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Victory Bell Video Take 2

Victory Bell
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
Where were you when the RedHawks were recliming the Victory Bell? Did you miss it? Don't worry, we got your back. We were on the sidelines, shooting video of the big moment. Yes, that's right video. We have taken the concept of a full service radio show to the next level. We are now a multi-platform sports information resource. We can now start puting video on the website, so make sure that you check back.


Would You Go To Columbus To See This Woman?

More importanly, would you watch "ping pong" if this woman were playing? That's what the sport of Table Tennis is hoping for. An industry manufacturer, Killerspin, is promoting Biba as the Anna Kournikova of Table Tennis. Except that she can actually play her sport well. Biba, and her table tennis skills, will be on display this weekend at the Arnold Classic in Columbus.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


#1 In Your Hearts vs. #2 In Your Programs

As the regular season winds down and the NCAA Tournament bubble gets smaller and smaller, UC welcomes the highest-rank opponent to ever visit Fifth Third Arena. I found that fact odd considering the Bearcats have been #1 on several occassions but their leavel of competition has never been what this year's team has faced. For having survived it, Andy Kennedy's team has found themselves so very close to a goal that seemed impossible last summer: a 15th straight appearance in the Big Dance. Despite a Presidential Motorcade, an accident that clogged traffic on I-75, and a full night of options on TV, it seemed like most of the crowd was in the house for tip-off. Which was good, cause it seemed like the defense fed off the noise early on. Villanova uses a four-guard line-up. Despite this, they didn't seem to be too bothered with UC's size advantage, something the Cats have rarely had these days. Going into the first TO, both teams had 8 points.

Coming out of the break, though, the Wildcats stormed out on a 5-0 run despite a fantastic drive by Devan Downey who couldn't finish a million dollar move. On the offensive side, the Bearcats size doesn't seem to do much other than afford them an extra rebound or two. Cinci spent most of their attempts trying to shoot over these smaller players. Coach Kennedy (or "The Real Coach K" as some fans' shirts suggest) had to call a time-out as Nova rolled out a 20-11 lead as their shots splashed in and too many of UC's rolled out.

There have been a couple times tonight where some good ball movement or fancy dribbling have completely taken apart the defense. It's like they're in pre-season form. Makes me wonder if they're trying something different for tonight and there's been breakdowns between the players. The transition defense has been effective at times forcing some UV turnovers and cutting a double digit deficit in half. As soon as I type that, thogh, Villanova's three point shooting puts UC back at arm's length. Very similar to the game I saw on TV Sunday where they just seemed to keep making clutch shots against Georgetown. Speaking of clutch, Chadd Moore certainly brought his "3" game with him making multiple shots in the first half from behind the line. Eric Hicks, however, did not score his first field goal until about a 18 and a half minutes into the game.

Considering how quickly things fell apart at times, I gotta feel not so bad about Cinci being down 6 at halftime. Stacey Dales-Shuman was booed pretty loudly as she interviewed Jay Wright as he and his Wildcats headed into the locker room.

No Wizard of Oz for the 3 time national champ dance team as they dance to "Cause I'm A Woman." Yes, they are. Should be fun having them in our studio for next week's show.

A lot of support for A.K. as I walked through the fans at the half. Several signs and shirts say go ahead and hire the guy. I even saw a few of the infamous "Nuck Fancy" shirts.

The second half starts much the same way the first did. When UC makes a nice little run, Nova pops 3s like their hot. The fellow next to me said, "We just might be looking at the national champs." The way the Wildcats seem to answer every rally UC has (and Georgetown on Sunday) I can see that.

I can also see 99% of the fans in the middle section of the arena sitting on their butts while UC's trying to make a comeback. It's a stereotype that surrounds the "red sweaters" but it almost takes an Act of Congress to get them on their feet. It's been a pretty good enviroment tonight, but it could have been a little noisier if a few of them hadn't spent most of the game with their arms crossed and their chins resting on their chest.

"HIRE ANDY" was a chant that went up after an exciting win last week. Tonight, it went up with 11:27 to go and the team down by 5. Definitely not a fairweather notion by Bearcat Nation.

UC's deficit got back to double digits as the game clock went under 10 minutes to go. Yet, those plucky Bearcats would not go quietly into that good night. Hicks, who had missed his first three shot, has made his next 6 (if I'm reading the stat sheet right) and really gotten back into the flow of the offense. Only a four-point deficit with four minutes to go and the "red sweaters" finally start standing. Cutting it to one brings the house down. They're still standing even after a couple minutes of back-and-forth. My seat begins to shake as a Hicks free throw ties the game with 90 seconds to go. Lunatic-type jumping takes over as Kennedy's squad takes their first lead in over an hour and a half of real time.

Unfortunately, most of the sold-out crowd is heading home crestfallen as the Wildcats last shot went in and the Bearcats did not. Despite this, the chant went out once again: "HIRE ANDY." We'll see if the administration's listening. And we'll see if this moral victory, threatening the #2 team in the land, will help UC on Selection Sunday.


Today's Show

There are several things going on in this fair city of ours in the world of sports:

1.) The run to March is driving everyone mad.
- UC has won two straight and host an exceptional Villanova team tonight. Your thoughts? Does UC need to win another game before the Big East Tourney to get in?
- Xavier had responded well the first two games without Brian Thornton, but not so on Tuesday against Dayton. The Muskies must win the A-10 Tourney to get an invite to the dance. Do they have what it takes? Will they have to settle for an NIT bid?
- Speaking of NIT bids... Anyone go to the Miami-Akron game last night. What an exciting game. It wasn't decided until the last second. The RedHawks have now won 7 straight. Both teams will get an NIT invite if they can't win the MAC Tourney in Cleveland. Do the suddenly streaking RedHawks have what it takes to win the MAC and represent the one bid league?
- UK destroyed Mississippi's JV squad. That had to be a JV squad out there right? 3 in a row for Tubby and the 'Cats, but they have a rough three games to finish out the season.
- Indiana and OSU both grab wins in Big Ten action last night. Does Indiana have any chance? What kind of a seed does OSU get? And what may happen to the Buckeyes when the NCAA makes their decision?

