out everybody and Jamie Ramsey logging every Paul Wilson pitch were in attendance.

It started a bit rough as Wilson gave up an RBI double before most people even got seated. But he calmed down to stirke out the next batter on an off-speed pitch. His off-speed looked good most of the night. He gave up a two-run home run later, but for the most part got through the game throwing some good pitches. He threw a lot of strikes which was good to see. He didn't look good. He didn't look bad. But it was just good to see him out there.

After the game, Doc Hollywood commented that "his changeup kept them off balance." And also, that Wilson is "in as good of shape as he's ever been as a pitcher." The Doc wouldn't give an exact timeframe for his return, only that he will pitch again in 5 days at one of the minor league levels and that he needs to continue to improve.

As for what Wilson had to say:
"I'm pleased with my command." - On his thoughts on his performance.
"It's an honor. It shows his dedication to the team." - On Bob Castellini being at the game.
"Sh#t yeah it did." - On whether the homerun he gave up pissed him off, which got some good laughs. (By the way, he is a very passionate player. That was obvious in talking to him.)
"I'm more anxious and more impatient than ever." - Talking about his mental state throughout this time.

I was impressed with him as a person and as a competitor after hearing him speak. Here's to hoping that his recovery is a swift and good one.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Unabated Sports 2006 Mock Draft

On our show LIVE today, we hammered out who would go where if we were in NFL War Rooms. Here's a look at what went on in our studio. You can see who went where and, more importantly, which one of the Unabated Sports crew sent them there.

1. Houston Texans
Reggie Bush, RB USC
2. New Orleans Saints
A.J. Hawk, LB Ohio St.
3. Tennessee Titans
Matt Leinart, QB USC
4. N.Y. Jets
D'Brickashaw Ferguson, UVA
5. Green Bay Packers
Mario Williams, DE NCS
6. San Fransisco 49ers
Vernon Davis, TE Maryland
7. Oakland Raiders
Vince Young, QB Texas
8. Buffalo Bills
Winston Justice, T USC
9. Detroit Lions
Michael Huff, DB Texas
10. Arizona Cardinals
Jay Cutler, QB Vanderbilt
11. St. Louis Rams
Jimmy Williams, CB Va Tech
12. Cleveland Browns
K. Wimbley, DE/OLB FSU
13. Baltimore Ravens
Haloti Ngata, DT Oregon
14. Philadelphia Eagles
Ernie Sims, LB FSU
15. Denver Broncos
Chad Jackson, WR UFA
16. Miami Dolphins
Santonio Holmes, WR OSU
17. Minnesota Vikings
Chad Greenway, LB Iowa
18. Dallas Cowboys
Manny Lawson, DE/OLB NCS
19. San Diego Chargers
Antonio Cromartie, CB FU
20. Kansas City Chiefs
Tye Hill, CB Clemson
21. New England Patriots
Demeco Ryans, OLB, bama
22. San Fransisco 49ers
Mathias Kiwanuka, DE, BC
23. Tampa Bay Buccanears
Eric Winston, T
24. Cincinnati Bengals
Donte Whitner, S Ohio St.
Leonard Pope, TE, Georgia
Jason Allen, S/CB Tennessee

Yeah, we eached picked a player for the Bengals and cut off the draft after that pick. We're a local station so we didn't think there'd be much point in going forward with the rest of the first round. Besides, we ran out of time!


Tuesday's Show... Making a Mockery of the Draft

It's that time of year again. We've been gearing up for this ever since the day after the Super Bowl. It's Draft time. No, not the cold sudsy type of draft, the NFL Draft.

I swear that some people enjoy this more than the actual games. Either way, that is what we will be talking about this week.


Dave Lapham, Bengals Color-Analyst @ 5:00

Scott Wright of @ 6:25

We'll talk with Scott about what the Bengals are going to do, some of the things to keep our eye on on draft day, what surprises may we see, and get the lowdown on a couple of local guys hoping to hear their names called this weekend.


We will make a mockery of the NFL Draft.
- We are doing our own live mock draft of the first 24 picks. Clinton, Woody and Jeff will rotate on picking for different teams. And all 3 will pick for the Bengals.

- Draft Strategy
- Possible guys to watch for playing in pinstripes.
- Are the Bengals entertaining the thought of a 3-4 defense?

