Monday, October 31, 2005


#4 Picked Off Five Times In Cincinnati Win

After Sunday's 21-14 Bengals win over Green Bay, what is your opinion of Brett Favre?

He's still got it! He's the only thing keeping the Packers alive.

He was a great QB who's really gone downhill.

He's reckless! He's costing Green Bay games.

He's always been overrated.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Unabated Sports Haunted House

We created the scariest place in the Queen City. Click here to tour the Unabated Sports Haunted House. Enter, if you dare! Is there another room we could have added to make it that much scarier?

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Bearcats Bowl Bound?

The University of Cincinnati holds onto a 22-16 win in the Carrier Dome. That evens up their record at 4-4. Following their victory against Syracuse, UC needs two more wins to become bowl eligible. Here's a look at their remaining three games. Can the Bearcats win a pair of these?

Sat. Nov 19 at South Florida
Sat. Nov 26 at Rutgers

Friday, October 28, 2005


Crosstown Shootout... Hockey Style

While neither Xavier or UC have an official hockey team, both schools have club teams. And they are set to square off this Friday and Saturday nights at the Cincinnati Gardens. The game on Saturday is at 8:00. Admission is free, but you are asked to bring a canned good or two to be donated. For more info, check out the UC Club Hockey website. For those of you in Cincy missing hockey because the Ducks are gone, this may help ease the pain. Besides, who doesn't enjoy watching UC and Xavier go at it, no matter what the sport?


Unabated Interview: Dominic Ross

Dominic Ross
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
The Cincinnati Bearcats football team has been fighting for a Bowl berth. We had a chance to talk to one of the leaders on the defensive side of the ball. Hear our interview with Dominic Ross. He talked about the highs of the UConn game, the lows of last year's Louisville game, and what it's like to be on the same team of his brother.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


What We Learned on Last Night's Show

We learn something new evrey Thursday Evening on the show. I learned that Dan Hoard is sometimes mistaken for Andy Kennedy. I learned that Buddy the Bear is not treated like family, he is family. I learned that Josh Herbert is not going to slow down so I have to pick things up to try and catch up. I learned that the loss to the Steelers has not hurt Bengals fans belief that the team will make the playoffs. I learned that the Unabated Sports Haunted House is a frightening place. I learned that volleyball is quickly becoming one of my most favorite sports. By the way, UC Grad and beach volleyball player Denise Johns won in the first round but lost in the second round of her International Tournament going on this week and Xavier lost an incredibly close match to Dayton in 5 games Thursday night. I also learned that my timing with regards to women is terrible. What did you learn? What did you think? Let us know.


A Kiss is Just A Kiss?

Does this strike you as odd?


Thursday's Show Will Be an Interesting One

Tonight's show promises to be a fun one, even after a Bengals loss. We'll take a look at the loss and what it means to the Bengals. This was an acid test, and they got burned. We want your feedback on what this "statement" game said to you. But more importantly, we turn our attention to this weekends game with Brett Favre and the Packers. The Bengals will always have a soft spot in Brett's heart. If you don't know what we are talking about we'll explain that tonight.

Also, college football, as always, is on the board. Any RedHawks want to talk about Miami's narrow victory over E. Michigan? Any UC fans want to get it on about the Lousiville game? What about OSU and Indiana? We know that we have graduates and fans of both schools in the area. Anyone want to talk it up?

The World Series came and went. It was a good series, despite the sweep. Anyone watch? Did Ozzie Guillen quiet his critics? The obvious answer is yes. And isn't it cool to see someone not micro-manage?

We'll even make mention of some Xavier volleyball. Volleyball is quickly becoming one of my most favorite sports. Speaking of volleyball, if anyone is looking for a birthday or Christmas present for me, the Women of the AVP 2006 caleneder is on my list. Also, our first female guest ever, Denise Johns (check out our pictures of her and our interview with her) is back in action this week in an International Event. We'll give you an update on her.

And the guests promise to be entertaining tonight. You are going to want to hear these:

Josh Herbert (8:45)
Josh is a High School wrestler and football player at Middletown Madison who wrestles a 450 lb. American Black Bear named Buddy to practice. There is a LOT to this story, and much of it has nothing to do with wrestling a bear. A lot of Josh's story has to do with what he overcame as a kid. Tune in for his story. It will be one that you won't want to miss.