2.) For die-hard NFL fans, this weekend officially marks the end of the "off-season", if such a thing exists. This weekend is the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. 330 college players will ascend upon Indy and go through test after test, both on and off the field. We'll talk with the Enquirer's Mark Curnutte, who is in Indy, about what all is going on.

3.) Spring Training is in full swing with the position players reporting. What issues do the Reds face? We know they can score, but can they pitch? Will there be any surprises? And Jerry Narron is not fooling around. Josh Hancock is already gone for reporting 17 pounds overweight.

4.) Make sure to join us Saturday, March 4th from 5:30-8 for our rock climbing event at Rockquest. It is only $10. If you have ever wanted to try rock climbing, this is your chance. We are taking care of everything, equipment, belayers, everything. Just register on line at Cincinnati Sports Leagues web site and show up and climb. It's that easy.

5.) Everything else in the world of sports, including the Olympics. We'll also have the critically acclaimed segment "rapid fire". You DO NOT want to miss that.

As always, we will be taking your calls to 868-9664 and your emails to unabatedsports@gmail.com. We'll talk what you want to talk.


Brad Johansen @ 4:45 TV Play-by-Play analyst for Xavier and Sports Director for Channel 12.

Mark Curnutte @ 5:45 Cincinnati Enquirer Bengals Beat writer, live from the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


10 Questions For Selection Sunday

ESPN's Andy Katz wrote a great piece looking at 10 questions that the NCAA selection committee must deal with. There are a lot of classic questions like how does the committee look at an injury. In dealing with that question, UC's name pops up. There are many more questions with answers from people on committees past and present. A must read for any college hoops fan.


Americans are "Finn"ished

Team USA Hockey went into today's quarterfinal matchup with Finland struggling to score goals. Not a good thing considering Finland has only given up 2 goals all Olympics.

But it was the defense that came up short in a 4-3 loss for the Americans to the Finns. The offense was good, but they could not overcome Finland's 4 goals, including a shorthanded goal in the first period. So the Americans are done in Ice Hockey and Finland moves on to play the winner of the Russia-Canada game in the semi-finals.

Team USA finished 1-4-1 in Olympic play, with all 4 losses by 1 goal. The Americans won the Silver at the 2002 games. Oh well, there is always 2010.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Bracketology Time

A lot of "experts" are putting out their picks for seedings in this years NCAA basketball Tournament. Here are a couple of them and some things that I found interesting. Local teams with seeding and first round matchups if provided.

Bracketology 101
UC (11) vs. Kansas (6), UK (9) vs. Michigan (8), OSU (3) vs. Northwestern St. (14).
#1 Seeds: Duke, UConn, Villanova, Memphis

Of note: In the bracket matchups, UC would face OSU in the second round if both were to win. Seems to lean heavier on traditional power conferences, although it does have 2 out of the MWC.

Joe Lunardi of ESPN.com
UC (8) vs. UK (9), OSU (2) vs. IUPUI (15)
#1 Seeds: Duke, UConn, Villanova, Memphis

Of note: UC vs. UK in the first round would make this city salivate, but I don't see it happening. UC as an 8 is very shocking. Especially since he didn't even have UC in his brackets last week. As of right now, an 8 seed is too high for UC. But they do have a chance to earn one with their upcoming schedule.

Gregg Doyel of CBS.Sportsline.com
UC (12), UK (9), Ohio State (2)
#1 Seeds: Duke, UConn, Villanova, Memphis

Of note: He lists 3 from the Colonial Conference and 5 from the MVC getting in. Only 4 from the ACC. Are the "Power" conferences dieing?

Things that I noticed:
1.) All 3 have the same number 1 seeds.
2.) Ohio State is a number 2 or 3 seed no matter where you look.
3.) After falling off everyone's brackets last week, UC is back on everyone's brackets.
4.) UK is a 9 in all 3 brackets. Even with the injury to Bradley, do number 1 seeds feel good about UK possibly matching up in the second round?
5.) The Missouri Valley Conference gets 5 bids in two of the projections and 4 in the other.
6.) Mid-Majors are gettting some serious love this year.
7.) Indiana has fallen off everyone's board.
8.) I still don't believe that Syracuse belongs in the Big Dance right now. They are 2-8 against teams in the top 50 RPI. Their two wins are against UC the game after Kirkland went down and against a slumping West Virgina team. But all they have to do is beat DePaul and they can finish .500 in the Big East.
9.) If Syracuse and UC face off in the first round of the Big East Tournament, it very well could be a play-in game.

Did I miss anything? Let me know. Post a comment or shoot us an email to unabatedsports@gmail.com

Sunday, February 19, 2006


US Hockey Comes Up Short Against Sweden

The US Men's Hockey team has played great defense and gotten great goalie play so far in the Olympics, but they have not been able to light the lamp very often. Such was the case again Sunday, when they fell to Sweden 2-1.

Rick DiPietro looked great in goal, but when Mikael Samuelsson tucked in a putback in the third for the go ahead goal, Team USA was in a bad spot. The American's made the game extremely exciting over the last minute as they peppered the Swedish goal with shot after shot, but couldn't find the back of the net as time expired.

(And on a sidenote: If each of the Olympic Ice Hockey teams were to have a mascot, the US would obviously use an Eagle, but would Sweden use the Swedish Chef? That would kick ass. I would so rock a Swedish Chef hockey jersey. Anyway, back to Olympic Ice hockey action.)

The loss drops Team USA to 1-2-1 in pool play. But even with a losing record, they will probably advance, thanks to 4 of 6 teams moving on to the quarterfinals from each pool. The Americans next take on Russia on Tuesday at 8:30 (Torino time). That game will be broadcast live starting at 1:30 PM on the USA Network.

If you haven't checked out any of the Olympic Ice Hockey matches, you need to tune in and see what you're missing.


NCH-Oak Hill Academy Full of Thrills

It was billed as the "High School National Title Game." That's a lot of hype. The game itself was a bit of a let down, but not short on excitement. Oak Hill raced out to a 10 point lead at the end of the first quarter and never looked back, finishing with an 88-74 victory.