- There are several guys with local ties that could add a bit of spice to your draft watching fun.

- The Reds have made some moves, and are on the move as well. They look to push their win-loss records for series to 5-1-1 with a win tonight.
- Edwin Encarnacion and Brandon Phillips are at the top of the Reds in RBIs, if you had that at the beginning of the year please raise your hand.

As always, we want to hear from you. Give us a call during the show at 868-9664 or shoot us an email at anytime to

Monday, April 24, 2006


Bengals select TE Pope on

With the 24th pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Cincinnati Bengals select...

Leonard Pope, TE, Georgia

That is who Sportsnation picked for the Bengals in an online vote. Pope picked up 28% of the vote, with fellow TE Marcedes Lewis picking up 23% of the vote. 40% of Ohioans picked Ohio State S Donte Whitner.

I know that many of the Buckeye state picked Whitner simply because of his Ohio State background, but I have to admit that he would have been my pick as well. I think Pope and Lewis are too big of stretches here.


More Bengals TE Opinions

As we get closer to the Draft, more and more people express their opinion for what teams are going to do and what they need. Jerremy Green of Scouts Inc. has this to say about the Bengals TE position:

"Cincinnati Bengals: They have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL despite not having a legitimate TE in the passing game. Last season, they used more of a TE-by-committee approach. TEs Reggie Kelly and Tony Stewart were used primarily in the run game, while Matt Schobel played on passing downs. Schobel departed in offseason as a UFA, leaving them a huge void in the passing situations. This team really needs to find a complete TE. They need to find a guy who can be an every-down player.

Outlook: It is expected that the Bengals will spend the majority of their high picks on the defensive side of the ball where they need to fix their run defense. The one exception should be the TE position. This team is set everywhere on offense except TE. Kelly is one of the best blocking TEs in the NFL, but he is limited as a receiver. A TE such as UCLA's Lewis or Fasano would take a lot of pressure of receivers Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh. "


Shaun Alexander: He's In The Game

Good news for Boone County's favorite son: Shaun Alexander is on the cover of Madden 2007. Bad news for Boone County's favorite son: Shaun Alexander is on the cover of Madden 2007. Sure, it's great that the 2005 NFL MVP will get the recognition he deserves. But it comes at a horrible price: the Madden Curse. Maybe "curse" is too strong a word. But there is certainly a trend that develops for the Madden cover boy. It usually involves the player featured to suffer a season-killing injury. At the very least, it practically guarentees a sub-par year. Don't believe me? Then how do you explain Marshall Faulk? Eddie George? Michael Vick? Daunte Culpepper? Donovan McNabb? Hope it turns out different for #37.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Bengals Whip Out the Checkbook

The Bengals have opened up their wallet the last few days. They passed out cash for a new passer and extended and reworked a deal for someone to catch those passes.

The Bengals signed QB Anthony Wright to a one-year deal. Wright, a career backup who has played in Dallas and more recently in Baltimore, will compete with Doug Johnson and Craig Krenzel for the backup QB positions. He knows his role in the NFL as a backup and as a spot starter.

Chad Johnson got some "new money". The excitable wide receiver got an extension that will take him to the 2011 season. Johnson still had four years left on his contract, but the Bengals ponied up some cash to keep him happy and here longer. For anyone who wasn't convinced yet, this is not the '90s Bengals. The '90s Bengals were weak, gutless, sad excuses for an NFL franchise. These Bengals are aggressive and play and act like true tigers.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Reds Rally Thrills Fans

If you caught our show on Thursday, I put out a code red to play hookie to go see the Reds and Marlins play on Wednesday afternoon. If you followed my advice and skipped work/school then you were treated to an exciting come from behind Reds win, 9-8.

The Reds rallied several times, overcoming deficits of 5-0 and 8-4. Cincinnati won on a ninth inning RBI double by Edwin Encarnacion down the line that plated Adam Dunn. It was also good to see Jason LaRue behind the plate again and Brandon Phillips continued his hot hitting by going 2-5 with 3 RBIs. (Box Score)

The Reds won the series by beating the Marlins in 2 of 3 games. Cincinnati next travels to Milwaukee before heading to Washington.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Baseball in Blue Ash

If you're looking for a fun time this weekend and can help a good cause, check out the A.J. Cohen Memorial Tournament. The event is scheduled for April 21, 22, and 23 and will be held in Blue Ash during the Blue Ash Baseball Festival and at the Summit Athletic Complex. Big Red Machine great George Foster will be delivering the game ball via Hamilton County Sheriff helicopter at 2:00pm on Saturday in Blue Ash.