Dan Hoard, Voice of Cincinnati Bearcat Football and Basketball, and the Sports Director at Channel 19 (9:25)
Whether they are in front of the camera or behind it, nearly everyone in sports broadcasting in Cincinnati thinks they are the funniest (they just won't admit to it). Dan quite possibly is. His dry and quick wit make him one of the more intellectual sports broadcasters in the business (if such a thing exists). He'll fill us in on all the goings-on at UC, talk a little Bengals, and give us a heads up on their pre-game show this weekend for the Bengals-Packers game on Sunday. And don't forget, this is a man who goes head to head with Chad Johnson every Sunday night. That has to be similar to wrestling a bear.

Also, if the spirits are willing, we'll take you on a tour of the scariest place in Cincinnati: The Unabated Sports Haunted House! Trust me, you will wet yourself by the time you leave. In honor of Halloween and the Unabated Sports Haunted House, the Gauntlet Question will deal directly with that. After hearing the rooms that we have included in the haunted House we would like to know what rooms you would have included.

As always, first time callers and emailers will receive a Crossroads Gift Certificate. You can reach us during the show by phone at 513-868-9664 or by email anytime at

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Unabated Interview: Mike Decourcy

In the midst of all this football, the NCAA basketball season began quietly last weekend. We went to one of the top college hoops writers in the nation. Hear our interview with Mike Decourcy. The first time we talked to him, he helped us make sense of the crazy Bob Huggins dismissal. This time, he gave us a preseason breakdown of all the area teams. What does he think of your favorite team? Listen to find out.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


King of the Hill Week 7

You guys are still rolling along in the fifth week of this round's King of the Hill. Here's who is still alive and who they went with last week. And there's a picture of the only team that someone selected that lost. There's your Browns, Greg. Now join the rest of us on the sidelines until the next round.

Dave - Redskins (Chiefs, Colts, Bengals, Seahawks)
MOe - Colts (Falcons, Panthers, Giants, Bucs, Packers, Bengals)
Marc - Redskins (Seahawks, Broncos, Bengals, Colts, Cowboys, Steelers)
Brian - Redskins (Seahawks, Broncos, Bucs, Colts, Rams)
Bob - Steelers (Falcons, Jaguars, Bengals, Cowboys)
Sean - Falcons (Seahawks, Broncos, Bengals, Colts)
Brad - Bears (Seahawks, Browns, Bucs, Colts, Cowboys, Redskins)
Mike from Sharonville - Falcons (Seahawks, Broncos, Bengals, Colts, Packers, Redskins)

On the Sideline:
Greg - (Browns, Falcons, Broncos, Bengals, Seahawks, Rams)
Darin - (Steelers, Broncos, Bengals, Colts)
Woody - (Rams, Ravens, Colts, Cowboys, Bengals)
Jeff: (Panthers, Eagles, Steelers)
Martin: (Panthers, Packers, Bengals)
Bill: (Jets, Rams)Beefy: (Bills)
Mike from Fairfield: (Vikings)

And here's where we put our round winners.
HILLS: Jeff-1

For those of you still alive, don't forget to send in your Week 8 choice.


Cheerleader Pictures

The weather is crummy. The Bengals lost to the Steelers. Things may be a little down for you. For those of you Bengal fans, and anyone in general, who are feeling bad I offer up this. This should help you through these rough times.


Dayton Locks up Coach

The University of Dayton has locked up Head basketball Coach Brian Gregory until the 2012-13 season. Financial terms of the new contract have not been disclosed. Gergory is 42-20 in two years with the Flyers.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Unabated Interview: Brad Johansen

The Voice of the Bengals and Local 12 Sports Director was our very first guest, our first repeat guest, and he recently became our first threepeat guest. Hear our third interview with Brad Johansen. He's become to Unabated Sports as Tom Hanks has been to Saturday Night Live or John Goodman to Late Night With Conan O'Brien.


Monday Night Football

Crossroads Drawing-4
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
Oh the weather outside may be frightful, but wings and beer are oh so delightful at Crossroads. That is where we shall be tonight, as we are every Monday Night. Come on out and join us as we watch the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets take on V-I-C-K Vick, Vick, Vick and the Falcons. As always, the first few first timers to join us tonight will receive $5 Crossroads gift certificates just for showing up. So come on out and join us as we talk sports, movies, tv, watch the game and play some Ms. Pacman and Galaga. Maybe we'll play some Golden Tee tonight. We look forward to seeing you there tonight.

And there's also the little thing called free Bengals tickets. At halftime, they'll draw for a pair of tickets to this Sunday's game against Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.