But what was extremely entertaining was the play of several of the players. O.J. Mayo put on a performance for the ages. I have seen players carry a team, but never to that extent before. He showed an amazing array of ways to score. He hit 3s, cut down the lane with an incredible jump step and even hit a turn-around, fade-away jumpshot from the baseline while being triple teamed. He had 19 of the Trojans 24 first half points. His 43 points are even more impressive when you consider the fact that the game is only 32 minutes long. And for those of you who will inevitabley bring up the "he is selfish" mantra, well, you are wrong. No one, and I mean that literally, besides Bill Walker, could hit a shot. They took some shots, but no other player from NCH besides Walker and Mayo scored until midway through the 3rd quarter.

Walker was extremely quiet in the first half but came alive in the second. But it wasn't enough as Oak Hill Academy kept throwing a plethora of talent at the Trojans. Oak Hill played a great team game, spreading the ball around and ended with 5 players in double figures. Tywon Lawson, the point guard bound for UNC showed why he is the top rated point guard prospect in the country. He dropped 3s and left defenders in the dust with a nasty cross-over.

All in all, it was a very entertaining evening, and I'm glad that I got to witness so much talent on such a level as this. Mayo's performance will stand as one of the greatest individual performances that I have ever seen. Truly magnificent. Anyone else go?

Friday, February 17, 2006


Providence on Friday Night

No, not that cancelled TV show starring the hot Italian. This is News Guy Woody coming to you from Fifth Third Arena for another round of Bearcat Basketball. Tonight, Providence is in the house. The Friars are 11-11 and 4-7 in the conference. With that in mind, this game is only big if UC loses. One of the guys from Bracketology 101 who was on our show last night said this is a "must-win" if Andy Kennedy's squad wants to get to the NCAA Tournament for a 15th straight year. Speaking of the coach, a student has been holding up a sign that simply says "HIRE ANDY." A sentiment echoed by most people in here, I'm sure. Well, as long as they win tonight.

And a valuable lesson learned by tonight's Star Spangled Banner singer: if you're asked to sing the national anthem, don't hold your last note too long. She almost got trampled by players from both sides coming across the court to shake hands.

The Cats looked sharp coming out 5-0 but really started to look sloppy with lazy passes and some poor rebounding. A media time-out couldn't come soon enough as the early comfortable lead was restored. But Jihad Muhammed, who had been averaging 18.4 points over his last five games, has reverted to his old form and Eric Hicks has been looking frustrated on the offensive side without a lot of good looks. He's begging for the ball and not getting it too much early on. The agitation seems to carry over to the defensive side. AK seems to have sensed it or maybe I'm reading too much into an early substitution.

The lead ballooned for a bit until some unpopular foul calls took away offensive chances and some lapses in defense made it a one possession game with 7 1/2 minutes to go. A media timeout seemed to spark UC again as Jihad drained two free throws and inspired defense set up a fast break opportunity. But when that was foiled, the Cats fell flat again. The Friars are still very much in this game.

A very strange thing happens, or doesn't, here on the home court. Following controversial charging calls, the giant jumbo screens flash a generic graphic instead of a replay. They don't seem to show replays after any foul call.

Connnor Barwin may be on the cover of tonight's media guide, but it took him over 15 minutes to get any playing time. But he won them an extra possession with a nice jump ball and the crowd seemed disappointed he didn't take an open looong distance shot. Fortunately, he got the ball off to Devan Downey who made a 3-pointer. Still, UC could not keep Providence down as the lead at half was just a single point.

One of the promotions that took place during the timeout is the standard "make a foul shot, three-pointer, and half-court throw to win a prize." If you can pull it off, you win rent for a year. Even if you only hit one or two shots, you win something. The poor kid tonight couldn't even hit a free throw. So much for that flat screen TV, Choke Boy.

After the acid trip that was the Dance Team's Wizard of Oz recreation which resulted with Scott Springer getting a flower from a cowardly lion... I'm gonna stop the sentence there because anything that follows it would just pale in comparison.

We all know halftme is a chance for players and coaches to make adjustments. And it looks Andy Kennedy, his staff, and players did as they came out sharp. But who knew fans also made adjustments? One of the students made a sign that featured a pair of glasses. Above them: "MISSING: If found, please return to the referees."

Strange View Of The Night: 5'10 Devan Downey stuffing 5'10 Sharaud Curry. It's just weird seeing the little guys under the basket playing big man ball.

As good as the half started, UC would let the comfortable lead once again slip through their fingers. It just seems like the attention to detail seems to fade away the longer the players are on the court. Out of timeouts, they've been fine. After a while, the Friars get back in the game. And, after a while, even tht TOs didn't seem to get Cincinnati back on track.

Despite UC trailing by 7 with less than 10 to go, that fan is still holding up his "HIRE ANDY" sign. In fact, he's also sporting an "A.K. is A.O.K." shirt. Strong support even in the face of a dissappointing performance by a team that really can't afford to lose this game.

The crowd finally reaches rockin' status with 7:30 to go. It seems like the players weren't the ony ones sluggish. I mean, the 12,000 or so fans have been cheering but nothing that loud. It got so contagious I absent-mindedly started clapping follwing a DD fast break that brought the team to within one. (Not supposed to cheer on press row.) The karma gods punished me by having him miss the ensuing free throw. Sorry, Devan. UC recovered with some impressive ball movement that led to a fantastic dunk by Hicks that raised the roof of the Shoemaker Center. The Cats resume the lead but give it back up again with a little over 3 minutes to go. Compared to how loud it was a couple minutes ago, it got real quiet real quick.

A James White "3" changed that real quick. Up two with two to go. Can Cinci hold? Nope. Tied with 60 seconds to go. Some unkind iron put Providence in the catbird seat with around 40 ticks left in the game. But their long three didn't go and Downey goes to the line with a chance to go up with less than 4 seconds. The iron was a little kinder on that first free throw as the shot went in, out, off the backboard, and finally in. The second went in with a lot less dramatics.

Did I say dramatics? Curry scoots down the court for the Friars and lays up a beauty of a shot that rattles in, then out. Instead of overtime, a 66-64 win that puts UC at 18-9 and 7-6 in the beast that is the Big East.