Counting Down With NFL Draft Countdown

Friend of the radio program, Scott Wright, has updated his FREE 3-round NFL mock draft. A lot has changed since last week's draft and the one from two weeks ago. Obviously, the Sam Adams signing gives Cincinnati some flexibility with their first round selection. Let's see how Scott thinks this will go.

Round 1, 24th pick overall: Donte Whitner, S, Ohio State
Not necessarily a home town pick, but a lot of area fans would enjoy seeing the Buckeye stay in the same. He might be the second-best safety in this draft behind Texas's Michael Huff. Seems like a good amount of value if this ball-hawker is still available this late in the game.

Round 2, 55th pick overall: Darryl Tapp, DE, Virginia Tech
The second week in a row that Scott thinks Cincinnati will select a defensive end on the first day of the draft. High motor guy who doesn't quite have the physical tools to crack the first round.

Round 3, 91st pick overall: Tony Scheffler, TE, Western Michigan
We know Marvin Lewis is not averse to choosing a player or two from a directional Michigan school. He's reportedly got good size, speed, and hands.

Other local notables include Miami's Terna Nande to the Bears with the 88th overall pick, for the second week in a row. And it looks like Martin Nance might not be a first day pick, according to Scott Wright. Head over to NFL Draft Countdown to see speculation on what the Bengals might do as well as where college football's biggest stars will be playing on Sundays. And keep going back. Scott will continue to update as April 29 gets closer. We'll also try to get him back on the show before Reggie Bush goes off the board.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Today's Show... Tuesday Edition

We are moving to Tuesday for the next two weeks due to High School baseball. You would think that the quick turn around this week would throw us off, but it has not. In fact, we have a great show lined up for you tonight. Check out the guest list.


Brad Johansen, Voice of the Bengals and Sports Director for Channel 12 @ 4:45
Brad will talk about the Reds start to the season, what the Bengals have done in the off-season, what they are looking to do in the draft, and we will ask him about UC and what Mick Cronin is doing there.

Amy Livingston, Captain of the MDX Reds Crew (The new cheerleaders/dance team) @ 5:45
They're brand new, the MDX Reds Crew, and they have raised more than eyebrow or two. We'll talk to the Captain and get her take on the public reaction so far, and what their role is in the Reds organization and how they can help. The former Diamond Deputy (the Marshals cheerleaders) also had an interesting season with the indoor team as well last year.

B.J. Szymanski, Reds 2nd round pick in 2004, currently playing for the Dayton Dragons @ 5:25
The former Princeton University outfielder and Wide Reciever will talk about his progression, what life is like in the Minor Leagues, his leadership role, and what the deal is with all the Texans in the Reds Minor League system.


Reds Talk
- Recapping the St. Louis Series
- Taking a look at the series against the fish
- Could they have looked any better last night?
- Griffey is out again

- The NFL Draft is now only 11 days away, are you ready?
- More importantly, are the Bengals?
- Marvin's draft history has been pretty darn good so far, what are the Bengals in the market for, and who are the top guys at each position?
- We will explain our special Mock Draft show, and how you can get involved, coming up on the 25th.

UC Basketball
- Mick Cronin has added another JuCo guard to the mix, where does he go from here?
- Who will be running the point next year?
- What are your early impressions of Mick so far, and how much rope are you going to give him this year?
- Let's not forget that a lot of UC Seniors that we have watched over the years are moving on. In fact, no one will be able to say that Mick Cronin won with anybody elses players. How do you rate this years graduating class?

Spring Football
- UC and Miami both have their Spring games this weekend. And both have some major questions, especially Miami, who lost a boatload of Seniors this year.

- The Playoffs get under way this weekend. Now is when a lot of people actually start paying attention to the Assocation. If you're like Jeff, you could use a quick preview to get caught up to speed. Clinton will try to do just that, time (and patience) permitting.