What They Had to Say

Well, the Bengals-Steelers game certainly was a statement game. Unfortunately for the Bengals and their fans, that statement was "we have work to do." The game caught the attention of the national media. Here is what some people from the national media and the local media had to say about the game.

Geoff Hobson of
Len Pasquarelli of's Game Recap
Clark Judge of
Mark Curnutte of the Cincinnati Enquirer

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Bengals Lay Another Egg Against Steelers

Ugh. That was rough. I feel awful after that game. How do you feel?


What is the most frustrating part of the Bengals loss to the Steelers?

The first drive: overturned touchdown, dropped TD catch, missed field goal.

Kimo von Oelhoffen's great game. He sucked here!

Randy Cross saying "imposing their will" over and over again.

The Bus killing us again.

Did I foget anything?

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Unabated Interview: Bobby Johnson

As the Hoosiers try to upset the Buckeyes today, people are starting to notice the job Terry Hoeppner has done trying to bring life to Indiana's football team. The former Miami University coach has brought some of his RedHawks ties with him to Bloomington. One of them sat down with us recently. Hear our interview with Bobby Johnson. You definitely want to listen to the part where Jeff shares an emberrassing story from his past involving a Madonna song.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Bengals-Steelers Preview

Is the media overhyping this weekends game between the Steelers and the Bengals? People in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh would tell you no. Both cities are fired up for this one. There are so many great story lines, not the least of which is what it means in the battle for the division.

We want you to be prepared with all the knowledge that you need to know for this weekends game. With that being said, here are what people are saying.

John Clayton,'s game preview Game Notes

And here is all of your betting info. If recent trends hold true, take the Steelers and the Under.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Unabated Interview: Brittany Jackson

It's always entertaining to see how the boys react when we call up a beautiful woman to interview. This time it was Brittany Jackson, who played hoops for the vaunted Lady Vols program and recently tore up the magazine stands in a recent FHM shoot. Martin and myself made up a series of questions so Jeff could actually go one on one with one of Tennessee's top three-point shooters. Hear our interview with Brittany Jackson. It should come as no surprise that the up-and-coming broadcaster bested our Jeff but he gets put in his place when she mentions what song she would play to fire up a crowd.


Tonight's Show

What a great weekend of Football last weekend. Saturday was electric all around the country. USC and ND. Michigan and Penn State. Ohio State and Michigan State and several others. The Bengals got past a team that they have traditionally struggled against. Several games went into OT in the NFL, and the Steelers ended up on the wrong end of a Tommy Maddox TD pass (the right side for Bengals fans).

Speaking of the Steelers... It's Steelers week people! Does it get any better than this? This game is HUGE. A Bengals win would have huge implications. It would give the Bengals a 2 1/2 game lead less than half way through the season. It would give the Bengals a leg up on the tie breaker with the Steelers. And possibly the most important aspect of a Bengals win... it would be a Bengals win over a playoff contender. There are so many story lines here. Not only between the teams, but how about the excitement of Carson versus Ben. It is only the second time since 1990 that two QBs with a Passer rating of over 113 this late in the season have met. Both of them are the future (and the future is now). I know you have an opinion about this game. Predictions about the game, the players? Do you have tickets? How much would you sell them for? Also, watch out for those pat downs.

UC pulled off a big win against UConn. Louisville this week. The Keg of Nails is on the line, and so is UC's pride for that matter. Do you remember last years game? I gaurantee you that the Bearcats do, and they are going to do everything they can to make new memories. OSU used big plays to knock off Michigan State. Miami set an NCAA Division I record by scoring 3 TDs with 3 extra points in a matter of 1 minute of game time against Akron. Indiana will have its hands full this week as they welcome in the Buckeyes to Bloomington.

UC has hired a new Athletic Director, Mike Thomas from Akron. He did a great job in raising attendance for the Zips football and basketball games. I also hear he is a good fund raiser. Previous to his time at Akron, he worked for Virginia, a school with a great overall atheltic program and routinely in the top 10 in athletic graduation rates.

The World Series is set. Two teams with strong pitching square off. Clemens is making one final run. Does anyone care? Seriously, are you making plans to watch it? Are you going to flip it on if you're at home and nothing else is on? Will you even watch it if you're at home?

That is what's going on. As for us tonight, here is a lineup of our guests:

Brad Johansen, Voice of the Bengals and Channel 12 Sports Director
Brad will talk about the Bengals-Steelers game this weekend. He'll give us the keys to this weekend's game. He'll also give us insights into the Steelers and maybe we can get some insider info on the Bengals and Marvin Lewis. We'll also talk a little Bengals Nation on Wednesday nights. It was packed last night. Wall to Wall people. Several Bengals were there rapping. It was better than it sounds, due in large part to the help of Bootsie Collins.