Remember what I said at the beginning about the crowd's feelings toward the interim head coach? Chants of "WE WANT ANDY" went up from both student sections after the victorious squad hit the locker room.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Steven Colbert On The Winter Olympics

Heard this gem last week on the Colbert Report:
"I cannot wait to see that medal count. Every morning when I open the paper I go straight for it. I don't give a damn which sports we win the medals in. As far as I'm concerned Ice Dancing is just as manly as Two Man Luge. But you know winning isn't everything. It's just as important that we rub it in. Medal counts are a great quantifiable way to say: Yes, we're in an unpopular war, we're bitterly divided and we're embroiled in scandal, but if you get all up in our Bobsled grill we will bring the frozen solid sh*t hammer down. And I say the three-tiered medal stand not humiliating enough for the losers. I believe the medal stand should be made out of the losers. That really gets the point across, and it's more inclusive that way."
See it for yourself.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Thursday's Show... Grapefruit League Style

Can't you feel the warmth in the air? That must mean one thing, it is time for Spring Training. And with all of the area basketball teams struggling to make the NCAA Tournament, we could use a break from the court and head out to the field. Besides, nothing helps cure those winter blues like a little baseball talk.

So we will talk some Reds. New ownership and new management is in place. The Reds were not very active in the off season. The offense looks very familiar (which is a good thing) and so does the starting rotation (which is a bad thing). The major difference, Sean Casey is gone and in comes Dave Williams. We'll be talking about the Reds potential this season and how the lineup shakes out. We'll talk Reds pitching and what they may look to do in the near future. We want your take as a fan on this team. What do you expect from the Reds '06 edition? How many games do you plan on making it to? What do you want the Reds to do to get you back to the ballpark? For some of these answers, we'll go to an expert, Mark Sheldon, writer for Cincinnatireds.com.

While the Bearcats, Musketeers, RedHawks, Wildcats and Hoosiers all fight for their NCAA Tourney lives, we'll take a look at all the teams chances of making it to the NCAA and who will look to make a trip to New York for the NIT Championship. We'll take your input. Who has a chance? What do they need to do? Is this season a disappointment for the Bearcats/Musketeers/Wildcats if they don't make the Tournament? For another opinion, we will be joined by the masters at Bracketology 101 tonight. We will also be joined by Bearcat radio play-by-play man Dan Hoard to talk about UC's win over Syracuse and what the future holds for the 'Cats.

Can you smell the buring rubber, dripping oil and gasoline? If so, you are probably jacked up for the beginning of NASCAR season this weekend at the Daytona 500. It has been a strange week already so far with a Crew Cheif being suspended and discussions of bumping and rubbing. After all, isn't rubbin' racin'? For a run down on what to expect this weekend and throughout the season we turn to Lee Spencer. She is an extreme expert on the NASCAR scene. If anyone has the low down on what is going on in NASCAR, it is her. She is "revered" in the South is how she was described to me.

And of course, some Olympic talk will slip in.

As always, we want you to be a part of the show. Call us at 513-868-9664 during the show or send us an email anytime to unabatedsports@gmail.com.


Mark Sheldon of Cincinnatireds.com @ 4:45

Dan Hoard, Voice of the Bearcats and Fox 19 Sports Director @ 5:25

Lee Spencer, NASCAR Expert for the Sporting News @ 6:00

Bracketology 101 @ 6:25


Muskies Fight Tough Against Fordham

The big question seemed to be not how would the Musketeers respond to losing Brian Thornton, but rather would they respond at all. Well the Muskies did respond, and respond big tonight against Fordham.

Xavier, decked out in high socks in honor of Brian Thornton, came out with a vengeance against the Rams. The Muskies were red hot in the first half, shooting a blistering 16-30 (53.3%) from the floor, 7-12 (58.3%) from 3 and a perfect 9-9 at the free throw line. Stanley Burrell did the vast majority of the damage, as he dropped in 21 in the first half. The hot shooting led Xavier to a 48-34 halftime advantage.

The game was pretty even as they kept Fordham at an arms length at all times in the second half. That's metaphorically speaking only, since there was a good ole' fashioned donnybrook at the 13:02 mark of the second half. Justin Doellman fouled the Rams Sebastian Greene on a break. It wasn't a hard foul, but Greene took exception to it and pinned Doellman's arm to his side and would not let go. After Doellman gave a shove to free himself, Greene tried to put him in an alligator death roll. Both teams got into a scrum behind the basket. When things settled down, Fordham went on a small run, but never truly threatened, and Xavier put them away. It was good to see Xavier play strong with a lead.

Coming up big for the Musketeers were the Justins, Cage and Doellman that is. Justin Cage tied career highs in points and rebounds recording 19 and 11 respectively. And Doellman added a double-double of his own with 15 and 10. Toss in a career high 12 points from Freshman B.J. Raymond and you've got a great all around effort in this game.

The rest of the season will be interesting for Xavier as they adjust to life after Brian Thornton. But in round 1, the Musketeers answered the bell and grabbed a 84-64 victory over the visiting Fordham Rams.

Box Score

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


RedHawks Clinch CCHA Title

I realize that I should say that this was a "Valentine's Day Massacre" but that is too cliche. Instead, I'll just call it a good ol' fashioned whoopin'. Whatever you want to call it, make sure that you call the Miami RedHawks Champions, because that is what they are. The 6-3 win over the visiting Ohio State Buckeyes clinched the CCHA title for Miami. For those of you not in the know, this is a serious power conference in college hockey.

The RedHawks will host a second round series against the lowest seeded team the weekend of March 10-12. Get your tickets now if you want to get in. And trust me, you do.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Reds Pony up the Cash for Dunn

Adam Dunn will be a Red for at least another two years (barring a trade). The Reds and the 1B/OF slugger agreed to a two year deal with a 3rd year option. The contract will pay Dunn $7.5-Million this year and $10.5-Million next year. The third year option would pay Dunn $13-Million if the club chooses to exercise that option.

The Reds lineup looks pretty set for this year. Join us this Thursday at 4:45 on Unabated Sports when we are joined by Mark Sheldon of Cincinnatireds.com in Sarasota, Florida to go over everything Reds.