As always, we want to hear from you. And we are continuing to give out golf coupon books (a $39.99 value) from for free to all our callers. So join in on all the fun by calling 868-9664 or emailing us at


UC Signs Third Recruit

The University of Cincinnati has announced the signing of its third player for this years class of basketball players. Jamual Warren is a JuCo who has garnered several awards in his two years of playing collegiate basketball so far. Here is the official release:

CINCINNATI, Ohio — Jamual Warren, who earned junior college All-American honors at Globe Institute of Technology this past season, has signed a national letter-of-intent to continue his basketball and academic careers at the University of Cincinnati.
A 6-2 scoring guard from Springfield, Mass., Warren averaged 22.2 points and 5.9 assists in 2005-06 while leading Globe to a No. 14 ranking in the final junior college polls. Warren was named to the NJCAA All-Region XV first team and was a second team NJCAA Division I All-American. He was also selected to the Region XV all-tournament team after helping Globe reach the championship game.
Warren played at Colby Community College in Kansas in 2004-05 where he earned Jayhawk Conference\nFreshman of the Year honors. "Jamual is a veteran performer and a solid young man who can give us toughness at the guard position," stated UC head coach Mick Cronin. "He is a scorer. He can make shots from the perimeter and he takes the ball to the basket with great strength. Obviously, we have a need for immediate help at the guard positions with our departures, and Jamual is very capable of providing\nthat."

Warren is the third member of Cincinnati's signing class. The Bearcats previously securred the commitments of Marvin Gentry, a 6-3 guard who was the conference's player of the year at McLennan Community College, and John Williamson, a 6-6 forward who was a first team All-American selection at Cincinnati State.

Jamual Warren
6-2 • 195 • Guard
2006-07 Eligibility: Junior
Hometown: Springfield, Mass.

Playing Experience

2005-06 Globe Institute of Technology
• 22.2 points, 4.6 rebounds,
5.9 assists, 3.7 steals
• NJCAA Div. I Second Team All-American
• First Team All-NJCAA Reg. XV

2004-05 Colby Community College (Kan.)
• Jayhawk Conference Freshman of the Year

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Reds: Pretenders or Contenders

That is the question Jason Stark of is looking at today. His verdict:

The verdict: Not for real

This is one funky team. What the Reds do well, they do really well. They lead the league in homers and steals, for example. But there's no need to hire a private investigator to find their warts, either. Their pitching staff had a 5.45 ERA after eight games. And they were last in the league in defense, with 12 errors (three times as many as St. Louis). So unless Bronson Arroyo joins the 20-win, 40-homer club, this probably isn't the year.

"You've got to like their offense," said one NL executive. "You can't like their pitching staff. But they're no fun to play. You've gotta outscore them."

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Sports By Brooks Girls Do Cincy

The Sports by Brooks girls were in town to check out a Reds game recently. You can check out their pics from the game and several local hot spots.

Here's a couple from out front of Great American.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Thursday's Show

The Reds are red hot right now. But we have seen this hot start melt into nothingness before. But don't worry about that now. The weather is beautiful and the spring is full of hope for the Reds. And the NFL draft is only 16 days away. Have you already made your plans to watch it? Are you having a draft party?

And speaking of some beautiful weather, have you been getting outside to enjoy it? We have. And all of our callers will get an opportunity to get outside and enjoy some of the area's finer golf courses, because again this week, we are giving away the golf coupon book to all callers for free. A $39.99 value (and worth every penny). So make sure to call us at 868-9664.


Redleg Nation, The best Reds Blog that you will ever see @4:25

Dave Berk from @ 5:25


The Reds
- Does this fast start make you believe that this is a .500 ball club? We've seen this before in the recent past.
- Any pleasant surprises so far this year? Unpleasant?
- They are knocking the ball out of the park, but the bullpen has been terrible. Can you win without a solid bullpen?
- Bronson Arroyo... Early returns on the trade have been quite favorable. Will he win the Silver Slugger?
- Jeff was at the Dayton Dragons game last night. He'll fill you in on the club and what the Reds have up there.

Mocking the Mocks
- We're going to look at some of the Mock Drafts that have been put out there. There are 3 from CBS.sportsline on our site that you should check out (they mostly suck). Mel Kiper's mock is in, and friend of the show Scott Wright has his at
- We'll critique them and see if anything stands out... go over who they have the Bengals picking (Mike Dodd is on crack if he thinks Vernon Davis is going to fall to the Bengals)... Give our possible picks for the Bengals... and anything else on the draft that you want to get into.