Dominic Ross, Safety UC Football
We'll talk with Dominic about last weekends win over UConn. We'll also get his thoughts on this weekends game with Louisville. We may even ask him about last year.

As always we'll be taking your calls during the show at 868-9664. That's 513-868-9664 for anyone outside of the Cincinnati area. We'll also be taking your emails at All new callers will win a Crossroads Gift Certificate.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Pat Downs at the Bengals Game

The Bengals have announced that there will be pat downs at the Bengals game this weekend against the Steelers. This is a directive from the NFL. The NFL believes it is best for the safety of the fans. Soldier Field in Chicago is currently the only stadium not performing them. This begs the question, how do you pat down a Raiders fan? With all the armor and spikes, that can not be safe for anyone. This will add a little bit of time for entrance to the game, so plan to get there a little earlier. The gates will open at 11:00, 3o minutes sooner than normal.

So to help out listeners of the show and all in attendance at the Bengals-Steelers game this week, I am performing a public service by listing five phrases that it would be best to avoid while being patted down at the stadium.

5. Was it good for you?
4. (singing) "Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes."
3. (For the women only) I wish my husband spent this much time on fore play.
2. No that is not a banana, and yes I am happy to see you.
1. This takes me back to my days as an altar boy.

or Do you do bachleor/bachleorette parties?
or For the love of God, whatever you do, do not check my back pocket.

Do you have any that you would like to put on the list? Let us know. Post them here or email them to us at Keep them clean people.


Exclusive Ohio State-Michigan State Pictures

Wow. The eyes of the linebacker are scary. The Buckeyes come-from-behind victory over the Spartans was absolutely crucial to staying alive in the Big Ten Championship picture. Once again, we had our photographer on the sidelines to catch the big moments. See our exclusive pictures from the Buckeyes-Spartans game!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005



Not only is the AVP beach volleyball returning to Cincy, they have made it their season-ending event! The tournament will return Labor Day weekend. For those of you who do not know, I have labeled this tournament a MUST SEE event. I have never so enjoyed myself at one sporting event in all my life. You can check out our exclusive pictures of last years event in our Unabated Pictures section. They are also must see. Stay tuned for more details on the event in the future to come. For now, this news has made my day.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Nice Weekend For the Home Teams and the Fans

The Cincinnati Bengals are 5-1. The Cincinnati Bearcats upset UConn on Homecoming Day. The RedHawks rolled over Akron. Ohio State got by Michigan State. With the exception of Indiana losing to Iowa, it looks like all the area teams won. On top of that, a lot of outstanding games around the dial on Saturday that came down to the last second or so: Michigan handing Penn State it's first loss on the last play of the game, Wisconsin's improbably punt block to keep Paul Bunyan's Ax, and, of course, USC-Notre Dame. Add in the fact that college basketball players began practicing this weekend and does it really get any better than this?

Well, it is Steeler week. And if you show up at Crossroads Sport Bar & Grill in Mason tonight, you can enter to win free tickets to the Cincinnati-Pittsburgh game at Paul Brown Stadium.


Unabated Interview: Anthony Castrovince

The World Series is right around the corner and the Reds season has been done since about Memorial Day. What went wrong in 2005? What could happen in 2006? Hear our interview with Anthony Castrovince from

Sunday, October 16, 2005


NFL King of the Hill Week 6

Once again, another good showing from the vast majority of you still alive for Week 5. The only one eliminated was me who was burned for going with overwhelming history.

Here are the Week 6 picks.

Darin - Steelers (Broncos, Bengals, Colts)
Marc - Seahawks (Broncos, Bengals, Colts, Cowboys, Steelers)
Sean - Seahawks (Broncos, Bengals, Colts)
Brian - Seahawks (Broncos, Bucs, Colts, Rams)
Bob - Falcons (Jaguars, Bengals, Cowboys)
Brad - Seahawks (Browns, Bucs, Colts, Cowboys, Redskins)
Mike from Sharonville - Seahawks (Broncos, Bengals, Colts, Packers, Redskins)
MOe - Falcons (Panthers, Giants, Bucs, Packers, Bengals)
Greg - Falcons (Broncos, Bengals, Seahawks, Rams)
Dave - Chiefs (Colts, Bengals, Seahawks)