Coach Speaks Without Coach Speak

Holy Cow! I was not expecting this. Indiana Hoosier Head Coach Mike Davis made some extremely intersting comments on Monday indicating that he might be done at the end of this year. He seems fed up with all of the negative energy from IU fans who hate him (and who don't show proper support for the players) simply because he is not Bobby Knight.

Coach Davis wasn't liked from day 1, and he's even more reviled now. So the question is, who will make Indiana fans happy as a head coach? Well, according to Davis "Indiana needs to have one of their own. They need to have somebody that's played here so they can embrace him. They need that." Calling Steve Alford?

Who knows. All I know is that I hope that he ends up somewhere where people will give him a chance to fail or succeed on his own merits.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Olympic TV Schedule

Don't know what is going to be shown on the Olympics coverage on a certain day at a certain time? Don't worry. Just follow the link to the Channel 5 WLWT site on NBC.com and it lays out everything that they are going to show. We just want to make things easier on you.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Climb The Walls With Unabated Sports

Big news for us here at Unabated Sports. We'll be teaming up with Cincinnati Sports Leagues for a number of events where we will do more than just talk sports, we'll be out there and active. And you can join us! Our first will be at Rockquest and it's called a "Night on The Rocks." For only $10, you can check out the best climbing facility in town. It will be Saturday, March 4th, from 5:30-8:00pm. All the equipment will be provided. Just show up with a Hamilton, and you're in.

If you've heard of other Cincinnati Sports Leagues events, you know they fill up quickly and are a very popular scene. Space is limited so hop on this opportunity now.

Go here for more information and to register!


Clinton's Top Five Olympic Events To See

1. Men's Ice Hockey. Hockey might be the only major professional sport where the olympic version is actually better than the pro variety. Olympic Hockey is hands down the most fun thing to watch at the Winter Olympics for any normal sports fan.

2. Ski Jumping. I don't know what it is about this, but I definitely watch this for the crash and bash effect. There is potential for a major disaster every time one of these guys goes down the chute, and for whatever reason, that makes it more fun to watch. Call me morbid, but it's true.

3. Skeleton. Cool name, even cooler sport. You think luge is nuts, imagine going head first. I call it 'luge with balls'. Not to mention that the whole sexual harassment scandal surrounding the US team makes this whole situation that much more hilarious. Apparently the dismissed coach used to
yell things along the lines of 'I don't want to see your legs spread that far apart unless it's me in between them' at his riders. Classic.

4. Snowboarding. Either sex, any event. I'm young, and I like snowboarding, and that's all there is to it. Although you might have gotten your fix from the X games, the Olympic style snowboarding has a slightly less 'totally stoked' feel to it. People are snowboarding and trying to win medals, and the announcers aren't usually worried about anyone's girlfriend on the side of the mountain, or what a rider has playing in their iPod.

5. Speed Skating. The old mainstay. Weird outfits, skates that are sharper than most cleaver blades, and international controversy. Remember Anton Apollo Ohno? He's back. Sidenote: what the hell kind of name is that anyway? Besides, anything that TO can imitate in a touchdown celebration
that is an Olympic Sport, I'm down with.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


And She is a World Class Athlete

Snowboarding is a great sport. It has exhilirating speed, sick tricks and a great laid back attitude. What could possibly make it better?

How about this?

Yes, that is US Olympic Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler in an FHM shoot. You can thank me later. Seriously, go away now. I'm busy.


Today's Show

The NFL is done, but the sports action is really starting to get going. There are several things to get into today.

The future of the leadership of the 3 most popular sports organizations in this city (Reds, Bengals and Bearcat basketball) all have serious questions that need to be adressed. The Bengals adressed one of those questions earlier this week by signing Doug Johnson. Is that really the answer? And the Reds have decided on a new GM, and it is Wayne Krivsky. He was the favorite last time around, so why not this time as well? What are the issues he has to deal with and how is going to go about doing them? And the University of Cincinnati has kept things quiet about who they want as their next head coach. Who should be on the short list? What obstacles do they have to face? Will the people of Cincinnati accept him? And what are the expectations he will have to deal with?

The Grammys were last night. Did you watch them? Do you even give a damn since the entertainment industry gives away awards like candy? Well, we are going to follow suit and give away some pointless awards of our own for the Cincinnati sports scene. The categories include:
Best Coach, Best Offensive Performer, Best Defensive Performer, Best Gameday Value, Best Individual Performance and Person of the Year.

UC beat Lousiville. Do have to say anything more Bearcat fans? Doesn't it just feel good? But now the rest of the Big East remains. The Bearcats need to win at least two games (3 would be much better) to have a shot at the NCAA Tourney. Providence is one of those, who if anyone, is that second game? And Xavier got a MUCH needed win last night. What the heck has happened to the Musketeers. We'll take a look at Xavier and what they need to do the rest of the way out. And is the A-10 the new MAC? we'll explain that tonight.

And, oh yeah, there's a little thing called the olympics starting tomorrow. Athletes from all over the world will come together to drink and party, and maybe even do a little competeing. Are you going to watch? WeI will definately be taking in as much as we can. And if you don't plan on watching, Clinton and Jeff will give a few good reasons to as Jeff will give you his 5 Americans and 2 International athletes to keep an eye on. And Clinton will give you five events to not miss.

Also stay tuned for the new segment, rapid fire. We'll explain that tonight.

As always, we will be taking your calls at 868-9664 and emails to unabatedsports@gmail.com. Get in on the fun.

George Vogel, Channel 5 Sports Anchor @ 4:25... anytime George is on, you know things are going to get a bit crazy.


5 Athletes to Watch in the Olympics

For all of the Olympic enthusiasts out there (and even for those who hate them), here is my list of 5 American athletes that you can't miss this year. And I even added in a couple of International athletes as well. Bonus coverage is always good.


Jeremy Bloom - The moguls champ not only has great moves down hill, but he also has great moves on a flat field as well. A football field that is. The former WR for the Colorado Buffalos was ruled ineligible by the NCAA for his acceptance of endorsement money for skiing. Not one to let obstacles stand in his way, he plans on attending the combine in Indianapolis and will be drafted into the NFL. Now that's an usual two sport combo.

Gretchen Bleiler - This halfpipe queen can stun you with her looks and her moves. The fan favorite came back from injury in 2004 to win the X Games, the Gravity Games and the U.S. Open. Plus, you checked out the FHM photo shoot right? If not, go here. Thank me later.