- Go over the Free agent QBs who are left.

3 Hottest women in sports
- We'll both give our 3 hottest women in sports and our reasoning for them.
- We'd love to hear who you would put on that list.

Gauntlet Question: Now is the time of year for road trips (I just made one myself). So we want to talk about the best snack for a road trip. We'll tell you some of our favorites, and we would love to hear some of yours. Plus, we'll even toss in some good road trip stories.

We want to hear from you. So give us a call during the show at 868-9664 or shoot us and email to


Downey Decides to Leave

In a popular Clash song, they sang "Should I stay or should I go now?" Devan Downey was asking himself that same thing over the past couple of weeks. And his answer was... I should go now.

So you get it straight from the horse's mouth, here is the UC Press release in full:

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Devan Downey has decided to leave the University of Cincinnati basketball program to be closer to his family. The 5-10 freshman from Chester, S.C. will transfer at the conclusion of the spring quarter at UC.
“This has been a difficult decision because of the great support I have received from the UC fans who have made me feel like family,” stated Downey. “I thank them for their support. Family is important to me and I would like to take this opportunity to play closer to home, where my family can see me play.”
“I had the opportunity to come home, so I know the value of family,” stated Mick Cronin, a Cincinnati native who became UC’s head coach on Mar. 23. “We respect Devan’s decision and wish him the best both in basketball and in his academics.
Downey, a former state high school player of the year in South Carolina, started 31 of UC’s 34 games this past season. He was the team’s third-leading scorer, averaging 11.9 points, and leader in assists with a 4.3 average and steals (1.9).

It is a tough blow to an already thin lineup. The new questions are:
1.) Where will Downey go?
2.) What about Herrera and McGowan?

1.) Since he said that he wants to go closer to home, 2 schools really jump out. Charlotte and South Carolina are both within an hours drive of home for him. South Carolina has a stud point guard (Tre' Kelley) who is a JR and will be gone when Downey becomes eligible to play. And there are no point guards listed on their 2006 recruiting list. I'm not sure what they have as underclassmen there. Charlotte has a very good JUCO player coming in who only played one year at a JUCO, so Charlotte's need for a point guard is not strong. South Carolina looks like the lead candidate.

2.) McGowan only has one year of eligibility left so I would think that he is most likely staying put, but you never know. Herrera is a bigger question. As with any situation, all you can do is wait and see how it plays out.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Bronson vs. Wily Mo HR Watch

After Bronson Arroyo's first homerun of the year, we started the Bronson vs. Wily Mo Homerun Watch. And well, Bronson was at it again as he hit a lead-off homerun in the 3rd inning at Wrigley Field. As Bronson said, "I got lucky again. Just keep hacking. ” I don't how long Bronson can "keep hacking", but for now, he's got a 2 dinger lead.

Official Bronson Arroyo vs. Wily Mo Pena HR Watch:

Bronson Arroyo 2
Wily Mo Pena 0


Hot and Funny

SI On Campus on runs a segment called Hot or Not. Sometimes the article itself can be hot or not, but this one is definately hot. It cracked me up. It included snippets about nerds pulling college pranks (seriously, we need more good natured pranks), the college rock, paper, scissors champion, President Bush making fun of Dick Cheney and possibly the line of the week:

"In a sad day for Beaver enthusiasts, OSU pulled the plug on its cheerleading program"

The OSU it refers to is Oregon State, obviously. But either way, it makes me laugh.


Huggins, Kennedy and Sampson

What does the future hold for these 3 new coaches? How quickly will success come and what have they been up to since they took their new positions? Andy Katz of ESPN takes a look at it in this article.

Just a taste of the article:

"Huggins has spent five days in the Little Apple since taking the job. He has been out recruiting, with two scholarships open for this spring and six in 2007."

And optimism is riding high in Manhattan, Kansas. Read for yourself.


More Mock-Ups

Friend of the radio program, Scott Wright, has updated his FREE 3-round NFL mock draft. A lot has changed since last week's mock draft. Obviously, the Sam Adams signing gives Cincinnati some flexibility with their first round selection. Let's see how Scott thinks this will go.

Rouund 1, 24th pick overall: Kamerion Wimbley, DE, Florida State
I'll be completely honest, I'm not really familiar with this guy. It sounds like he's a speed rusher, but not exactly a run-stopper. Looks like I've got some more to learn about this guy. Although, most of the teams that have been associated with this prospect are running the 3-4 defense.