On the Sideline:
Woody - (Rams, Ravens, Colts, Cowboys, Bengals)
Jeff: (Panthers, Eagles, Steelers)
Martin: (Panthers, Packers, Bengals)
Bill: (Jets, Rams)
Beefy: (Bills)
Mike from Fairfield: (Vikings)

And here's where we put our round winners.
HILLS: Jeff-1


Unabated Interview: Geoff Hobson

The Cincinnati Bengals are looking to bounce back today after a tough loss in Jacksonville last week. Before that highly-rated game, we had a chance to once again pick the brains of the man who puts the team online. Hear our interview with Geoff Hobson from

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Unabated Interview: Tennessee Titan OL Jacob Bell

Jacob Bell, a former Miami University offensive lineman, joined us before his Titans welcomed the Cincinnati Bengals into Nashville. Bell, 25, was named to two all-NFL rookie teams last year after starting 14 games at right guard for the Titans. Hear our interview with Tennessee Titan OL Jacob Bell. We asked him about the difference between the college and pro lifestyle and you'll be surprised by his answer.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Not A Good Sign

Andy Kennedy seems to have a good grasp on his status as Interim Head Basketball Coach at the University of Cincinnati: "I've got the job today." That's good. If I were him, I wouldn't sign any long-term leases in the near future. Because there's one thing that stands out to me from the press conference back in the summer announcing his new position: No Nancy Zimpher. When the decision to remove Bob Huggins reached it's climax, she found the time to address the media on a number of occassions. When the school announced the coach's replacement, though, both the school's president and athletic director were not present. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. According to rumor, she'll be addressing the crowd during halftime of the football game this Saturday. Should be interesting to see the reception she'll get.

Maybe I'm looking at this wrong. Maybe Dr. Zimpher felt her presence at that press conference would distract from Kennedy's promotion. After all, it's been a goal of his to become a head coach and it would be rude to take the spotlight from an already-mixed blessing. Maybe her schedule was so packed that there was no time for her to attend such a conference. But following a week of PR blunders, this could have been a good chance for her to show the fans that she is invested in the basketball team's current fate and future.

It would have been a nice olive branch to fans who are still angry over Huggins's dismissal. A vocal group believe she has no interest in maintaining the on-the-court success of a team that has become a big part of people's lives. In many fans' eyes, she has done everything in her power to dismantle the basketball program and nothing to build it up. Some are angry that she dismissed improving academic numbers and dropped the axe to get rid of a national perception stigma that hangs over the college.

The healing process, barring a national championship in April, is going to take a good amount of time. Some gestures as this stage could go a long way to speeding up recovery time. Instead, all the fans have been hearing is corportate lingo from an academic who just doesn't get why fans would be so loyal to a problem child/golden boy like Bob Huggins.


Rick Minter: Victim of His Own Success?

Since Notre Dame is in the spotlight this week, I thought it might be a good time to look at how the Irish's defensive co-ordinator, Rick Minter, is viewed almost two years after he was fired as the University of Cincinnati's head football coach. Is it an impossible job to get people excited about football at Nippert Stadium? An ESPN writer suggested so in his NFL Facts a few weeks ago:
Minter was head coach at Cincinnati for a decade and then rejoined Holtz at South Carolina after the Cincy athletic director canned Minter for making Bearcats fans believe Cincy could be a top-20 program.
Minter is an awesome football coach, the best defensive mind in college football. If Notre Dame continues to shine this season, some wise athletic director at a BCS school would be wise to hire Minter.
Now that UC is bringing a struggling team into Big East play this week, it makes some wonder if expectations might be a little unrealistic in Clifton. Is it possible to lure 30,000 people to Nippert Stadium on Saturdays in the fall? If you don't go now, what would motivate you to go? If you go now, what could UC do to improve the atmosphere?

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Unabated Interview: Hylton Dayes

UC's men's soccer team is enjoying the move to the Big East so far. The Bearcats knocked off UConn, the number 1 team in the nation last month, and beat Notre Dame, the 18th ranked team in the country on their way to the Top 25. Hear our interview with Cincinnati men's soccer coach Hylton Dayes. Head coach Hylton Dayes is in his fifth season with the Bearcats. He is 42-34-16 during his tenure at UC. Cincinnati gets back to BIG EAST action with an Oct. 15 tilt at Syracuse. The Bearcats and Orange will kick off at 7 p.m. from the Lampe Athletics Complex.