Shaun White - Sticking with the halfpipe... if you don't know who Shaun White is by now, you will by the end of the Olympics. This 19 year old snowboarding dynamo is unstoppable. Everything he touches turns to gold. He has the sickest moves and the right attitude. White's excited for the Olympics. For the competition right? Well, not exactly. In his own words, he's "gonna get so many babes." I love his honesty.

Bode Miller - The Alpine Skier has mastered the art of riding the edge both on and off the mountain. You don't know if he's going to be sober or drunk when he lines up in the gate. Plus, he has mastered the ignorant sound bite technique that is sure to keep him the topic of conversation for the next few weeks, no matter how he does. America loves it bad boys.

Todd Hayes - US Bobsleder is as tough as they come. Last year he sliced his foot open at the start of a race and still piloted the sled to high finish. Make fun of him at your own risk. This former Tulsa linebacker was also the 1993 US Kickboxing Champion. Oh yeah, he's also one of the best bobsled drivers in the world.


Anni Friesinger - This German Speed Skater is not only a gold medalist and world record holder, but she also raised some eyebrows amongst her countrymen when she posed for underwear ads and was shot nearly nude in a German magazine and published a provocative autobiography -- "My Life, My Sport, My Best Fitness Tips" -- in 2004. I need to catch up on my reading. By the way, if you google her name, you just might be able to find some nice pictures of her that are not work place safe. Maybe.

Hermann Maier - The Austrian ("Good day, mate") skier is held in extremely high regard in his country. In a paraphrase from Cris Carter, all he does is win titles. Few can dominate a sport the way he can. Enjoy a master at his craft. I'm not sure how many Olympics he has left in him.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I Love the Olympics

The Olympics, and especially the winter Olympics, get a bad rap. I personally love and can not get enough of the largest sports spectacle in the world.

But for those of you who said that there is no reason to watch the Olympics, I bring you... the list of the hottest female athletes at the Olympics.

I was aware of most of them, including the curling sisters. Hey, I know my attractive female athletes. Well, most of them anyway.

And so we are not sexist, there is a list of male hotties as well. See, women can be demeaning to men as well. Isn't equality (and hot people) great.


Mongo Rides Again

It happened again? I can't believe it. I never thought that we'd ever see another college athlete get arrested for punching a police horse. Especially a female athlete. Title IX has run amock. Somewhere, Cody the police horse is having flashbacks of Art Long.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Tuesday Tidbits

There is not neccesarily a rhyme or reason to the postings below. Just somethings that I saw that I found interesting today:

CBS.Sportsline.com's Gregg Doyle gives us his Ten Teams on the Outside of the Bubble Looking In. These are teams that are currently out of the Tournament (in his eyes) that could get in with a late run. Interestingly, he has Charlotte, but no Xavier. Does that mean that he has Xavier in, or is he giving them no chance of making it as an at-large.

ESPN.com's Darren Rovell lists his big Winners and Losers from the Super Bowl. One of the more interesting ones:

Winner: The estate of Dr. Seuss. After a pregame segment leading into the game based on Dr. Seuss' "Oh, the Places You'll Go" -- starring Harrison Ford, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Roger Staubach and Bart Starr -- sales of the book went up on Amazon.com:
Pregame ranking: No. 760

End-of-first-quarter ranking: No. 707
Halftime ranking: No. 683
End-of-third-quarter ranking: No. 444
End-of-game ranking: No. 345

Anytime the first line to an article about college basketball mentions the KKK, such as Bomani Jones' does by stating "If Duke played the Ku Klux Klan, I'd root for a 0-0 tie" it kinda makes you take notice. Jones' article is about how much he hates Duke, but actually likes J.J. Reddick. This is just in time for tonight's Duke-UNC game. In the words of Mills Lane "Let's Get it On!" And just a little note, UNC's recruiting class for next year actually outranks OSU's. They have (I believe) 7 of the top 50 rated recruits, including 3 of the number 1's at their individual positions.


Local Schedules The Rest Of The Way

Here's the schedules for the Muskies, RedHawks, and Bearcats as they play their final month of the season. XU is in blue, UC is in black, and MU is in red.

Feb. 8 Richmond
Feb. 11 LaSalle
Feb. 12 @ Pittsburgh
Feb. 12 Ball State
Feb. 15 @ Syracuse
Feb. 15 Fordham
Feb. 15 Ohio
Feb. 17 Providence
Feb. 18 Duquesne
Feb. 18 Illinois State (ESPN Bracket Buster)
Feb. 21 @ Dayton
Feb. 22 Akron
Feb. 23 Villanova
Feb. 25 @ Rhode Island
Feb. 25 @ Kent State
Feb. 28 @ Seton Hall
Feb. 28 St. Joseph
Mar. 1 @ Bowling Green
Mar. 4 @ UMass
Mar. 4 West Virginia
Mar. 4 Buffalo

Monday, February 06, 2006


Woody In The House... But Only Physically

Sure, a sold-out Fifth Third Arena is rocking. Sure, it's Big Monday. Sure, it's UC vs. Louisville. But my favorite time of year is over. The NFL season is complete, and the long off-season is now underway. Yeah, college basketball is a decent substitute but it's not the same. Especially with the local teams on the outside looking in at the Big Dance. Take this game, for example. The Bearcats jumped out to a big lead early, but I still couldn't get too juiced. I mean, they jumped out on West Virginia and how did that turn out? Sure enough, the 12 point lead evaporated in a matter or minutes. By halftime, Cincinnati held on to a one point lead.

I switched over to a seat amongst the fans. That definitely perked me up for a bit. Nothing like the screamings of a passionate crowd to get the blood pumping. Of course, Andy Kennedy's squad had something to do with that holding a lead until the final buzzer. Some quality point floor play by Devan Downey, strong defense, and some good performances on the foul line gave the Cats a clutch win against the Birds. UC is now 16-8 overall, and 5-5 in the Big East.

Best line of the post-game press conference came from the coach, Andy Kennedy, on Eric Hicks, who suffered a concussion in the game: "If there's one place you can hit him and not hurt him, it's in the head." Yeah, people have said that about me before.