Round 2, 55th pick overall: Leonard Pope, TE, Georgia
Scott still thinks Marvin goes for a tight end here, but this time Marcedes Lewis is off the board by this point. I'm surprised to see Pope still available at this point consindering he's almost 6 foot 8 and has decent hands.

Round 3, 91st pick overall: Spencer Havner, OLB, UCLA
A big guy with some decent speed, but some injury questions.

Other local notables include Miami's Terna Nande to the Bears with the 88th overall pick. And it looks like Martin Nance might not be a first day pick, according to Scott Wright. Head over to NFL Draft Countdown to see speculation on what the Bengals might do as well as where college football's biggest stars will be playing on Sundays. And keep going back. Scott will continue to update as April 29 gets closer. We'll also try to get him back on the show before Reggie Bush goes off the board.


Casey vs. Hatteberg

On the show last week, we debated who was going to have a better series, Sean Casey (making his return to GABP) or Scott Hatteberg, his replacement. Well, here are the results:

Casey - 3-13 (2B, HR), 4R, 2RBI, BB, HBP.... .231 AVG, .538 SLG, .333 OBP

Hatteberg - 1-6, 2R, 3BB.... .167 AVG, .167 SLG, .444 OBP

And the winner is.... Sean Casey. All though, to be fair, he definately had more chances to do something. But none the less, it was good to see Sean back last week.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Mock Me if You Will

Just an update on some mock drafts and what they expect the Bengals to do. This off of

Dennis Dodd - Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland
Clark Judge - Marcedes Lewis, TE, UCLA
Pete Prisco - Thomas Howard, LB, UTEP

Notes: Do you have any idea how thrilled I would be if Vernon Davis were to slip to the Bengals at 24, but it's not going to happen. Marcedes Lewis may be a bit of a stretch at 24. And I don't know if the Bengals would take a LB here, but Howard is a freak of nature.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Reds Parking

A lot of people complain about having to pay a lot to park when they go to a Reds game. I completely agree with those sentiments. So to help you out, because that is what we try to do here at Unabated Sports, we will give you a list of places to park for cheap.

Ultimately, it comes down to how far are you willing to walk. If you're dragging kids along or plan to have a few beers, then probably not that far. But for most people, here are some options not too far away.

Public Landing - It's Free and right next to the park, but it usually fills up very early so get down there for batting practice.

Metered spots - They are also free in the evenings. They are available both in Cincinnat and across the river in Newport. In fact, there are plenty just across the bridge in Newport. Especially around the Liberty Bell or right in front of the courthouse.

$1 Parking from the City of Cincinnati Check out the map to find the best and cheapest places to park. I personally usually park in the Westin Parking garage. It's a dollar after 5 on weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays as well. And its only a few blocks from the Stadium.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Primetime, Primetime

Sure, MLB just started this week but the #1 story in the sports world today is the release of the 2006 NFL schedule. Here's a look at the first few Bengal games. The Men In Stripes will be in the national spotlight at least twice this season. A Thursday night game on November 30 against the Baltimore Ravens and a Monday Night match-up with Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. With the flexible scheduling Here's the schedule in it's entirety:

PRESEASON (day, date, opponent, time)
Sunday, Aug. 13, WASHINGTON (NBC), 8 p.m.
Friday, Aug. 18, at Buffalo, 7 p.m.
Monday, Aug. 28, GREEN BAY (ESPN), 8 p.m.
Friday, Sept. 1, at Indianapolis, 7 p.m.

REGULAR SEASON (day, date, opponent, time)
Sunday, Sept. 10, at Kansas City, 1 p.m.
Sunday, Sept. 17, CLEVELAND, 1 p.m.
Sunday, Sept. 24, at Pittsburgh, 1 p.m.
Sunday, Oct. 1, NEW ENGLAND, 4:15 p.m.
Sunday, Oct. 8, (BYE)
Sunday, Oct. 15, at Tampa Bay, 1 p.m.
Sunday, Oct. 22, CAROLINA, 1 p.m.
Sunday, Oct. 29, ATLANTA, 1 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 5, at Baltimore, 1 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 12, SAN DIEGO, 1 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 19, at New Orleans, 1 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 26, at Cleveland, 1 p.m.
Thursday, Nov. 30, BALTIMORE (NFL Network), 8 p.m.
Sunday, Dec. 10, OAKLAND, 1 p.m.
Monday, Dec. 18, at Indianapolis (ESPN), 8:30 p.m.
Sunday, Dec. 24, at Denver, 4:15 p.m.
Sunday, Dec. 31, PITTSBURGH, 1 p.m.
And here's the NFL's Monday Night Football lineup, now on ESPN.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Jamie Martin, Possible Bengals QB