Unabated Interview: Reed Sunahara

The University of Cincinnati volleyball team will step into the national spotlight when it hosts No. 6 Louisville this Sunday (Oct. 16) at 12:30 p.m. in Fifth Third Arena. All tickets are just $1. The contest will be broadcast live on ESPNU, the new college sports branch of ESPN. We had a chance to talk to the man in charge of the team before the big game. Hear our interview with UC Volleyball coach Reed Sunahara. Cincinnati matched a school record for fewest points allowed in a three-game match as the Bearcats routed Morehead State on Tuesday night. UC improves to 12-6 with the 30-16, 30-14, 30-16 win.


Thursday Night's Show

October has to be the busiest sports month out there. The NFL is in full swing and the contenders get seperated from the pretenders. It seems that most Bengals fans still believe the Bengals are contenders (as they should), but that cautious optimisim is still hanging around. Conference play is full go in College football, with some key non-conference games still hovering about (USC-ND anyone?). The Major League Playoffs have moved into the LCS rounds. And even with no Yankees or Red Sox, both playoffs have interesting story lines. Hockey has returned, did you notice? The NBA has tipped off its pre-season, do you care? NASCAR is winding down. Any motor heads out there? And a little thing called college basketball is taking it's first steps towards the upcoming season.

We have a full show Thursday night. Joining us on the program:

Bobby Johnson - Indiana University Running Game Coordinator
Coach Johnson will be on to talk about the revival of Indiana University football. The Hoosiers sit at 4-1 overall, 1-1 in the Big Ten. And the crowds are electric. He will join us at 8:25.

Jacob Bell - Tennessee Titans
The former Miami University Lineman will give us the low down on the game this weekend between the Bengals and the Titans. He'll also offer his perspective on what it's like to play in the NFL. Jacon will be on at 8:45.

Mike Decourcy - Sporting News
The Sporting News' Mike Decourcy will give us a preview of the up coming college basketball season in the tri-state area. We'll pick his brain to see what he thinks will happen this season. Don't miss his take on UC, Xavier, Miami and others. Mike will be on at 9.

Brittany Jackson - Tennessee Volunteers basketball, FHM Model
Brittany is one of the top 3-point shooters in Tennessee's history. She made a name for herself on the court, but now is looking to make a face for herself off it. Brittany's FHM shoot is definately something to check out. She is hoping to parlay a career in College Basketball into a career in front of the camera as she aspires to make a living in sports broadcasting. Check out her official site for more.

Also, we'll be giving away tickets to Saturday's Miami-Akron game and gift certificates to Crossroads Sports Bar & Grill. But you have to call in to win them! 513-868-9664 gets you on board. Or if you send a really good email to we might give you something nice.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Unabated Interview: Brandon Murphy

Brandon Murphy
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
Miami sophomore running back Brandon Murphy has fared well in his first season as featured back, averaging over 100 yards per game in a high-powered offense. Murphy discusses the RedHawks' season to date (tempered a bit by the team's loss at Northern Illinois the previous night). Hear our interview with Brandon Murphy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Looking at it from the Other Side

I always find it interesting to check the Bengals most recent opponent's website after a game to see how they interpreted what happened. What the Jaguars are most pleased about from the game is the offensive line play. The Jaguars line had been... inconsistent to say the least, but they seemed to get the ship righted against the Bengals, allowing no sacks, and letting Fred Taylor run free. They even get a little shot in at Chad Johnson in the first paragraph. Speaking of Chad, some of his post game comments about his frustrations show up in the Jaguars game recap. Interesting that the Jags coverage of the game would involve Chad Johnson quotes, but I guess Chad is interesting when talking about coverage. Check out the links for a different take on the Bengals close loss. Make sure to vote in our poll located just below this article on what the game means to you.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Undefeated No More

Well, it was bound to happen. I think even the most optimistic fan among us didn't see this team going 16-0. But, still, that was a rough game. The offense moved the ball well at times and the defense had stretches where they seemed to have Byron Leftwich's number. But from the moment Reggie Myles touched the football and wiped out a 69 yard punt, the penalties piled up and special teams was either feast or famine. The rushing defense disappeared for most of the game. Then again, it was Fred Taylor who was gashing them so maybe there's some comfort you can take there.

So what do you take out of the loss? Is it just a bump in the road? Is this the beginning of the end for our post-season aspirations?

Bengals Lose

What does the Bengals 23-20 loss Sunday night in Jacksonville mean to you?

Doesn't matter! Definitely playoff bound!