Close second from the coach, about Jihad Muhammad: "Can't live with him, can't live without him."


Slapstick in Commericals is Back

Watching the Super Bowl commercials, one thing struck me. That a lot of other people (and creatures) were being struck in the commercials. This had to be the most violent set of Super Bowl ads that we have ever seen.... and I liked it. Hey, if we can't use sex to sell, we'll move to the next best thing, violence.

Whether it was people being hit with cell phones (hysterical), guys falling through roofs or cavemen being stepped on by dinosaurs, violence/slapstick comedy was the way to go this year.

Other highlights included the return of the careerbuilder.com monkees (always good) teamed with a bunch of "jackasses". That was a nice twist. And the magic fridge seems to have won over a lot of people. Overall, I thought Anheuser-Busch had a great run of commercials.

I even thought the Dove commercial was very well done.

What do you think? Who were the best and worst commercials of the Super Bowl?


Do Your Job

"The refs won that game for the Steelers" is what I am hearing around the city today. Quit your bitching and put the blame where it belongs, on the Seahawks. Were there some questionable calls, without a doubt. But the Steelers won because they screwed up less than the Seahawks.

It wasn't the refs who dropped all those passes. That was Jerramy Stevens. The refs didn't miss two field goals. That was Josh Brown. (Granted, both were 50 or more, but when the opportunity presents itself, you need to grab it.) The refs didn't punt every damn ball into the end zone. That was Tom Rouen. (He seriously had a horrible game, but no one will notice because he's a punter. Hidden yards out the window, though.) The refs didn't mismanage the clock at the end of both halves. That one is a combo of Holmgren and Hasselbeck. (Although, up until the pick, I still felt like Matt could easily grab the MVP). Did I mention the secondary getting fooled on the WR reverse pass from Randle El to Hines Ward? There are a few other mistakes that they made that have nothing to do with the officials.

Basically, what I'm saying is look in the mirror before you go blaming someone else. The funny thing is, the Seahawks did just that. I have great respect for that team. They did not say much if anything at all about the refs in the post game. They took the blame for a game poorly played. That is the mark of a man and of a proffesional. They can hold their heads high for that.

On a sidenote, the loss of Marquand Manuel was a huge one for the Seahawks. The backup safety was toasted on both long TD plays for the Steelers.

I am also going to say it right now. Bitching about refs by fans is not allowed at anytime. I say this with the NCAA Tournament right around the corner. Keep that in mind. Because I know that some people are already getting ready to blame the men in stripes for their teams early departure in March.


Steeler Fans: Bow Down And Thank The Zebra Gods

For all the Pittsburgh fans (and players) who accused the NFL and it's officials of trying to manipulate the final results of the post-season... the shoe is now on the other foot. Less than a month ago, fans of the Black and Gold across the nation called up radio talk shows and accused America's elite sport league of fixing a playoff game. Joey Porter not only said the league office would have preferred media darling Peyton Manning and his Colts moving on, but that they were active in securing that. Well, then. how do you like these apples? What did Bill Leavy and his crew give us? Touchdowns overturned, crucial first downs called back, even players penalized for doing nothing more than making a tackle! If I follow the logic of Porter and Steelers Nation, Super Bowl XL was either payback for such horrible officiating in Indianapolis or the conspiracy that tried so hard to knock off the Steelers now hitched their wagon to Jerome Bettis's farewell homecoming celebration. More than likely, it was just godawful decision making by the men in stripes. The Super Bowl is a pop culture event, regardless of the two teams involved. So I can't imagine anyone feeling the need to tweak the Nielsons with a "hot" match-up. When I look at this post-season's officiating and see either fixed games or inept referrees. More than likely it's the crappy refs. At least, I hope it was. Wait, I'm hoping for innefectiveness from a squad of professionals who are supposed to be at the top of their game?! How sad is that?

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Super Bowl Giveaway Contest

We have one last autographed football to give away. Since there's a little football game this Sunday, we figured that we would give it away with a tie-in to the Super Bowl. The Unabated Sports crew have come up with a group of things that people have to pick from the Super Bowl. The winner will get the ball. They are:

1.) The winner
2.) The over/under 47
3.) Will Shaun Alexander run for: 75 or less yards, 76-115 yards, or 116+ yards?
4.) Will Ben Roethlisberger have: a positive TD-TO ratio, a negative TD-TO ratio, or an even TD-TO ratio?
5.) Who will win the coin toss?
6.) Will the first commercial after the opening kickoff be a: Beer commercial, a soda pop commercial, or other commercial?
7.) After the opening kickoff and before the final play, will we see Jerome Bettis' parents on tv more or less than 6 1/2 times?

Tie-Breaker: In case of a tie, we ask you to send in your point total for the game.

Picking the correct winner will be worth 2 points, while all the others will be worth 1 point. The over/under is set at 47. So we are now accepting entries. Make sure to check back.

The person who gets the most of these right will win a football autographed by a bunch of Cincinnati Bengals, including Pro Bowler Deltha O'Neal. Just email us with all your picks to unabatedsports@gmail.com to be a part of the fun.

Friday, February 03, 2006


Taste of Dave Lapham

The analyst for the Cincinnati Bengals Radio Network, Dave Lapham, joined us on Thursday's show. He predicted a
Pittsburgh to win 21-20 over Seattle. He also talked about his experience the last time the big game was held in Detroit. Speaking of the Motor City, if you're there Saturday night, join Dave and stop by the Taste of the NFL. A chef will represent every NFL city and cook up a dish to represent their area. The purpose: to address the needs of the hungry and homeless by raising awareness and money through special events and prorams. That's our Dave, always trying to help out.


Things Are Coming Around

Alright guys, nice work. Felipe Lopez is now locked up for at least this year. You don't know how much of me was worried that he would get completely backshelved in order for them to tango with Adam Dunn, who is now the one guy left to negotiate with. Felipe deserved every dollar he asked for, after making mere peanuts (in MLB terms) for an All-Star caliber player last year.