The 11-year pro out of Weber State could very well be the next backup QB for the Bengals. He fits the bill perfectly. He knows that he fits in the NFL as a backup and spot starter and has been quite good when called upon.

His career numbers:

Passer Rating - 81.9 Comp. % - 65.6 Yds - 3606 TDs - 19 Ints. - 20


Thursday's Show

Spring is in the air... and so are the baseballs at Great American Ballpark. They have been leaving the yard in a hurry. And Sean Casey makes his return to Great American Ballpark with the Pirates in town.

Speaking of being in town, Sam Adams is. And Mick Cronin is not, as he continues the whirlwind recruiting journey that he is on. Rajon Rondo will soon not be in Lexington. And President Bush has come and gone after throwing out the first pitch. But in the house for the Reds are the brand new MDX Crew, the Reds cheerleaders. We'll get to all this and more, but first, our guest list.


Mick Cronin, UC Head Basketball Coach @ 5:00

Kevin Goheen, Bengals Beat Writer for the Post @ 6:00

- Jeff was at Opening Day. We'll get his thoughts on the day. And we want yours if you were down there.
- Speaking of Opening Day, with the President throwing out the first pitch, a debate broke out. At the end of the baseball season, will the President's approval rating be above or below the MLB leading batting average?
- The Reds are doing some new things this year to get you out to the ballpark, and to keep you longer once you are there. Including cheerleaders/dance team, among others. Also, Jeff will give you some good ideas on where to park when going to a game.

College Basketball/UC
- The Devan Downey saga has begun. We all feared it, his possible departure. But before you start wallowing in self-pity, do realize that he hasn't left yet. He is exploring his options. We'll take a look at some of his options.
- Two JuCo players who can step in and give quality playing time so far for Mick Cronin on the recruiting trail. Anyone impressed? What more do you want?
- UK is losing Rondo to the NBA. How will this effect the Cats? Who is else is going pro? Who should go pro?
- Winners and losers from the NCAA Tourney.
- Our Final Four for next season.

- The Benagls pulled in one of the biggest (and I'm not just talking girth) Free agents of the franchises history. I think that statement explains a lot about the 1990s. How much of an impact will this have on the Bengals? What does this say about a franchise that previously couldn't get a big name Free Agent before?
- Speaking of Free Agents... another QB anyone? Who is it going to be?
- Sticking with Free Agency, the Bengals haven't made a lot of moves but the ones they have will change things up a bit.
- What about Lavar Arrington?
- And how will the Bengals actions in Free Agency affect what they do in the draft?
- The NFL will also release the full Season schedule today. We'll find out how many primetime games the Bengals will get. We'll break it down today.

And this week we welcome back in the Gauntlet Question. It is a very simple question where we give our opinion and then ask for yours. So here it is: In honor of the start of baseball season, whose Reds Jersey, former or current, would you most like to wear to a Reds game?

Of course we want to hear from you. Give us a call during the show to 513-868-9664 or email us anytime at

And all callers will get Free stuff this week. Unabated Sports and 1450 the Ticket have teamed up with to give away free coupon books with deals to courses all over the city. The books are a $39.99 value. So give us a call today.


New UC Basketball Assistant Coaches

Not only does Mick Cronin have to fill the roster with players for next year, but he also needs to have the guys in place to help coach them. While Cronin searches from coast-to-coast for next years players, he has added 3 coaches to the mix.

Larry Davis, Associate Head Coach
Davis comes to UC after 9 years at the helm of Furman where his teams posted a 124-139 record. Davis was also an assistant at Minnesota, Ball State, Wake Forest and Delaware. He also coached at the well known Oak Hill Academy for two years, compiling a 51-9 record.