Disappointed, but still mostly confident about the big picture.

Getting twitterpated. Not sure about the post-season.

Forget it. Turn off the lights. Season's done.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Primetime Bengals On Crossroads Big Screens

Crossroads Sports Bar & Grill
Originally uploaded by Unabated Sports.
The sole primetime game for the 2005 Cincinnati Bengals is this Sunday night and the Unabated Sports crew will be watching the game at, where else, Crossroads Sports Bar & Grill. We'll be sporting our orange and black and rooting on Marvin's team against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Crossroads has free wi-fi so you can keep up with your fantasy football teams while you're chanting "Who Dey!" with your fellow fans. And the menu is packed full of good stuff to feed your face.

You better join us this Sunday cause we won't be back at Crossroads until the next day for our usual Monday Night Football fun.


King of the Hill Week 5

Only one person was eliminated last week, and that is because they didn't send in their pick. Nice job everybody. The competition is really heating up. Pick wisely. One false step and you could go stumbling down the hill, and Jill will not come tumbling down after. With that being said, here are this weeks picks.

Woody - Rams (Ravens, Colts, Cowboys, Bengals)
Darin - Broncos (Bengals, Colts)
Marc - Broncos (Bengals, Colts, Cowboys, Steelers)
Sean - Broncos (Bengals, Colts)
Brian - Broncos (Bucs, Colts, Rams)
Bob - Jaguars (Bengals, Cowboys)
Brad - Browns (Bucs, Colts, Cowboys, Redskins)
Mike from Sharonville - Broncos (Bengals, Colts, Packers, Redskins)
MOe - Panthers (Giants, Bucs, Packers, Bengals)
Greg - Broncos (Bengals, Seahawks, Rams)
Dave - Colts (Bengals, Seahawks)

On the Sideline:
Jeff: (Panthers, Eagles, Steelers)
Martin: (Panthers, Packers, Bengals)
Bill: (Jets, Rams)
Beefy: (Bills)
Mike from Fairfield: (Vikings)

And here's where we put our round winners.
HILLS: Jeff-1

Friday, October 07, 2005


Unabated Interview: Shane Montgomery

We had Coach Montgomery on our show back before the season started. We got to talk to the coach of the Miami RedHawks the night before the annual Victory Bell game. Hear our second interview with Shane Montgomery.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


#17UC Soccer to Face Off Against #3 St. Johns at Home This Saturday Night

UC's Men's Soccer team is set to host St. Johns this Saturday night at 7 PM. The Bearcats (6-2-2, 4-0-2 in the Big East) lead St. Johns (5-1-3, 3-0-2) by 3 points in the Big East. Tickets are just $5 for adults and $3 for kids 12 and under. Groups of 10 or more get in for only $1 a person.

The Bearcats have been on a roll as of late, knocking off UConn, the number 1 team in the nation, two weeks ago, and last week beat Notre Dame, the 18th ranked team in the country. They are on a roll and are looking for your support this weekend as they continue their run through the Big East.


Thursday Nights Show Lineup

The Bengals are 4-0 heading into a national television game this Sunday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars. What can we expect to see? Will it be like the Monday Night game against the Broncos or more like the Sunday Night game against the Falcons? You let us know. We'll be discussing that tonight.

Also as a point of discussion, college football is in full swing as teams are now into their conference schedules. Miami lost a tough nationally televised game last night on the road at Northern Illinois 38-27. Ohio State returns to action this weekend after humiliating Iowa 31-6 as they go on the road to Happy Valley to take on a streaking Penn State team. UC looks to right the ship as they enter Big East play when they travel up stream to take on Pittsburgh in college football's newest rivalry game, the River City Rivalry at 2pm. The Cradle will rock when two members of Miami's Cradle of Coaches square off this weekend as the Terry Hoeppner led Indiana Hoosiers meet the Ron Zook led Illinois Fighting Illini at noon.

Speaking of college football, Miami Running Back Brandon Murphy will join us at 8:25 to talk about his and the RedHawks season so far. We'll ask him how he's holding up after handling the ball so much this year. There were questions as to whether he could handle the beating at 5'9" and 189. He has now rushed for over 100 yards in 3 straight games and has 576 yards and 4 Tds on the season.

While one sport winds down (baseball) another is just getting underway, as hockey made its return with a full slate of games last night. The new rules have hockey fans excited as scoring should return to a game once marked by finesse that had been marred by grabbing, trapping, and generally a slowed down game.

