Thursday, September 22, 2005


September Snippets

We know a lot of you can't sit around and listen to our in-depth interviews due to time-contrainsts or what-not. So, just like we did with our August Nuggets, here are some brief samples from our shows in the past month.

Jeff Rips Rocky Top
What Are "Must Win" Games?
Woody Gets Twitterpated

And here are some samples from our End of Huggins Era special show:
First off, a couple highlights from our interview with Mike Decourcy where he says Image Matters and Cincinnati Basketball As You Knew It Is Over. We had lots of people phone in and give us different takes. Here's how the Callers Reacted.

We'll keep working to try and get more of our shows available online so everyone can take part in the Unabated Goodness.

..........when I think of Woody......I think of Twitterpated.

You ain't the only one, Bryan.
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