Chris Goggin, Assistant Basketball Coach
Goggin coached at Murray State with Mick, and before that was a video coordinator and administrative assistant with the Bearcats. Video Coordinator was a job that Cronin once himself held at UC. He also had a hand in helping recruit at Murray State.

Matt Grady, Director of Basketball Operations
Grady was an assistant coach at Murray State under Cronin. Before that, he was a graduate assistant with Louisville.

Cronin will hire another assistant coach, a video coordinator and a graduate assistant.


Added Reds Entertainment

Last week on the show, my suggestion (as has been for many years) was that the Reds should add a dance team/cheerleaders. My theory is that everything in this world could be made better by adding dance teams and cheerleaders. I even think dance team competitions would be made better by giving them their own cheerleaders. But anyway, back to the Reds.

Keeping with that theory, say hello to the new MDX Reds Crew.

They will dance, throw out T-shirts and generally try and bring more energy to the ballpark. As for now, their role is a little limited, but it will grow throughout the year.

If this is the new Castellini era that we have heard so much about, I say "Well done Bob." This is a good start. The only real question to ask is, how long before we get them on the show? You better believe I am already looking at some open dates and taking down contact names.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Heard on Campus

Just some quick info for your benefit.

1.) Head Ice Hockey coach Enrico Blasi has been named the National Coach of the Year.
2.) Sticking with Miami Hockey, Senior Andy Greene has signed with the Devils and will join them to make a push to the playoffs.
3.) Miami has announced its 2006 football schedule which includes 2 non-conference games agains the Big Ten and 2 against the Big East.
4.) UC Senior Jon DeLuca has been named Big East baseball player of the week after going 7-12 with 7 RBI in a 3 game sweep of South Florida. The sweep improved UC to 16-10 overall.


It's Time for a Big Man Dance Contest

Okay, well maybe not yet, but the addition of one of the biggest free agent signings in Bengals history has many fans wanting to dance in the streets. Sam Adams has been brought in for one main reason, stop the run. And we'll have to wait and see what effect he has on Cincy's run D.

One of the more interesting things in the Sam Adams signing is one of the reasons he lists for signing with the Bengals. "The fans are awesome. They're great on the Web site, yes I do read the message board. The fans love the Bengals. The town’s on fire about the Bengals, even when they weren’t winning a lot of games. To have an opportunity to be part of a special situation like that is something I look forward to doing."

I must admit that that is the first time that I have seen a player reference message boards as helping them make a free agent signing decision. Maybe we should get more hot talk going with the Reds. Then we can nab some of the big name baseball players. Dare to dream... and type.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Hope Springs Eternal

It's spring time, when a young man's thoughts turn to.... baseball. (Because, seriously, we're always thinking about women no matter what the season.) Yes, it's time to bring out the bat, glove and ball. It's time for some Ks (and the backward variety as well). It's time to brush up on your 6-4-3s and 4-6-3s. And who doesn't love a 1-2-3 basesloaded double play?

The Reds get under way for real today as the Cubs come to town for a 2:15 start. I'll be there, how about you? This marks the beginning of the Castellini era, and the Reds feel that they will only get better. I mean, they have to, right? And they are hoping for that success sooner than later.

The game will feature Aaron Harang taking the mound for the Reds, while Carlos Zambrano will take the hill for the Cubs. The Reds probable lineup will feature Tony Womack leading off and playing second. Other intersting batting order probables are Encarnacion batting 5th and Hatterberg batting 6th.

But more important than Opening Day is the long term prospects for the Reds. Maybe, it's the way some of the bats were making contact with the ball. Or maybe it was the good pitching through the later weeks of Spring Training. Or possiblely simply because I want to believe, but I feel this is a .500 ball club. We will see competitive baseball this year in Cincinnati. There have been promising starts that fade into July and August debacles, but I truly feel that this team will be competitve. And that is a step up.

Maybe I am completely crazy and wishing upon a star, but I'm rolling with it. Besides, if we don't believe, what would we have to look forward to in those dog day afternoons of summer that give us no other option for sports entertainment? Anyone else feeling optimistic? Any pessimists out there? (What am I saying? This is Cincinnati, so of course there are some pessimists out there?) Let me know if you're starting with a fresh attitude or if you just want to stick with the "They'll be done by the All-Star Break" attitude. Either way, I intend on enjoying Opening Day. Look for me in Section 133, Row X, brimming with optimism, at least until the first pitch anyway.

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