Soccer in Cincy is heating up. Seriously. The UC Mens soccer team is on fire as they are tearing through the Big East on their way to a top 20 ranking. Hear what Head UC Soccer Coach Hylton Dayes has to say about his teams performance so far this season, and their big test this Saturday night against #3 St. Johns. Coach Dayes will be on around 9:25.

And then there were 7. As in, Nascar races left in the Chase for the Cup. Wrecks were the focus of the day (aren't they always) as Dale Jarrett picked up his first win in 98 races. More importantly, Tony Stewart moved up 4 spots to take the lead in the Chase for the Cup. Ryan Newman is right behind him, 4 points out. Rusty Wallace is a distant 3rd, 76 points out. The big question is, how much does it hurt the sport not having two of its biggest stars in the Chase, those being Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.?

The Gauntlet question this week has to do with your own personal moment of glory that no else would care about. We want to hear about a time that you accomplished a great feat in a competitive event that most people would never know about. As always, we want your thoughts on the topics of the day. Give us a call during the show at 868-9664. You can also reach us by email at All first time callers and emailers receive a Crossroads Gift Certificate, so let your voice be heard.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Not-So-Great Feats in Sports History

Ms. Pac Man
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Sports history is filled with many great moments. Jordan's 63 points, Gale Sayer's 6 TDs in one game, The Catch, The Drive, and many other great achievements. These will stand the test of time. However, many other great sports moments go unnoticed. We all have had that day when we were in the zone. One of those days occured at Crossroads on Monday night, during the Monday Night Football game. No, it wasn't Brett Favre leading his team back, but coming up short. It was one of our listeners who joined us for the Monday Night outing being in the zone on Ms. Pacman. Listener, and frequent commenter on the Blog, Brad from Fairfield tore it up. We were going to have a Ms. Pacman tournament at halftime, but when Brad (who went first) was still playing on his first credit 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter, we crowned him the champion right then and there. But he wasn't done. We urged him on, with the help of a few quarters, to the high score. We cheered, we chest bumped, and generally made asses of ourselves as we congratulated each other for Brad's accomplishments. It was much more entertaining than the game itself at that time. So to Brad, and all those others whose minor accomplishments in life go unnoticed, we say congratulations.

In honor of the achievement, and the subsequent discussion of each of our own personal moments of glory, this week's Gauntlet Question will deal with this very topic. We are looking for your moments of personal glory in a competitive field. You can email us, comment on the blog, or give us a call Thursday night at 513-868-9664.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Another Workday Wednesday For RedHawks

Shane Montgomery
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RedHawk fans won't have to wait until Saturday to see their team take the field. Just like last week, Miami has a Wednesday night game at Northern Illinois. RedHawks vs. Huskies in a MAC showdown. MU is trying to carry over the momentum from last week's Victory Bell victory.

Kickoff is at 7:30, pre-game begins at 6:30 on ESPN Radio 1450 The Ticket. Looks like the game will also be carried on ESPN2.


King of the Hill Week 4

It looks like everyone who picked a team this week was right. Most everyone went with the home team who was able to pull out a close one. Start looking ahead to Week 5 and don't forget to email you pick to or post your prediction here. You can't win if you don't pick a team. Here's the winners from Week 4.

Woody: Ravens (Colts, Cowboys, Bengals)
MOe: Giants (Bucs, Packers, Bengals)
Mike from Sharonville: Bengals (Colts, Packers, Redskins)
Brad: Bucs (Colts, Cowboys, Redskins)
Marc: Bengals (Colts, Cowboys, Steelers)
Greg: Bengals (Seahawks, Rams)
Brian: Bucs (Colts, Rams)
Sean from Fairfield Township: Bengals (Colts)
Darin from Forest Park: Bengals (Colts)
Dave: Bengals (Seahawks)
Bob in Liberty Township: Bengals (Cowboys)

On the Sideline:
Jeff: (Panthers, Eagles, Steelers)
Martin: (Panthers, Packers, Bengals)
Bill: (Jets, Rams)
Beefy: (Bills)
Mike from Fairfield #2: (Vikings)

And here's where we put our round winners.
HILLS: Jeff-1

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Unabated Interview: Jim Kelly

Yager Stadium
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Before the Victory Bell game, we talked to the color commentator for the Cincinnati Bearcats and picked his brain about this young team. Hear our interview with Jim Kelly. He had some encouraging things to say about the future of this football team and it's redshirt freshman quarterback. We'll have him back on at some point to see if he still feels that way following Miami's big win.

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