On a sidenote, don't expect to see Paul Wilson in the same place he was last year on Opening Day. Although he's apparently healing well, whenever a player is not ruling out setbacks, and claims the injury came from wear and tear, that just means he's an out of shape guy who's going to take a long time to get back into shape. He claims that it didn't take much to get head trainer Mark Mann to go down to Florida early to work with him, but I don't really believe that. The Enquirer says he 'pleaded' while the Reds' site said it wasn't hard to convince him. I'll go with the former. Either way, I just hope he doesn't try to rush back, like last year when he definitely played through pain and made the whole situation worse.

Either way, Lopez is a good start, and Wilson should take his sweet time.


Where have you Ben?

Remember the old days, when old #7 was slinging the rock around for the Red & White and not the dreaded Black & Gold? Man were those the days...

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Super Bowl Commercials

Sure, this Sunday will have the two best NFL teams on the field fighting for the league championships. As if that weren't enough, there's something else that adds to the entertainment value: the Super Bowl commercials. And this year will be no different. You can even watch the commercials without watching the game. For the past twenty or so years, advertisers have used this as a forum to grab attention for their products with some outlandish attempts. We'll find out on Sunday who will be the next company to benefit from the biggest television event of the year.


Today's Show will be Super (Bowl) Good

Yes, I suppose that I could have used a Jerome Bettis picture or the official logo of Super Bowl Xl, but don't you prefer this one? Anyway, on to today's show.

The largest single game in all of sports takes place this weekend and features a couple of local guys in the game. The Ben Roethlisberger (Miami U.) led Steelers take on the Shaun Alexander (Boone County High) led Seahawks. Either way, the tri-state will get to say that they claimed a piece of the Vince Lombardi trophy. And yes, I realize that there are still a couple of other players with strong ties to the Tri-state playing in this weekend's game. If you don't know who they are, listen and we'll fill you in.

We'll break down the game, go over the coverage of the game and talk about the 2 most important aspects associated with the Super Bowl.... the parties and the commercials. And we'll talk some X's and O's as well.

Ever wonder what it's like to play in the Super Bowl? Well I do, so we are going to have Dave Lapham on at 4:25 to talk about playing in a Super Bowl, what it's like now versus then, memories from the game and of course get his take on the two teams.

Speaking of getting a take on the two teams Vinnie Iyer who writes for the Sporting News and appears regularly on the Sporting News Radio Network will be joining us to give us his take on the Seahawks and the Steelers.

And make sure to get in on our Super Bowl give-away contest. It's FREE, and you can win a football autographed by several Bengals players, a Crossroads Sports Bar and Grill gift certificate and bragging rights. The bragging rights may be the coolest thing. No, wait, the football is.

The Super Bowl is Sunday, but there is a big game in town tonight. The Xavier Musketeers have a hugely important game tonight at 7 at the Cintas Center against nationally ranked and A-10 leading George Washington. To give us the low down on the game, we'll talk to Xavier radio color analyst Byron Larkin at 5:45. Byron was very entertaining last time he was on, so don't miss him. And UC evened their Big East record at 4-4. The road ahead is a bit scary, though.

And Wednesday was a big day for college football as high school kids the country over signed their Letters of Intent. We'll talk to Bearcatinsider to get the roundup of UC's recruiting class and to Bucknuts as well to get some info on the incoming Ohio State class. Those interviews will come up in the 6:25 block.

Also, we are debating the worst moment in Bengal Super Bowl history. Is it:
A.) The Bengals failing to score 3 times from the 1 in Super Bowl XVI
B.) The Taylor TD catch that sealed the Bengals loss in Super Bowl XXIII
C.) Watching Tim Krumrie break his leg in Super Bowl XXIII
D.) Something else?

And we'll throw out some quick hit topics including:
1.) How do you solve a problem like Chris Henry?
2.) Miami U. hockey. If you are only now finding out about this team, get the low down from two people who have been to several games this year. And quite a few in years past.
3.) Miami basketball fans. This is one of the few times that I embarrassed of the University. (Well, actually the students.)

What else is on your mind, anything? Let us know. Give us a call during the show at 868-9664 or shoot us an email to unabatedsports@gmail.com. We'll have more Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Certificates, Crossroads Sports Bar and Grill Gift Certificates (They'll come in handy for Sunday) and Miami University Basketball game tickets to give away. So join in on the fun. And make sure to get in on our Super Bowl contest to win a football signed by several Bengals players.

Guest List:

4:25 - Dave Lapham, Former Bengals player and radio color analyst

5:05 - Vinnie Iyer, The Sporting News

5:45 - Byron Larkin, Xavier Radio color analyst

6:25 - Bearcatinsider, UC recruiting services

6:32 - Bucknuts, Ohio State recruiting service


Benajmin Todd Roethlisberger..go to your room!

Ben I love ya, but these are just too funny. Sidenote: that basement totally looks like some Miami house party, but you didn't hear that from me.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Signing Day Info

We wanted to keep you in the loop on National Letter of Intent Day.

Some Local kids headed to D-I colleges. It's a pretty impressive list of schools including Ohio State, ND, Virginia Tech and more. The list only has kids whose hometown is listed as Cincinnati, so some players such as Josh Chichester headed to Lousiville, do not show up.

UC's recruiting class led by former OSU recruit, LB Freddie Lenix and a couple of OL JuCo transfers.
Scout.com's ratings
ESPN Insiders ratings

Miami U.'s incoming class features 3 highly rated safeties coming in next year.
Scout.com's ratings
ESPN Insiders ratings

The Ohio State Buckeye's as always come in with a loaded class led by Chris Wells, the top rated RB by Scout.com who also was the MVP of the US Army High School All-Star game.
Scout.com's ratings
ESPN Insiders ratings

NOTE: Please keep in mind that these lists are not official. Unless there is a check mark next to the recruits name, he is not officially signed. The recruit can change his mind.


Cincinnati Football

For those who have spent any amount of time in Clifton, you know how hard it is to get other people to come down there. It's been nationally recognized as a tough sell for football recruits. How did Mark Dantonio do this year when it comes to bringing in young talent? Check out Bearcat Insider to hear a one-hour long webcast at 5:30 today about the players who will don the Bearcat helmet. We'll also have Dave Berk on around 6:25 Thursday night to wrap up the recruiting season. So listen to the webcast, then listen to ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket Thursday night.

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